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Shwartz' "Female Slave Lord"

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Shwartz' "Female Slave Lord"

Post by Break String SpinElf on Tue May 24, 2016 2:21 pm

The more I watch Sifr, the more I wonder about the nature & identity of Shwartz' "Female Slave Lord" (女スレイブロード).

At first glance, this mysterious figure, Smith the Elder's bodyguard, reminds me somewhat of Miyu: their eye colour (as well as that of M-9) is similar: -

Whilst only her right eye is ever seen outside her take on avenging-Egyptian-mummy-chic, her left eye exhibits some interesting properties, displaying a glowing Searrs-type logo as she activates her Slave (which is enormous): -

Though such an arrangement is never confirmed (and, in HiME, Miyu never summons Orphans) there's no reason why an android cannot function as a Slave Lord: the Aswad's cyborgs can manage it, which shows that an organic body is not necessary. However, I am wondering if this Slave Lord is perhaps identical with the Shwartz spotter shown by the swimming pool into which Sifr plunges in the first episode. The spotter is shown reading a book, before ominously walking away, presumably to inform Smith & his mooks about that turn of events: -

What do you good people think?
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