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Note, USED to be.

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Note, USED to be.

Post by Cheshire Kat on Sun Jun 10, 2012 7:16 pm

Hello again everyone. c: Today I have a horribly cynical tale for you all; basically, my feelings upon Mao HiME. Well, more like Mai's feelings for Mao HiME. (This story holds my opinions, so be warned!)


It was a rather peaceful day. Mai sighed happily as she lounged on her Victorian-style sofa which was set up in front of a wall of windows, the reflection of the water from her pool just outside beaming up on the glass. Her den was spacious and comfortable; of course just like the rest of her house, she was the main character of a whole series after all! Another plain 'ol day in paradise...

“Ma'am?” Mai lifted her head, pushing her expensive shades down her nose, peering over the black rims to her butler, a tray perched up on his hand. “There is a letter for you.”

“Ahaaah, thank you, Jeeves.” The redheaded superstar smiled, sitting up standing, walking to her butler instead of him coming over to her. The man lowered the hand which held the tray, exiting the room once Mai had her letter. “Right, what's SUNRISE have to say now?” She grumbled, tearing one of the ends of the letter off. She had almost enough of this malarkey; first she got close to no screentime in Otome, and barely a mention in the Otome Manga other than being Yuuichi's sugar-mama.

“...” Mai's eyes squinted as she read, her expression sceptic. “They're wha-”

In through the door flew a very confused Tomoe wielding Miroku, the slightly shorter female impaling Mai through the chest, through the solar plexus. Blood spewed, covering the maple flooring, Mai staring at the teal-haired girl blankly. Tomoe appeared to be deep in shock, the thick crimson liquid flowing down the blade of the claymore swiftly, pooling on the floor.

“...Seriously?” Mai uttered, her arms limp at her sides, letter gripped weakly. “Seriously?”

“Hey, it isn't my fault!” Tomoe yelped. “I'm just a plot device now!”

“Seems that we're in the same boat then.” The older girl muttered, folding her arms, the sword through her torso having no affect whatsoever. She was an anime character, after all. “Where's Mikoto?”

“Being carried around by the new girl.” Tomoe replied, her hands seemingly glued to Miroku.

“Lemme guess... Erstin ripoff?”


“Naruto-style wear and attitude?”

“Spot-on, well done.”

Mai threw her arms down in frustration. “Is this really what we've come to?!” She howled, Midori hurrying in with the mop. “A freaking Bleach-girl taking over the series? At least Arika had some depth!”

“Well, at least you're not a target of complete ecchi.” Midori huffed, wringing most of the water from the mop before beginning to clean the puddles of blood from the floor. “I don't know if I even exist in Mao...” She muttered.

“Screw this, you guys.” Mai began, clenching her fists. “We're going to change universes!” Her eyes lit with fire. “There are plenty of fandoms that would prefer us!”

“What about those two?” Nao wondered to her, having made herself comfortable on the sofa while Mai and Tomoe had their tiny argument.

“They can stay here. They're evidently what the fanbase wants.” Tomoe snapped, finally unsticking her hands from the handle of the sword. “I'm tired of being stepped on by these crazies.”

“Exactly. We've all taken the backseat. So let's go to a fandom that will at least treat us equally.” Mai snapped her fingers, a cellphone appearing in her hand. “Yes, is this Yakumo movers? Yes... I would like to borrow your services... a whole lot of characters'll need it...” Mai spoke into the receiver, ripping the letter in half. “No, the fee isn't a problem, not at all, you see... I used to be a main character...”


And there you have it! Rather short, but it was merely supposed to be a humorous vent.

Cheshire Kat
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Re: Note, USED to be.

Post by Twisted Eternal Wolvetta on Sun Jun 10, 2012 7:33 pm

It is unfortunate because this is so painfully true. Remember not to worry about responses, even if someone is to screech about this there is the case of it being entirely true, I'm sick of this constant elitism we have of two grains of sand being chosen out of everything in this series, and then the fact of Sunrise doing nothing but ruin this series further, turning it into a soft porno of rip-offs from the classics. Hell, even Queen's Blade is getting some from it now with all the damn ecchi images for Mao.

What more can I say, other than the things you already know of?

Urgh, I really want to leave this damn fandom. Screw Rystel, this series doesn't deserve it, I can easily morph it into a series where all the series is going to be given equal attention, respect and affection.


But either way, your solo writing has gotten so much better; I'm able to follow it and imagine all the scene perfectly, even if Nao is to pop up out of nowhere. But after all, that is in Nao's nat-or it was. I bet Sunrise has screwed her over ready for Mao as well...

Oh, well, I suppose.

Twisted Eternal Wolvetta

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Re: Note, USED to be.

Post by hildebrant on Sun Jun 10, 2012 8:48 pm

I approve. Oh So Much. Now post another chapter dealing with the moving process.
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Re: Note, USED to be.

Post by Chaglette on Sun Jun 10, 2012 10:27 pm

Now that was funny but so true. Why the hell is Sunrise focusing on those few characters? Then again... Could it be Sunrise teasing the fans? sweatdrop *is not able to see the uploads Luu made for Mao so she has no idea what the hell is in them*
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Archmeister of Fujinoism

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Re: Note, USED to be.

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