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Sengoku Collection anime discussion thread

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Sengoku Collection anime discussion thread

Post by Luu Sky Sapphire on Wed Apr 03, 2013 8:26 pm

Sengoku Collection


Sengoku Collection revolves around many samurai who are accidentally removed from a parallel universe inhabited by well-known historic characters. Unlike the historical war period known to us, all inhabitants in this unique world look like high school girls. Coming from the medieval era and finding themselves totally amazed by everything they encounter in modern day Tokyo, the girls become best friends through their adventures.

^ Ha! Personally, it's one of the most overlooked yuri subtext-y titles of the year 2012. The series sure went unnoticed because I've never heard of it, despite constantly searching for any potentially yuri filled content in the latest series. The reason I am not putting this thread in the yuri thread is because the series transcended your basic yuri with very unique parody episodes, heart warming episodes and episodes that just...well...make no sense.

Because the personalities of all the Sengoku warlords (who are all female here, similar to the theme of another feudal gender bending romp in Koihime Musou) are vastly different, we're treated to various episodes with their own theme. So the series in a way suffers from an identity crisis.

The anime revolves around Oda Nobunaga and a host of Sengoku warlords who end up in modern day Japan, only to deal with their new lives. Some of them want to return, others have embraced their new home. What makes this different than Koihime Musou (again) is that it's more of a slice of life, rather than an adventure journey. There's an episode where Kenshin-sama just flat out quits the idea of conquering the world, out of her new found respect and love for the modern lifestyle. Other characters, like Matsuo Bashou, changed the lives of people around her...with the power of haiku!

There's a lot to talk about with this series, it really doesn't know what it wants to be at times. One particular episode did nab a perfect rating for me recently, which is why I had to make the thread. Never did I expect a great episode to appear in a show that has lesbian antics and parodies of Michael Moore's 'Bowling for Columbine'. If you haven't seen the not read any more.


Luu Sky Sapphire reviews Sengoku Collection episode 18:

Sengoku Collection 18th episode is without a doubt the most depressing episode in the series. And yet, it's also the best along with the Haiku episode. Now by best, I mean the episodes that aren't catering to my yuri needs. :3

In all seriousness, this episode is touching. Without reveal too much, it's something for *anyone* who feels lonely and without hope in the world. Yoshitsugu is a girl working endless hours at a really terrible factory job. The kind of job nobody should be working at (unless they necessarily HAVE to, like in Yoshitsugu's case) She is yelled at constantly by her manager, always runs into bad luck and is too shy to make friends locally.

Then one day, she meets a girl named "Angel" through letters and finds herself becoming more hopeful.

I came very close to crying when the episode ended. Couldn't believe it. Yoshitsugu is a good person who deserves a better life than this. The kind of life with her friend Angel.

+ Amazing story
+ Touching friendship
+ Sadly realistic
+ Symbolic
+ Twist I didn't see coming

Five letters from a friend out of Five. *claps* I repeat, I did not expect that from a series with comedy, yuri fanservice and violence.


Discuss, rate, all that fun stuffs! HiME


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