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Friends, Rivals, First Crush [Mai-HiME/Otome]

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Friends, Rivals, First Crush [Mai-HiME/Otome]

Post by UnknownVizard on Fri Jan 28, 2011 4:19 pm

Natsuki Kuga traced her index finger on the foggy glass window of her father's car, drawing a wolf, bearing it's sharp fangs. The sound of the rain and air swishing outside of the car as they drove was ruined by her parent's singing a song. The dark haired girl groaned. She couldn't take another second in this car with her parents singing like that.

"Aw come on pup!" Her father said cheerfully when glanced up at the rear view mirror to catch a glimpse of his daughter. Natsuki huffed in reply. "Why don't you sing along with us? It'll past the time before we reach Windbloom Academy."

The girl scoffed and crossed her arms over her chest. As if she would ever sing. "Why does it have to be an all girls school?"

"So there won't be any boys to mess around with my Natsuki." Her father replied.

Natsuki sighed. "You really don't get what I mean do you?" Going to an all girls academy scared her a bit. There would be a 90% chance that the student body would be gay. No, Natsuki didn't have anything against gay people. She actually supported them. But just the thought of another girl doing things with Natsuki...the dark haired girl shivered. She is straight, that's all she has to say.

"Don't worry Natsuki," Her mother said. "You'll make lots of new friends, meet new people." She said, putting up fingers as she went on.

"I like my old friends..." Natsuki mumbled as she looked out the window. Although she could hardly see anything since the fog from the cold was thick.

"Natsuki. We know it was hard to leave the States, but you know that we only had to stay there for only a few years before moving back here in Japan." Her mother said softly.

Her father nodded. "And if you get a girlfriend at Windbloom..."

"DAD!" Natsuki said. She couldn't believe her father just said that. "I'm not going to get a girlfriend" She said slowly to let it sink into their minds.

"Just playing pup!" He said, raising his hands in defeat.

"Reizo! Get your hands back on the steering wheel!" His wife scolded as she hit him in the back of the head. Natsuki smirked in the back of the car.

"Ah, geez okay Katsuko."


A hand slammed down on the wooden long table, startling it's occupants. "Damn it! I still think this Kuga girl should be in my household!" A girl with long blond hair said. "This girl obviously has guts! And Garderobe is for people with guts!"

A brown haired girl, who was sitting across from the blond girl, set her cup of tea down. She opened crimson eyes and smiled. "Ara, yes she does...have guts, but she also fits perfectly in the Hime Household, President Suzushiro." She said with a Kyoto accent.

President Suzushiro growled, but before she could respond, another girl next to her interrupted. "I agree with President Fujino, Haruka."

Haruka then turned her gaze to the timid girl with glasses next to her. "Are you saying that Garderobe isn't good enough for this girl?"

"No one is saying that President." Another young girl interjected. She was sitting at the end of the table in a wheelchair with a woman with pink hair holding its handles. "President Kikukawa is only stating in her opinion, along with mine and President Shizuru Fujino's, that Natsuki Kuga fits in the Hime category." She said with a clam smile. "Yes she may have the talents and abilities that Garderobe's students may have, but you can tell right away which House she belongs to."

"And that's Garderobe!" Haruka said, slamming a fist down on the table again. The girls at the table let out stressful sighs.

"Why don't we see how the new student will like the Hime Household?" The pink haired woman suggested. All attention nao drawn to her.

"Please continue Fumi." The young girl said as she looked up at the woman behind her wheelchair.

"Well Ms. Mashiro, I was thinking that we could let the student spend her time at both Hime and Garderobe until she comes to a decision."

Mashiro then looked at Haruka who was processing this all through her mind. "Well I approve of this idea. What about you President?"

"Fine," Haruka grumbled. "I'll take up the offer."

"President Fujino?"

Shizuru nodded. "I approve also."

Mashiro smiled. "Good, I'm glad we finally came to a decision."


Natsuki drummed her fingers on the wooden chair's armrest. Her eyes scanned the large office. Large windows were behind a wooden desk that was in front of the Kuga family. The desk had piles of paper and a few scattered pens. The lamp was off that an empty tea cup sat under. Natsuki was sitting between her parents; Her father was to her right, and her mother to her left. Both of them had smiles, while Natsuki had a bored impatient look.

"Are you sure were in the right room?" Natsuki asked as she blew a strand of hair out of her face.

"It did say the principle's office on the door..." Her mother said, tapping her chin. "I think..."

"Mom..." Natsuki groaned. She hoped that they weren't sitting in the wrong room for ten minuets. This better be the right room...

"Apologies if we took long." A young voice said, and the Kuga family turned in their seats to see the owner of the voice. Apology not accepted. Natsuki said to herself.

The young girl in the wheelchair was pushed by a woman with short pink hair behind the desk. There were three other girls also. They all had different designed uniforms, but with the same colored red tie.

The blond girl closest to the desk had on a uniform that had a white blouse and a red skirt. Her white socks came up to her thighs and her school shoes were black with a red buckle. She also looked impatient. Her arms were crossed over her chest and her eyes narrowed.

The next girl was timid looking and had glasses. Her uniform was an orange vest with a white stripe that went down the zipper. Her skirt was short and gray. Although her socks only covered her ankles and she wore brown shoes.

The final girl had a smile. She looked calm and her eyes shifting from Natsuki's parents until it met Natsuki's emerald eyes. The girl had crimson eyes that matched her red tie. Her uniform was a black dress coat and a white blouse inside. Her skirt was just like the first girl's except it was black like her dress coat.

"First of all, I'd like to welcome you to Windbloom." The girl in the wheelchair said, calling Natsuki's attention away from the girl with red eyes. "I am Windbloom's Principle, Mashiro Kazahana. And these are Windbloom's three Household Presidents."

The blond girl stepped forward and smirked. "I am Haruka Suzushiro, President of the Garderobe Household." She glanced at the girl with red eyes before turning back to the Kuga family with a cocky grin. "Garderobe is Windbloom's best household, and kicks the Hime's a-"

"Ahem, thank you president Suzushiro." Mashiro said. Haruka growled since she didn't get to finish her introduction, but stepped back to let the next president step forward.

"Hajimamashite, I am President Yukino Kikukawa of the Fuka Household."

Finally the girl with crimson eyes stepped forward. "And I am President Shizuru Fujino of the Hime Household. Welcome to Windbloom." She said in her sweet Kyoto accent.

Shizuru look at Natsuki's parents, then to the girl who sat between them. Her posture was bored looking, while the parents had smiles and sat up properly. The mother had long black hair and dark brown eyes. Her body was slim and her smile was friendly. The father was a little on the heavy side. His blue eyes shined, and his hair was brown, and cut into crew cut. His shoulders were broad and he had a goatee. Natsuki looked nothing like them. Her hair was dark blue, and her eyes were emerald. Ara, I wonder why? Could she be adopted? I should look into her file if I receive it.

The meeting was only a brief summary of Natsuki. The headmistress did have full information of the girl, but its not allowed to share private information until the household was chosen. When Natsuki will choose the household, then the president of that Household will receive her file.

"We have come to a decision of which household fits perfectly for your daughter." The headmistress said. "Your daughter has been chosen for the Hime Household. Although she does get to choose another household which is Garderobe. Natsuki also seems like a Garderobe student, but originally she is meant for the Hime Household."

"So..." Natsuki said, nao sitting up in her seat. "I get to choose to stay at this Hime house but I can choose the Garderobe if I don't like the Hime one?"

Mashiro nodded. "Yes. You'll be toured of each house to observe it if it comes to your likings. In the end, you must tell me on Sunday, the day before the assembly, with which house you have chosen."

"What's the assembly about?" Natsuki's mother asked.

Mashiro smiled. "I'm glad you asked. The Assembly is when Windbloom greets its new students each year. There will be after parties of course. The first one is for the parents, staff, and Presidents. The second party is for the students. Its a great way to start the year."

The pink haired woman leaned down to whisper to the headmistress and Mashiro nodded. "You can start the tour. I trust that your luggage has been brought to an assigned room in the Hime Household?"

"Yes, thank you for accepting my daughter." Natsuki mother said and stood to shake hands with the principle. Her husband did the same, but Natsuki didn't shake hands.

Mashiro gave the father a final shake, "No, thank you for applying."

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Re: Friends, Rivals, First Crush [Mai-HiME/Otome]

Post by Luu Sky Sapphire on Sat Jan 29, 2011 2:37 pm

:oops: Natsuki is so cute! Thanks for posting, Vizzy! Welcome to MM Forum!

Can't wait to read more. I can properly review full chapters here unlike on deviantART.


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