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Cheaters Never Prosper (Glee) Emma/Terri

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Cheaters Never Prosper (Glee) Emma/Terri Empty Cheaters Never Prosper (Glee) Emma/Terri

Post by TracyCook on Sat Jul 23, 2011 6:28 am

Cheaters Never Prosper

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of Glee.

Couple: Emma/Terri

Rating: M

Authors Note: Will be romance between Emma and Terri eventually. This first chapter will not seem like it, but it will be. :p Bear with me, and please enjoy and review at the bottom if you think it's worth continuation.

Chapter 1

Things Better Left Unseen

For Emma, every day was a routine that matched the last as closely as possible. Though, some days she ate different foods, or cleaned one more time than the last, for the most part she liked to keep her schedule as close to the previous day as possible. Some of the people she worked with called her OCD, some said that she was quirky, and others simply believed she had a few nuts and bolts missing.

Her routine was one that consisted of many steps and patterns, the first being waking up. She woke up every single day at exactly 5:30 in the morning, got out of bed, made her bed, gathered her clothes, which each specific shirt went with a specific skirt and that never changed, then finally she took her shower.

The shower itself was scheduled, each time it would last thirty minutes. She would make sure to cover all of her bases, washing behind her ears, shaving each and every hair from her body, and of course washing her hair and every inch of skin twice.

Depending on her mood, would decide her breakfast. Usually she liked to have a healthy diet sticking to well balanced meals, cereal on most occasions. Low sugar cereal and low fat milk. It was not that she was weight conscience so much as health conscience. Finally she would leave her apartment after cleaning her dishes thoroughly as with her table and counter top.

Before heading down to her car she would check the locks many times, even coming back a few times just to make certain that the door was locked and secure. She was not scared of people breaking in for the normal reasons, people could steal from her and that would be alright, she just did not want them to make a mess of her apartment. No one had been to her apartment since she moved in and she would not be able to live there if someone left their germs everywhere.

Work was the same for the most part, filled with new students telling her all about her problems. Some people believed that she was not suited to be a counselor because she herself had to see one and she had little life experience, but she really enjoyed helping out the children.

The one rift in her plan, the one thing that gave her life a slight spark of excitement, and the only one who she let even slightly through her barriers, was Will Schuester. He was her boyfriend, well, he was kind of her boyfriend. He was still married actually to Terri the blonde woman who deceived him and hurt him as he would put it. Honestly Emma could understand why she would go to such desperate measures for the man, he was perfection, and she loved him.

In fact, she herself was going to measures to be with him. He wanted her to go to therapy to get over her OCD and so she was, she wanted to be able to kiss him and he wanted to be able to be intimate with her. On the few occasions that they had tried she had almost had panic attacks. It was all too much for her.

Even kissing had been miserable at first. Emma knew the amount of germs in the human mouth and it was a disgusting thought. She had given in though finally and it had been enjoyable to kiss someone, but still, it was a very slow process for her. Now she was strong enough that on occasion she actually had stayed the night at his place. She of course would never allow him to intrude on her clean home, but she had managed to stay at his which was still a large step toward something real.

In fact tonight was one of those nights she would be staying there. He allowed her to clean his place, cook dinner, and decide where she slept which made it easier for her. Also, despite himself being extremely sexual he never pushed her to do more.

Smiling to herself Emma looked up at the clock in her office and her heart sped as she thought about tonight. They had agreed to have dinner a week ago; they would be spending the night together, watching movies, and eating her favorite food. He had reminded her on multiple occasions of their date and she was growing more excited and nervous as the clock ticked by. Every time she thought of going there with him she grew anxious.

G g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g

Glancing down at her watch for the third time Emma fidgeted a bit as she pulled up to Will's house, she was early. It was not that she wanted to surprise the young man, more like she was too excited to wait around anxiously any longer. The beautiful redhead had called his cell numerous times in hopes of catching him and asking for permission to show up early, but he had never answered.

"Maybe I should just wait in my car. I don't even know if he's home." Just as she told herself this the light in the house turned on and she watched as Will's shadow crossed in front of the closed window. That was confirmation that the handsome man she loved was indeed home.

Looking into her rearview mirror she checked her mild makeup for the thirteenth time before again making certain that her shirt looked good on her. Not too loose and not too tight, just perfect. Debating on if she should unbutton another button or leave it up she paused and thought about it a moment longer than most people would have. Finally deciding to leave it up she quickly got out of the car making certain it was locked before grabbing her bad and heading toward the stairs to the porch of her boyfriend's house.

As she reached the front door she noticed that the lights upstairs went off and it piqued her curiosity. 'Why would he turn the light off?' She wondered, she shook it off as overanalyzing things and gently knocked on the door.

'Knock, knock, knock.' No answer.

She decided to knock a bit harder. 'Knock, knock, knock!' Again there was no answer, reaching down she pulled out a sanitary wipe and wiped off the door knob before turning it to test if it was locked or unlocked.

The door was unlocked and opened with a clicking sound and a slight creaking, she mentally took a note to remind the young man she loved just how dangerous that could be. "Will." She mumbled, much like she usually did, before saying in a clearer tone. "Will." Still no answer came, and with all of the lights out she was starting to get nervous as she walked through the house.

It seemed to be abandoned, but she could have sworn she saw a figure in the window earlier, maybe it was not will? Maybe someone had broken in? These irrational thoughts came to mind when she knew that he could very well just be sleeping.

Making her way up the stairs she held her hands up avoiding touching the railing or anything that could contain unwanted germs, she was not wearing gloves and she did not know how clean the house was after all. Will always got upset with her for not being able to act normal in his house, she knew it was only because he wanted her to feel comfortable there, but it was hard for her. It was a terrifying feeling that no one could understand. People always told her to just stop, but it was not that simple.

She made sure that her footing remained light on the stairs; she did not want to make any excessive noise. "Will?" Her voice came out only a whisper. One of the things that she hated to do was to wake someone up, it was beyond rude. In fact even when people told her to wake them she had a lot of difficulty doing so.

Emma could hear something coming from the young Glee instructor's room and it worried her and also brought back her excitement, she was excited to see him, but the sounds were foreign to her and she did not know what the young man could possibly be doing.

Again, she reached out taking a wipe to sanitize the metal knob before opening the door. This time it made a louder noise, and the noises in the room reached her ears. They were moans from both a male and a female, will and another girl. And as she looked into the room, bush baby-like eyes widened even more so at what she saw. There was will underneath April, the alcoholic bimbo that had joined the glee club, not one to get angry she opted for awkward and closed the door quickly before Will could even notice that she had been there. He was very wrapped up in his business after all.

The beautiful thirty year old red head hated to cry, it made a mess of her face, and was not appealing in any way, but right now she could not deny the tears threatening her eyes to shed. They free fell down her cheeks over her chin and down her thin neck as she turned and ran from the house.

She was angry, she was upset, her heart was breaking, and she did not know what to do. Should she have announced herself? Should she tell will? Should she show up for her date? She did not honestly know. Technically the two of them were not official, but he had made it seem like that was where it would be heading and now look at him. He was obviously not ready for something serious. 'Maybe it's just me… my inexperience.' Her mind scolded.

All she could think was that it was her fault, her stupid OCD, and even as she tried to hate it she found herself cleaning the front door knob in order to leave. She could not even storm out of a house like a normal person.

The beautiful woman did not make it to her car; she collapsed on the porch, for whatever reason it had to be raining. All of the mud and dirt was covering the wooden plateau and her skin was covered, it felt as if she were trapped in her own skin as she shook and cried on the stairs. She had waited so long to be with Will, he was the only one she had ever loved or done so much changing for, and here he was cheating on her with that slut!

At least the rain was hiding her tears, this Emma was thankful for, she would hate for anyone to see her such a mess. Still, she was yelling out, it hurt, getting your heart broken hurt.

Suddenly she jumped as she felt a hand on her shoulder, her first instinct was to pull away, her second was to yell. She had assumed that it was Will trying to apologize, but when angry brown eyes glanced up throw wet red hair that was sticking to her eyes and face she saw the last person she expected to see. Standing there in front of her, touching her, was one of the most heartless people, at least that was what Will had told her. Terri Schuester.

Emma did not say a thing she simply stared and tried to pull away from the other woman's touch she did not know what she wanted but it could not have been good.

The blonde had been on her way over to collect some of her things, her and Will had finally separated despite all of her efforts to keep him in her life. When she had gotten to their old house she saw the red head she had always hated laying on the porch.

At first she had grown angry and assumed they were cheating and messing around, not technically cheating of course, but it felt like it to her. Yet, when she had grown closer she could hear the sobs and see the pain on the other woman's features and she felt for her, she too had been in that situation. Not to mention it was raining like crazy and the other would catch cold, especially considering how much of a health freak she was.

So many people thought that Terri did not have a heart but that was an untrue statement. Yes, she was a controlling bitch time to time, and yes she had been manipulative on occasion to get what she wanted, but she really did have a softer side beneath it all. It was just rare that anyone got the pleasure to see it. She never thought that the red head would see this side, but she had to help.

"What do you want Terri?" Emma mumbled as she rubbed her hands against her eyes trying to rid the tears from her cheeks. Feeling completely coated in dirty rain, she pulled away from the touch.

Terri did not allow the innocent and awkward girl to move away from her, as she moved closer keeping her hand firmly on her shoulder. "I don't care to fight with you right now, not while you look so miserable, we need to get you home."

Again Emma pulled away from the blonde's touch as she stood to her feet nearly tripping. "I do not need your help, I can drive." Her voice was soft, not nearly as angry as she felt.

"Not in that state you cannot!"

Once more the distraught woman tripped, she was finding it hard to walk, her body felt numb and heavy. "Yes, I can." She tried to say this with conviction, but her voice shook.

"Just come with me, I will take you home." Terri stated looking at the other woman with determined blue eyes, she was in control and she always got what she wanted. Usually at least, and currently she wanted to help the woman no matter how much she swore that would never happen. Pulling on Emma's arm she lead her toward her car.

"What about my car?"

"We will come back and get it after you get cleaned up."

"I cannot leave it here! Will cannot know I was here!" Emma said her anxious voice shaking and her brown eyes wide.

"Why not?" Terri asked raising a curious eyebrow at the nervous woman.

"Um. Well, You see. Um." She trailed off as she fidgeted with her fingers and shuffled her feet, she did not really know how to explain things to the man's ex. She did not even know why the blonde was talking with her.

Laughing a bit she dragged the red head toward her car. "I promise we will get you cleaned up and back here to get your car before he ever knows, no worries you don't have to explain."

With that Terri pushed Emma toward her car before opening the passenger seat and pushing the red head inside. Of course the first thing that the woman took note of was how clean the car was; surprisingly it was in fairly nice condition. It did not look brand new like her own, and the seats were now covered in rain water, but for the most part it looked decent.

Terri climbed into her side of the car before starting it up and turning on the radio. A bit loud for the other woman's taste, but she allowed her to be in control, from what she had heard about the blonde it was better for everyone if you let her be in control.

G g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g

Authors Note: First chapter of my first Glee fic, I love the couple, and I love the show, though I have not seen every episode. :/ I hope that I did not disappoint on getting the characters dead on, obviously they will be a bit different because of the romance between the two enemies in the show, but hopefully y'all will enjoy it.

I do not push for reviews, but I love feedback and encourage you to push that button at the bottom whether you have an account or not and leave me some input. Good bad or ugly. If I do get five reviews quickly I will update as soon as I have them, otherwise I will update very soon!

If you like Sonny With A Chance – Tawni/Sonny pairing feel free to check out my other fics. Or One Tree Hill- Haley/Brooke, or Deb/Karen pairings.

-Tracy Cook
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