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Minds Wide Open (Sonny With a Chance) Tawni/Sonny

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Minds Wide Open (Sonny With a Chance) Tawni/Sonny

Post by TracyCook on Sat Jul 23, 2011 6:32 am

Minds Wide Open

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These character belong to the creator of Sonny With A Chance.

Couple: Tawni/Sonny

Rating: M

Chapter 1

The Switch

Sonny's POV

I never quite understood Tawni, why she hated me, why she treated me the way that she did. It was hurtful and malicious and all I ever tried to do was be a good friend to her. Maybe I held some feelings that went beyond friendship upon meeting her. How could I not? The perfect blonde hair, the sparkling blue eyes, that pink glossy tempting smile, everything about the girl screamed beautiful.

It did not take more than a few moments for me to understand that her beauty was only skin deep. She was not a caring person, not toward animals or people. The only person that Tawni Hart was nice to was her best friend; herself.

Often over the last year she would let me in to see the softness behind her blue eyes. She would let me thaw her just enough before pushing me away or covering her niceness with a bitter tongue. Saying something spiteful to insult me or make it seem that she were better than me. If the beautiful blonde diva had one talent it was making other people feel inferior.

Never did it make sense to me how someone could be so hateful to everyone, someone who had never been hurt. It appeared to me that my friend was handed everything as a child. She had the perfect life. Yes, her mother was a bit controlling, but all mothers were. They seemed to have a lot in common and her mother appeared to provide her with everything that she needed. I knew nothing of her father, but from what I saw she was always handed everything.

Poor little rich kid never having enough and making everyone pay for it. That was the thought that came to mind at seeing her. That and dumb blonde. Though, I had learnt over the years that she was a lot smarter than she looked, a lot sweeter than she appeared. Still, no matter how much time went by I had a feeling I would never quite understand the true Tawni Hart.

Today was no different than any other day. The studio had allowed Marshall to take us all out to have some fun at the Los Angeles Zoo. I was so ridiculously stupid to think that the diva would enjoy time with me instead of complaining the entire time. Sighing loudly I ran toward the giant metal lion statue looking at the beautiful animals walking around it.

"Tawn, look at the lions! Aren't they so cute?" I ask excitedly as a toothy grin spreads across my face. Many people say that I smile too often or am easily excitable, but I cannot help it, I love looking on the positive side.

Of course my feelings for the adorable lions are not reciprocated by the blonde ice queen who crosses her arms across her chest and rolls her blue eyes annoyed. "Not as cute as me."

"I never said they were as cute as you." I whispered before blushing just a bit and casting my brown eyes back toward the lions. "But they are cute."

"Yeah…" Came a quiet and unexpected response from Tawni. It really was cute when I caught her off guard and made her show that confused softer side. I would prefer to see more of it, but she would never let me in. Like she has it so bad.

Tawni's POV

Sonny was way too optimistic; it was almost sickening to me. How could one person be happy all the time? She seemed completely oblivious to the darkness of the world, she only saw the good in people, and she always ended up hurt for it. It forced me to feel this desire to always stand by her side and protect her even when I wanted nothing more than to hate her.

My desires to hate her stemmed from one obvious component. Jealousy. I was completely consumed by jealousy for the naïve brunette. She was not only one of the most beautiful girls I had ever met, she had joined my show, stolen my dressing room, and my spotlight.

The hatred only intensified the closer that I got to Sonny. I found myself crushing on the beautiful young star, I found myself falling in love with her. This was unacceptable. I was Tawni Hart and I could never love this dorky girl from Wisconsin. My mother would hang me in the shower if she found out about these desires and make is seem as if I had committed suicide.

So how did I deal with the feelings? How did I deal with my jealousy, not only for her, but for Chad Dylan Cooper having her? I pushed away. Focused on the one and only thing that I had, my looks and my career. I put all of my efforts into making myself the most beautiful I could be. I eat still, because I have a sweet tooth. I love food, but because my mother has pointed out how obese I am on numerous occasions my food usually ends up undigested and in the toilet staring back at me as I look onward in disgust. It has been successful, over the last three months I have lost over twenty pounds and my mother has never been more proud of me.

Yet, Sonny never seems to give up on getting close to me. The worst part is that on numerous accounts I have put my own reputation on the line, as with my career in order to get close to the brunette who is now running toward the lions with that big stupid smile spreading on her face. That big stupid smile that I just have to find cute!

"Tawn, look at the lions! Aren't they so cute?" Came Sonny's excited voice as she pointed over at the group of lions circling the giant metal statue.

Blue eyes glancing away from the beautiful brunette a soft smile crossed my lips as I watched the adorable animals walking around the park. They were cute. Not quite as cute as Sonny who was now hopping up and down awaiting my approval. Yet, I could not agree, for many reasons. One, I hated the zoo. The only time I had ever come had not gone well. Two, I wanted to hate Sonny. So instead I shrugged my shoulders, crossed my arms, and forced my smile down into a frown.

"Not as cute as me." I stated selfishly and truthfully. I was much cuter than the cats and people should be watching me, not them. Still, I felt guilt start to rush through me as I watched her smile fall just a bit. She deserved to always be smiling.

"I never said they were as cute as you." I heard the whisper and it made me blush brightly, despite myself. What could she possibly mean by that? Was she agreeing that I was cuter than them? It agitated me how much this meant to me. "But they are cute." She added quickly covering up her words. It was adorable the way that she always did stuff like this, said nice things like this, it made me want to show her a softer Tawni that no one had ever seen. Not even I had seen that side of me.

"Yeah…" It was all that I could think to say.

"We should probably get going." I added when I saw that knowing smile creeping onto her features, it made me feel uneasy. Sometimes I wondered just how much she knew. When Sonny made no efforts to move I raised an eyebrow and looked her over. She seemed to have frozen in place.

"Sonny?" I questioned walking closer to the girl; my heart was now pounding in my chest almost painfully. What the hell was going on? Glancing around I realized that everyone else seemed to be frozen in place as well. "Okay, is this some kind of joke?" Laughing nervously I made my way closer before waving one of my recently manicured hands in front of her face.

The smile did not spread, it did not falter. Brown eyes stayed open in excitement glued on the lions and I simply stared fear coursing through my body. Was my friend dead? The thought of her dying had never crossed my mind and it was a terrifying one. I felt loss already at the simple thought as I again waved my hand in front of her eyes. "Sonny?" My voice came out more frantic this time.

When once again there was no reaction I swiftly reached out grabbing hold of my friend and shaking her body. In that moment brown eyes opened and caught hold of mine and the loud world seemed to come back to life even louder than before. There was a screeching in my ears and then suddenly everything went black.


Authors note: I wanted to add more to this chapter but I got really tired and sick feeling all of a sudden, so the actual swap-a-roo will be in the next chapter more than likely. I just have not been having a good few days. Sorry to my readers. I love you all!

Please give me reviews if you like what you see. This is my first, POV first person story I have done for the couple, so Idk. This will be romance :) Love y'all! Tell me what you think!

-Tracy Cook
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