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8:45 (Sonny With A Chance) Sonny/Tawni

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8:45 (Sonny With A Chance) Sonny/Tawni

Post by TracyCook on Sat Jul 23, 2011 6:26 am


By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of Sonny With A Chance.

Couple: Sonny/Tawni

Rating: T

Authors Note: Just a cute little one shot for y'all!


Tawni had spent a long lonely four months by herself while Sonny was on tour. After the talent scouts had seen her sing on the show they had offered her a contract with a record label and she was a big star. Which bothered the blonde for two reasons. First off, she was the big star. Second off, she was lonely and missed her girlfriend. It was selfish, but the diva was not all too known for being selfless.

"Gahh." She groaned out in her high-pitched voice as she headed toward her front door. She had not checked her mail in a few days and she was sure she had bills to pay now that her mother had completely disowned her after she turned eighteen. It was all supposed to be okay though. That was when she figured she would have a girlfriend living with her.

Grabbing hold of the mail and pulling it out of the box she carried it into the apartment sifting through the bills with manicured nails. "Bill, Bill, Bill, Bi—Wait? What is this?" Blue eyes glanced to the sender and a small smile crept onto her distressed lips. "Sonny?"

Opening the letter excitedly, she tried to calm her beating heart. They had talked on the phone, certainly, but a letter was so much more personal. Starting to read it her smile continued to grow across pink coco-moco-coco lips.

'My Love, I know that I cannot be there with you right now so I thought that I would write you to show you just how much I love you. My days consist mostly of thinking of you after all, so why not write it down?

6:00 AM: I wake up to an empty bed. It is big and comfy but missing a certain blonde that I love very much. So of course it makes me sad. Apparently I have been snuggling up with my pillow at night. No worries, she's nowhere near as cute as you!

6:15 AM: I brush my teeth. Where is your toothbrush though? Not next to mine. It pretty much sucks, but it is my dream and I am having fun.

7:00 AM: I am missing you! On my way to the studio to record my newest demo! The trip is almost over and I would be lying if I said it hasn't been fun, but I miss you so much I just want to come home!

9:30 AM: My demo sounds great! You will be the first to hear it when I get home!

12:00 PM: Out to lunch with my publicist, she is cool, but you are so much cooler. She talks too much and I'm missing your voice, everything here reminds me of you. The pink table cloths particularly.

2:00 PM: It's back to the studio and where is my girlfriend? I do not know. You didn't answer your phone for whatever reason… I am not worried, I just wanted to hear your voice. I called three times if you check. Just listening to your voicemail, the one me and you left on your phone, it makes me smile every time!

4:00 PM: Done recording for the day time for a hot bath wish you were here with me Wink I would definitely be enjoying some time in Tawni Town, if you know what I mean!

6:25 PM: Catching a plane, there is a blonde girl sitting beside me reminds me of you. Of course she isn't as pretty though! No one could be as pretty as my gorgeous girlfriend! I love you so much!

8:00 PM: My plane just landed I'm so excited to be back in LA!

8:45 PM: Look at your door.'

Glancing up Tawni watched her clock just as it struck 8:45 and her heart started to race. As blue eyes glanced toward the door what she saw caused her breath to catch in her throat. There stood Sonny Munroe looking gorgeous despite her obvious exhaustion from her long day that the blonde had just read all about.

A toothy grin was spread across the brunette's face, a grin that she had grown to adore more than anything in the world. "Oh my god! Sonny!" She shouted out in her high pitched voice, tears filling blue eyes as she ran to her girlfriend and wrapped her in a bone-crushing embrace.

Hugs had never been something that Tawni enjoyed, not until Sonny had entered her life. Now she loved them, every single one she received and gave the shorter woman. "I missed you so much." She said pulling away and pressing her lips to the brunette's sweet ones.

Raising a seductive eyebrow Sonny said teasingly. "Mmm well I missed you too, obviously. Now how about that bath?"

"But you already—" She started looking down at the note.

"You can never have enough baths Tawni." Sonny interrupted planting her lips to the blonde's pink ones and pushing her toward their bathroom.


Authors Note: I hope this wasn't too cheesy. :p I am a hopeless romantic, and I have no one else to share it with but all of you! I wanted to write something today, even though I am feeling sick… have been sleeping all day and icky. :/ Hope y'all like it.

Please review y'all make me super smiley!

-Tracy Cook
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