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My-Otome Omake IX (Mai-Otome versus Mai-HiME)

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My-Otome Omake IX (Mai-Otome versus Mai-HiME)

Post by The Fire Stirring Ruby on Mon Mar 28, 2011 8:01 am

The last omake in the MO series. The title says it all folks!

If you don't want your enjoyment be destroyed, DO NOT OPEN THE SPOILER.

I told not to. Oh well, I think I can't persuade you anymore...

Duran came back! And TOTAL Alyssa and MIYU OWNAGE!!!!!

English Translation:

Mai: And? Let it go, Arika-chan? The moe...
Arika: Yes! I did everything I could! It was a smash hit, all full of explosions!
Mai: *sighs* Hey, Arika-chan, what you're saying is not even moe.
Arika: Ah, no?
Mai: No. At this rate, you will be disqualified.
Arika: Then, I will endeavor to the next.
Mai: The next?
Arika: Yes! This is it! *points to the cardboard* This!
Mai: My-Otome 2?
Arika: It will be my revenge for my moe! I will endeavor much like the protagonist!
Mai: Quit talking! Isn't it my turn nao?
Erstin: A moment! We're missing something. Here you are looking for moe. And you have failed to be the protagonists, you are disqualified!
Mai and Arika: D-disqualified?
Natsuki: Stop, stop! *sound of countdown* I tolerated the intolerable and endured everything for a long time. The next protagonist must be me!
Mai: These tellings, Natsuki?
Arika: That's it! My grandmother told me that protagonists are never weak!
Natsuki: What did you say?
Erstin: Let's say platitudes! We will not allow you to continue sucking that camera! We also have the right to succeed! *everyone attacks Mai and Arika*

*noise inside the cafe becomes louder*

Tomoe: * laughs* You're all stupid. Nobody else but I could star in the next series, right? *gets hit by MIYU*
Alyssa: You are the stupid here because in the next series the protagonists will be us. Right, MIYU?
MIYU: Of course, miss. *detonates the bomb*

My-HiME the Movie: The Great Battle of Fuuka
The Protagonists: MIYU and Alyssa ♥

Arika: No, mess around ...! No way!!

The Fire Stirring Ruby
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Re: My-Otome Omake IX (Mai-Otome versus Mai-HiME)

Post by Luu Sky Sapphire on Mon Mar 28, 2011 11:53 am

I love this omake for a variety of reasons, the main one being Miyu shutting Tomoe up in such a subtle and almost cartoony way. The interaction between Mai Tokiha and Arika Yumemiya is just epic. <3


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