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Mai-HiME Manga: "WHAT IF"s?!

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Re: Mai-HiME Manga: "WHAT IF"s?!

Post by LyriumEidolon on Wed Jul 31, 2013 3:36 pm

Midori Sugiura wrote:
LyriumEidolon wrote:What if: after the Obsidian Lord's defeat, the two HiME of the Three Greatest Young Beauties (excluding Mai) loved Takumi, but this time, they want to make him all theirs instead of them being his (and no, they are not fighting each other over the choice, and concentrate almost solely on him) in a time where he is almost shattered and trying to come to terms with what happened?

(Sorry, that's one possible scenario I just can't get out of my head, alongside a few possible scenarios of what was happening to him after the defeat of the OL)

interesting, very interesting, care to share some of those scenarios?

One main scenario I had in my head for a while was where, since he practically broadcast his status as the Obsidian Lord to the whole world, everyone seemed to hate him. That, combined with an ever-increasing state of depression, drives him very close to the point of death, and recurring nightmares involving various HiMEs (including Mashiro and Fumi) breaking into his room during the night and murdering him in cold blood makes him too scared to meet anyone he knows to be a HiME. Only Tate is aware of Takumi's ills, but after a letter from the Chairman has the younger Tokiha captured by the HiMEs, they too would learn of what Takumi has been suffering from for a long time, and meanwhile Takumi begs them to just end his life right there. How the other HiMEs, including Mai, Natsuki, Midori and Mashiro would react to this was where I found myself coming to a halt; I couldn't quite pin down what would be said in that situation.

Sorry if that was getting too depressing, but it was one of the most likely scenarios in my mind (considering Takumi's tearful apology to Tate at the manga's end, and I'm sorry, but I just couldn't see that one pep talk alone cheering him up now and forever on the spot). When I thought of this, I was admittedly in a state of sadness myself, and with his personality, I couldn't see his time as the Obsidian Lord not leaving severe mental scarring.

As for what GAP said about the Beauties in my last post (I agree that it sounds like an idea for a harem story), that was another plot point I just couldn't see just left hanging in the air. Takumi becoming the subject of affection of both Marie Antoinette and Yang Guifei was something else I could just see happening. Their last appearance was together in a school uniform, but with them very likely being reduced to normal HiMEs like Mai, they'd need a Key to bring out their Childs. I think it would be quite interesting (and a chance to put Takumi into something new and interesting) if the boy that was once the OL turned out to be both their Keys (like Tate being Key for both Natsuki and Mai). Suddenly, Takumi finds himself with two powerful girls that he can never escape from, hehehe :twisted: .

I wish someone will do a Takumi/Harem fic/piece of art, even if just to experiment, but now I'm getting off topic. But yeah, for the Greatest Young Beauty harem was inspired by their love for Takumi while he was the OL, but since Mai was able to think on her own, I like to think they were too. And when they were revived, they still loved Takumi fiercely... only he was to be theirs now that he no longer had power over them and they instead had power over him.

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