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The Vicious Cycle. [Dark!Mai/Tokiha - rated M]

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The Vicious Cycle. [Dark!Mai/Tokiha - rated M]

Post by Guest on Sat Jul 16, 2011 4:46 am

WARNING: Contains gore and... well, rape. >_>'

It seems everything I write is M-rated. XD Ah well, I enjoy writing it. And I'm sure all of you enjoy reading it. ;3

So, let the abuse begin~


The powerful Meister Otome knelt on the floor, her arms held above her securely by chains, the harsh, ragged metal sinking into her wrists. Her flesh was raw, scraped and torn open, blood caking onto the exposed skin, the wider streams of the life fluid leaking down her arms and leading to her ribs. It trailed sluggishly, sliding down the toned, creamy flesh.

More scars were on the redhead’s face. Three cuts streaked across the bridge of her nose, one cutting through her closed eye, blood slipping down her cheek like a lone teardrop. Her lips were chapped, the soft skin split open in most areas. What was left of her clothing hung off of her weakened body like rags.

Her pale green shirt was torn in several places, jeans ripped apart so that there were gashes in the material all the way up to her thighs. Her zipper was undone, as well as the button holding her pants together, some of the denim burnt and seared, thankfully not to her skin.

Leaning against her chains like a ragdoll, she only lifted her head a hair’s width when she heard shoes clicking on the cobblestone stairs leading to her cell.

“Well, well, little Mai-Otome.” A voice similar to hers, but lighter, drawled softly, stocking-clad legs coming into view. The Meister refused to lift her head. Two lone, slender fingers trailed down her jawline, slipping under her chin and tilting her head up.

Vermillion bangs fell away from the elder’s face, a few shades darker than the other girl’s. Her eyebrows sewed together, curling her fingers into fists.

“Now now…” the smaller woman cooed, leaning down and brushing a finger from her other hand down the Meister’s injured nose. She refused to make any sound of pain, but her brows twitched closer together.

“Such a pouty little fox.” The younger smirked thinly, digging a nail into one of the cuts on the Otome’s nose. The Meister gasped in a thick breath of pain, feeling not only she sharp finger in her flesh but also an overwhelming heat. She tugged against her restraints, gritting her teeth as the metal sank further into her arms.

“No fighting.” The girl smirked wider, though she pulled her finger from the small cut. It simply wasn’t enough.

Readjusting, the younger female kneeled between the Meister’s legs, smoothing a delicate hand up the woman’s tone arm. “It really is a sight…” she started, fingers dragging over the identical creamy skin, “to see such a powerful creature like you at a little girl’s mercy.”

The Meister growled deep in her chest, the sound resounding around her cell. “I would tear you apart if I was loose.” She rasped out huskily, voice torn with abuse. “Pathetic HiME.” She spat onto the stone floor.

The dark HiME stared down at her captive silently for several slow moments, before a bark of amusement was released, followed by a barrage of mocking laughs. The Meister glared up at her, pale cobalt eyes dull with anger and fatigue. She jolted forward, slamming their foreheads together, causing the younger woman to stagger back.

The HiME cupped her forehead, falling silent. The Otome stared her down, fists clenched tight in their irons, knuckles bleached white by bone.

The seconds passed on like hours as the Meister watched her counterpart. The only sounds heard in the stone cell was the lazy drip of water plopping onto gray cobble, maybe the odd scuffle of a mouse.

Finally, the slow sound of sizzling skin filled the room as the HiME healed her forehead, bringing her hand away from her face. “You forget who is in control.” She murmured lowly, moving forward. The Meister flinched away involuntarily, knowing what abuse was about to come. But she didn’t care. Anything to defy this brat. This so-called ‘Beautiful Devil.’

Leaning in close against her mirror-image, the younger pressed a hand to the woman’s throat, pressing flush against her. “Pets do not disobey their masters.” She whispered, frail-looking fingers squeezing the Meister’s neck. She hacked softly, feeling the power behind the HiME’s hand; this was not a girl, this was a monster.

“You will submit to me.” The HiME hushed again, bringing her other hand up to the Otome’s arm. Brushing three of her fingers over a series of scabs, she plunged her fingertips into the flesh. “You will be my slave, Tokiha.” She growled.

The Meister released a howl of pain, the fingers around her neck squeezing tighter as the digits in her skin invaded her muscles further.

The smaller redhead smirked as Tokiha let out yells and screams of suffering, pushing her fingers deeper into the woman’s arm. Blood flowed down the back of her hand like a rushing river, down into the black sleeve of her uniform. “I wonder if your fiancé can hear you.” She cooed, taking her hand from Tokiha’s neck to pet the woman’s bangs back. “Hear your weakness.” She hissed, menacing.

The Otome arched in her back as Mai continued her assault on her arm, a loud, echoing scream of agony resounding through the lower levels of Garderobe’s prison cells. She didn’t want her lover to hear her. She wanted the love of her life to be safe, away from here.

Cooing to the Meister again, the girl removed her fingers from the muscled flesh, smirking widely as she heard the whimper and pants of relief. Pressing her hand back against the deep wounds, the HiME bared her sharp teeth as she grinned like a demon when the older woman wailed in pure torture, steam rising from her arm as the younger seared her wounds shut.

“I love your voice.” Mai remarked to her older counterpart, stroking the woman’s rust-coloured hair. The Otome slouched forward when the ‘healing’ was done, panting heavily. “No panting yet, I’ve yet to start.” She leered at Tokiha.

The elder watched Mai move warily, struggling when the smaller redhead’s hands lowered to the rim of her shirt and pants. Quivering faintly as a cold set of fingers pushed up into her shirt, Tokiha closed her eyes and leaned heavily against the wall as she set her jaw, feeling the fingers dancing over her strong abdominals.

“I can see why she had such interest in you.” The HiME commented, drawing idle circles on the woman’s stomach. “You have a wonderful body.” Giggling after she spoke, Mai trailed her free hand up into the Meister’s hair, combing the vermillion locks with her fingers. “It’s so much like mine… but more mature.” She gestured down to Tokiha’s torso, then to her hips. “You don’t have hips as supple as mine, but I suppose that’s expected, you’re an Otome. Otome aren’t expected to bear children.” She giggled again.

Tokiha let out a snarl, her lip curling back.

“Oh, did I hit a nerve?” the HiME drawled lazily, scraping her nails down the woman’s stomach. “You want to have little babies with your love, don’t you?”

“Of course I do.” The Meister snapped, her fists clenching tighter. That must’ve been the dumbest question someone had ever asked her! “I take it you didn’t get fucked up in your previous life, eh?” she smirked weakly. Anything to defy the HiME.

The younger girl’s eyes flashed, and soon her fingers were digging into the Otome’s stomach. Both sets of violet eyes darkened, one in pain as Tokiha let out another cry, the other in anger as Mai dragged her fingers down. “You do not speak to your master that way.” She sneered, pulling her hand back from the flesh to lean further into her older counterpart. Her cold finger trailed over the woman’s collarbone in a sharp scrawl, marking Tokiha with her own blood as she imprinted her name onto the skin of the Meister’s breastbone.

The Meister bit back a scream welling in her throat as her stomach wounds were burnt closed. She panted heavily, trying to push back into the rock wall and away from the girl.

“No, no, none of that.” Mai drawled, fixing their position. Tokiha’s legs were now stretched out as the woman sat against the wall, arms stretched upwards as she leaned slightly. The HiME took her seat over the woman’s long legs, placing her hands onto the Meister’s ribs.

Opening her eyes, Tokiha glared pure, unadulterated hatred at her counterpart, feeling one of the HiME’s hands slip lower.

Past the edge of her trousers, beyond her underwear, and finally, two pads of the girl’s fingers brushed the patch of flaxen hairs above the Meister’s sex.

Swallowing harshly, the Otome let her head droop against her uninjured arm. Anger, fear and hatred swirled in her stomach in a deadly mix, watching Mai from the corner of her eye.

The HiME smirked back at her mirror-image, inserting a lone finger in the disappointingly dry heat. Tokiha’s eyes dilated, the woman letting out a soft grunt as the rugged push and pull of the girl’s finger against her inner walls slowly worked up more friction. She didn’t want this at all. To be kept in a cellar and raped daily by a little girl. Pushing back salty tears from her eyes, Tokiha closed her violet orbs, locking her jaw.

“Come now, keep up this behaviour and I’ll rub you raw.” The HiME pouted at the Meister.

Clenching her eyes, the Otome pushed further away from Mai. She tried to envision someone else touching her, another redhead. But instead of those dastardly lavender eyes, they were loving, deep pools of jade, shimmering like gems. Instead of the digit forcibly pushing itself deeper, there was a softer touch to her womanhood, sweet breath in her ear as an alternative of hot, searing air.

In her dreamscape, the Meister tossed her head back against the wall, moaning out a name thickly. The HiME’s eyes flashed again. That was not the name she wanted to hear. Pressing closer, she pushed her hand against Tokiha’s throat. “She won’t love an abused little puppy.” She hissed angrily, her hand shifting faster. The Otome’s jaw tightened as she tried not to hear Mai, her toes curling against the floor.

Mai…” she heard her fiancé’s voice whisper into her ear, as if she was the one over top of the Meister, violating her senses. “Juliet…” Tokiha groaned back.

Soon, from her sweet imaginings, the Meister released with a ragged moan, voice raw. The HiME backed away, taking her hand from the Otome’s trousers. “You keep disappointing me.” She spoke idly, flicking the juices from her hand as the woman panted harshly. “Ah, well, one day.” She shrugged, walking from the cell. “One day, I will break you.” Mai promised the Meister, before striding from the room, locking the iron door behind her.

Tokiha finally blinked the sweat from her eyes as she opened them, staring up at the ceiling. Letting her head droop, the once-powerful woman sagged against the wall and chains.

Tomorrow, the vicious cycle would begin again.


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Re: The Vicious Cycle. [Dark!Mai/Tokiha - rated M]

Post by Guest on Sat Jul 16, 2011 11:41 am

This was amazing. I'm glad you decided to write it. :'D

It's just dark and gritty and sexy.

Iloveit. X3


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Re: The Vicious Cycle. [Dark!Mai/Tokiha - rated M]

Post by HollowPoint on Sat Jul 16, 2011 8:25 pm

Heh, I didn't actually think you'd write it, I'm glad to see I was wrong ^-^

('s harder to review this sorta thing..but I'll try >.<) I was a bit confused at first with the talk of "wanting to have a baby" and "fiance" so close together, I was thinking it'd mean her fiance was a guy, I wasn't expecting Zhang at all XD(unless you were implying that Zhang could give her a baby ;P though I doubt that)

I must say, the continuous stabbing of DMai's fingers into Tokiha was a bit gory indeed(if ya have the imagination for it ;P I did keep picturing your Tomoe pic though, the way her fingers dug in I mean, not the whole pic) but I didn't really hate it, Tokiha was quite rude to DMai after all XD I can't really tell whether or not DMai is playing with Tokiha simply for the sake of doing it, or because she actually likes Tokiha in some way and wants her for real in a yandere kinda way...I'd guess the second to be true more so, considering it's not like DMai is getting anything from doing this herself(if you know what I mean) so I think it'd get too boring for her to keep doing it to only one person..maybe.

I do wonder if DMai would be less violent if Tokiha actually gave in.. Well anyway, good job, Kat, twas a nice story(lol.."nice"..) the sense that it was well written and fun to read ;P
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Re: The Vicious Cycle. [Dark!Mai/Tokiha - rated M]

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