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Camping Has Never Been So Confusing (SWAC) Tawni/Sonny

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Camping Has Never Been So Confusing (SWAC) Tawni/Sonny

Post by TracyCook on Sat Jul 23, 2011 6:27 am

Camping Has Never Been So Confusing

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of Sonny with a Chance.

Couple: Sonny/Tawni

Rating: M

Authors Note: Possible one shot, depends how many reviews etc. that I get, if people want me to continue, or I get bored I certainly will. Maybe a bit odd and smut-y for my usual taste but I randomly thought of it last night and was like yeah! I'm doing that! :p Spontaneity is great for the Tonny lovers! Based off of the episode about Candyface, but I'm going off memory.

Chapter 1

What the Hell, Sonny?

"Didn't we all say no to this little "peace camping trip?" Tawni questioned with annoyance carrying through each word she spoke. The last thing that the beautiful blonde wanted to be doing on a day like this was to be trapped out in the forest with no way to look at herself and no luxuries. Who did she have to blame for this horrible weekend? 'Sonny… that's who. I hate her stupid optimism and meddling so much sometimes. Why can't she understand that we will never like Mackenzie Falls?'

"Yes, but Sonny went and talked to Mr. Condor and he is convinced that this would be helpful for the two shows. Not to mention, it means that I get some extra money which I can always use." Ms. Bitterman stated honestly.

With this statement Tawni along with the rest of the cast members for both shows let out loud groans of annoyance. None of them wanted to be there, well none aside from Sonny.

"Oh come on you guys! This is going to be so much fun! We will all get to know each other and bond, ooh! We can make s'mores!" Sonny said excitedly.

"Miss Bitterman, if we all work together and hit Sonny with a log will it count as a bonding exorcise?" Tawni questioned.

"Hmm.." The teacher actually thought it over, which shocked the peppy brunette and scared her just a bit. 'She would not let them hit me would she?' "Well, I suppose if you all decide on the log together." 'Oh no! She would!'


They had been there one night, and the sun had just gone down signaling the end of the second day stuck at the campsite. People were getting along worse than ever it seemed. Ms. Bitterman had told a scary story about 'candyface,' and that had the cast of So Random frightened, while miraculously all of their and Mack Falls' luxurious things continued to be broken in the night. Of course they blamed each other for these events, and Sonny had spent the entire day trying to fix the problem.

As the casts finished up their bonding exorcise for the day they dispersed and headed toward the area their tents were located on the camping grounds. Of course Chad and the rest of the cast members from Mackenzie falls took the opportunity to make fun of their rival's tent.

After some bickering about game boys, and the cast of Mackenzie Falls, the Randoms zipped up into their sleeping bags and all drifted into slumber. Aside from some snoring, silence had filled the tent.

Unbeknownst to herself or the rest of her cast members, Sonny was a sleepwalker. She had been the one waking in the middle of the night and breaking everyone's things. Making her way throughout the tent she was surprisingly very aware of the people scattered around the floor. It was strange considering she was completely unconscious and probably would remember none of it.

Carefully she treaded toward Tawni's bag before opening it and scrimmaging around, finally she appeared to find what she had been looking for. A curling iron, one that she had complained about earlier that day, she had known the blonde diva would be unable to stay away from luxuries. Surprisingly not waking anyone up the brunette smashed the curling iron on the ground breaking it in half.

Having no control over her own body, being merely controlled by her inner wants and needs the brunette found her way over to Tawni's sleeping bag. Unzipping it slowly.

Tawni awoke due to the chill of the tent and sound of the zipper, with a shocked look on her face. About to scream until she realized that it was only Sonny. Blue eyes still wide as she watched the beautiful girl finish unzipping her sleeping bag. 'It's just Sonny… and she's just… CRAWLING ONTO ME?' That urge to scream had returned as she watched the other girl start to crawl on top of her, now straddling her waist.

Her body was reacting oddly to the new found warmth against her, something that had only happened a few times before when she made out with a guy. 'But Sonny's not a guy! She's not even a girl I like as a friend! So what the hell?'

"Sonny?" She whispered quietly. It was loud enough to get the brunette's attention she had assumed, but she did not wish to wake everyone else up in this compromising position.

It did not get the other girls attention as she had hoped though, and Sonny was growing closer to her face with her own by the moment. Tawni now blushed brightly, her body heating up considerably as it reacted to the advances from her co-star. Blue eyes darted down to look over the other girl's full lips, before back up into brown eyes. They seemed transparent, her face completely straight and unreadable. "What the hell, Sonn—"

She was cut off as Sonny pressed her lips against her own. At first the kiss was soft and gentle, but Tawni found that she did not want it to stay that way surprisingly. Reaching up she tangled her hand deep in long brown locks before dragging the brunette closer to herself deepening the kiss.

Tawni could hear soft humming noises coming from the other girl, apparently she was enjoying this as much as herself. 'Oh fuck, why am I enjoying this?'

The diva's thoughts were silenced as she felt Sonny press her tongue into her mouth, letting out a louder moan than previously she allowed her own tongue to start in a dance for dominance with the girl who tasted of s'mores. The taste was intoxicating to her and she could feel a warm sensation forming between her legs due to it. 'Okay Tawni you need to stop this… right now.'

Pulling her lips away from Sonny's she attempted to say something, but quickly became distracted as full lips ran along her neck delivering hot kisses to the flesh there. The blonde wanted to push her away; at least she tried to convince herself that she wanted this. "Mm…" She let out softly staying as quiet as possible. She definitely did not want anyone waking up to this.

Sonny moved down her neck still unaware of what she was doing, she ran her tongue along the diva's collarbone before biting down on it. Tawni had to bite down on her own bottom lip to suppress the loud moan as she ground her hips against the brunette's. Though she hated to admit it, and never would later, she wanted more.

In reaction to the diva moving her hips against Sonny's the brunette understood what she needed. Well, she subconsciously understood at the very least. In actuality she would remember none of this the next day.

Tawni sucked in some air and held her breath as she watched the beautiful girl travel down her body, unbuttoning the front of her gown. 'Jeezus. I'm going to have a heart attack.' She thought as she watched Sonny lean toward her now exposed breast, running her long tongue along the now hardened nub. Her heart was racing so rapidly and sweat was clinging to her skin as she raised her hips in need.

As Sonny sucked the hardened nipple between her lips circling it with her tongue the blonde was finding it extremely difficult not to scream out in excitement. Hand in brunette hair pulled the girl closer to her nipple as her mouth was now open and eyes closed.

Reaching out her free hand to grip onto the sleeping bag Tawni's hand grabbed onto something else, her broken curling iron. If in any other situation she would have been completely agitated with Sonny, currently she was too lost in the feelings she was experiencing. Throwing the iron to the side she reached for the sleeping bag clenching it in her hand so tightly her knuckles had grown white.

Seeming to be finished with the blonde's breasts the beautiful girl was now traveling further down her body. This excited Tawni and terrified her all at the same time. Was she really prepared to hand herself over to Sonny? That did not seem like a good idea at all, but she wanted her right now more than anything. Hand in her hair she found herself pushing the young woman down her body.

Sonny simply pulled down the blonde's pajama pants as well as her panties on her way down her body. It shocked Tawni a bit at how straight forward she was being; it was definitely out of character for her. As if she were in some kind of trance. If she were not so enthralled she would have probably asked.

Tawni could feel a chill from the cold air in the tent run along her soaking womanhood. 'Did Sonny really cause this…?' She questioned internally. 'Oh my god, what is she going to do?'

In actuality she knew what Sonny was going to do, it was merely a shocking realization. How could this girl who she had disliked, yet cared for, for so long actually be causing her body this pleasure. Why was she causing her body this pleasure. Did Sonny have feelings for her? Could Tawni return those feelings? Would they date? Would they just sleep together? Would Sonny want it in return? And would she enjoy that?

All ability to think was quickly stopped as the blonde's brain shut off, all she could focus on was the feeling of a warm wet tongue running between her folds. Sonny's warm wet tongue that was. She was now stroking Tawni's clit hardly with her tongue, lapping up all of the blonde's sweetness as she did so.

Tawni was finding it very difficult to control her moaning and screaming at this point. Digging her nails into the sleeping bag and the brunette's scalp she pulled her closer needing more. "Oh god Sonny.." She whispered out, moaning softly. "mm.. that feels so good."

Perhaps the sweet girl had heard her, perhaps not, but regardless she did suck the blonde's clit into her mouth sucking on it gently. As she did so she swirled her tongue around the sensitive nub causing Tawni to again bite down on her lip as to not wake anyone. She was certain she would break the skin if she bit just a bit harder.

Before Tawni knew what was going on she felt fingers teasing her soaking entrance. 'She-she's gonna be my first. AM I REALLY OKAY WITH THIS?' Blue eyes snapped open, she was just about to push Sonny away when she felt those two fingers thrust deep inside of her. First thing she noticed was how badly it hurt her, but after those fingers pumped inside of her a few more times she started to grow used to the feeling. After a bit longer it started to feel good, very good.

Lifting her hips up she moved them along with the thrusts inside of her, and the usage of Sonny's tongue on her clit. With these two sensations together she knew that she would not be able to hold out for much longer. Moaning out now, a bit too loudly for her comfort, she felt herself coming to her climax.

"Oh fuck. Jeezus." With only a few more thrusts she felt an amazing feeling take over her entire body. She shook as she rode out Sonny's fingers as well as her orgasm, moaning out in ecstasy. Her wetness now covering the brunette's hand as well as her face. As Sonny pulled her fingers out she stood up and started back across the tent to her own sleeping bag, snuggling up inside of it and closing her eyes.

"What the fuck?" Tawni asked out loud, she had never felt so used in her entire life. Sonny had literally slept with her and then left? Couldn't she at least have snuggled for a moment? 'Wow… I am sounding like a needy girlfriend… but that was so freaking rude… gah!'

Deciding that she would ask the beautiful girl about it in the morning, the diva fixed her clothes and rolled over in her sleeping bag. As her heart settled, she started to drift away to a deep sleep, enjoying many dreams about the brunette.


"Why are you so mad at me Tawni? I'm sorry I don't remember what I did last night." Sonny stated honestly to her friend. The blonde had informed her that she had been sleepwalking and obviously by how she was acting she had done something wrong, she just did not know what.

"You really don't remember?" Tawni asked with a raised eyebrow. Considering what had happened, she had initially been extremely angry but it seemed the other girl did not know what happened.

Sonny sighed as she looked away "I'm sorry for whatever I did."

"HOW CAN YOU NOT REMEMBER THAT YOU—" Before she finished screaming out the sentence she realized that everyone was staring at her. Not to mention, she was not certain it would be a smart idea to tell Sonny. Currently she could just pretend that nothing had happened.

"That-that-that" She searched her mind for something to say. "That you broke my curling iron." She finally finished.


Authors Note: Thank you all who will read this, and if you like SWAC Tawni/Sonny fics search for the author Cain. :) and Review his. They are awesome! Oh and write some of your own! Hehe I hope to inspire people to write some. Love this couple! Hope y'all enjoy and please do review, member or not.

-Tracy Cook
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