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Put yourself in ShizNat's shoes (Mai-HiME Episode 22-23)

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Re: Put yourself in ShizNat's shoes (Mai-HiME Episode 22-23)

Post by MissSoccerNinja on Fri Dec 16, 2011 5:14 pm

Luu Sky Sapphire wrote:Oh trust me, I've been there before. If there's any slight chance that you will lose the person you love, nothing else matters in this world. Nothing matters to the point where you will protect him or her by any means necessary. Which is why, even after reading so many new opinions since the creation of my ShizNat website, no one can real justify that her actions were wrong. She was only doing what was required of the person she was, nothing can change how you reaction or feel. Could it of been done differently without the bloodshed? I wish, but then we wouldn't have such a history making epic throughout the second half of this beloved series now, would we? :3

Very well-said! I couldn't agree more. =]


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Re: Put yourself in ShizNat's shoes (Mai-HiME Episode 22-23)

Post by Dead.And.Alive on Sat Sep 22, 2012 6:38 pm

Breaking the silence. =P

Threads like these are worth taking the time to read through, it's interesting see what people could say.

Natsuki's position: Personally, I would never resent Shizuru for what she did. As a matter of fact, I practically forgive anyone who has done something to me in my life in general, I mean, I'm normally the one who says "I'm sorry, I was being unreasonable" or some other crap. It's impossible for me to hold a grudge...although there's one that I should not hold due to it holding an effect on someone other than I. Anyway, back on track, I wouldn't believe what Yukino were to say at first because I'd go find Fujino first, ask her to tell me the truth, of course I wouldn't be thrilled seeing her at the moment but still. This is the part that varies though. If she were to honestly tell me what she did, I would forgive her. On the other hand if she didn't, and tried avoiding the conversation or simply refused to tell me, I would leave. There's no point in forgiving somebody who can't even admit or say what they've done. Sure it'd hurt but, it's useless, pointless you could say trying with a person like that.

Shizuru's Position: As cowardly as it is, not to face my wrong that is, I'd wait. Although, if Natsuki didn't come I would find her myself, plus we all know how good she as at doing that. Surely she'd be shocked, maybe afraid like she was at first, so I'd keep my distance. Trust me, I know how to keep my distance, it was also worth it. Patience is key. Anyway, if she were to ask, I would answer, if not I'd asked if she'd like to know. My guilt would have swallowed me up at this point and I'd do anything just to lift some from my shoulders as well as bring Natsuki the least bit of happiness she could have at the moment; knowing she could trust me despite my previous actions. I mean, if I have somebody dear to me, I'll never tell them a lie. They're too good for that, I'd rather be more upset if I were to lie to them than them to me. Once again, back on track, if she were to leave knowing the truth of my actions I think I'd be satisfied, hurt but satisfied. Knowing the knowledge she did, the truth, she could move on from the idiotic person I am. As long as she could do that, she'd be able to accept somebody else one day, of course if I were to see who I'd still hurt since I would still love her but since she's be happy, I wouldn't mind as much. After all, that's all that really matters in my eyes. If I couldn't make her happy, and somebody else could, then what's the difference? Only the fact it wasn't me, right? As long as she could still smile then I'll remain content.

And if that bloody bastard were to take away her smile, in this case Natsuki's, well, let's just say he wouldn't be happy if I found out.

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