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Know Thy Neighbor: The Enemies of Fuuka [Mai-HiME]

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Know Thy Neighbor: The Enemies of Fuuka [Mai-HiME]

Post by Highman on Thu Mar 10, 2011 12:04 am

Ladies & Gentlemen

It's time nao to "KNOW THY NEIGHBOR"

In this first topic let's talk about their enemies of Fuuka and why you should be worried indeed:

1. SEARRS Foundation:

An organization who's dominating secretly for the Golden Age. SEARRS have unknown mercenaries, scientists who are worried about their reputation, payroll creating a fabrication for an hopeless country and stealing resources from every country.

Leader: A group of scientist leaders with ego's
Threat: Minimal

2. First District/District One:

Affiliated with Iwasuka but have hatred with SEARRS Foundation, they have been monitoring the Festival.

Leader: Obsidian Prince (Deceased)
Threat: Dangerous

3. Obsidian's (Just my own words)


Leader: Unknown
Threat: Highly

That's all I can come up with my head right nao but seems to be Fuuka has a bullseye on their back even the stacks have come up against them. Anyone care to speak regarding all of this.


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Re: Know Thy Neighbor: The Enemies of Fuuka [Mai-HiME]

Post by Luu Sky Sapphire on Thu Mar 10, 2011 8:46 pm

Interesting topic there, Highman. In my opinion I never felt the villains of the Mai-HiME anime were any major threat. They were good character-wise, rather than power-wise. Takumi, the manga Obsidian Lord is a lot more threatening in comparison to Reito from the anime and EXA. But even he can't destroy planets or anything truly eye-popping as far as I know. He was just one evil son-of-a bitch and that enought made him a great villain.

SEARRS Foundation: An assembly of armed soldiers were no match for the HiME, but as an operation led by Alyssa and Miyu made things more exciting. Miyu alone could beat several of the HiME on her own, so she was a great thread of sorts. SUNRISE dropped the ball by not having an all out battle with her. Skipping right to Alyssa's Artemis light-show with Kagutsuchi. If it were set up differently with the HiME fighting hard to take Miyu at once, Miyu would of shined brighter as a foe.

First District/District One: Compared to Searrs, First District were a much darker organization that sort of lurked in the shadows. Ensuring the execution of the Festival, which is a greater evil than anything Searrs has done in the past.

Obsidian's: When the anime comes to mind, I couldn't of been more disappointed with Reito as the Obsidian Lord. There was so much build up for his inevitable meeting with Mai Tokiha. To make her HIS (because it sure as Hell wasn't going to be Psycho Shizuru, given the circumstances). And what did we get? A lackluster sword duel between him and the revived Tate (thanks Mashiro, we owe you one). Enough cristism, what DID make Obsidian Reito great was his ability to set up HiME defeats using Mikoto, fill Mai's head with confusion and turned Shizuru into a vicious murderer. I know there is disagreement with that last statement, but I still stand by Shizuru and always will. :)


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