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If you could create your own GEM, Child, or Slave!

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If you could create your own GEM, Child, or Slave!

Post by Magus Phantalus on Wed Dec 28, 2011 6:56 am

Whether you're a Valkyrie or Einherjar what would your GEM, Child, or Slave look like and what would you fight for?

The rules are really simple you can't be over powered you have to have a weakness. For this little thing even Einherjar's can have a GEM or Child but the mechanics behind them work the same for an Einherjar as well as a Valkyrie.

I Magus would have the Slave Tyrant a drake like creature that can fire explosive sphere's or penetrating beams from its mouth or rely on its claws foe melee. It however is quite clumsy against more agile oppenents but it can take a hit and keep on going for awhile at least.(I'll have a drawing eventully)

I stand for the ShizNation and I stand against... most critters with tentacles ewww.

Magus Phantalus

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Re: If you could create your own GEM, Child, or Slave!

Post by iRenji0713 on Wed Dec 28, 2011 10:39 am

This seems interesting. :)

Let me give it a shot.
For me, mine would be a GEM.
The gem would be the 雷の黄玉(Kaminari no Kōugyoku), or roughly translated, the Thundering Topaz. (Somebody correct me on this ploxx. XD Apparently, Topaz and Ruby are both named Kōugyoku. I'm confused on that. :O)
The Meister of the GEM is 雷 稲妻(Rai Inazuma), a feisty 18 year old tomboy.

Describing the gem, it would be a "V" shaped earring, with bolt-like extensions on both left and right sides with a triangular base beneath it.
(Picture will be added sometime)

As for the Robe, it would be similar to the functions or other Robes, except, for the cape, the tail-like extensions, and the lack of the normal wrist lights.(Picture will also be added sometime)

The cape is composed of two, short, red capes hanging on her shoulder lights, and are designed to focus on speed rather than protection.

The two tail-like extensions are segmented and at the tip of both are electric generators, which is essential for they are the power source of most the Robe's skills.

As for the element, the elements are gauntlets, with elongated pads for protection on the arms. They are electrically powered, thus the requirement of a generator in the tail-like extensions. They can produce speedy hits that can pack quite a punch, and can leave the opponent on the receiving end paralyzed.

As the Robe focuses on speed and evasion, it's main weaknesses are that is has very low defensive properties compared to other Robes and the lack of ranged attacks, forcing the user to rely on melee attacks for combat.

She is also a Major in the Aries military and serves as Co-Commander of Chie Hallard for the Delta Otome Squad, therefore, she shares the same Master as theirs, if any.

So, that would be mine. :D
Somehow, I think I took this very seriously. XD!!

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Re: If you could create your own GEM, Child, or Slave!

Post by Eternal Submerge Zircon on Sun May 26, 2013 9:18 am

Hi hi,

I'm going to give it a try too!
For me, it would be a GEM.

A meister gem, called 'Absolute Wish Apatite'
The apatite originates from the Greek word for "cheat". That's because it was confused pretty often with other gemstones that would look like it.
It's color is turqouise, and it would be a flower-shaped earring, something like the abyssal Green Jadeite.

I actually made a picture, based on Akane's body pose (since I'm just terrible at drawing bodies T__T)

This is what It'd look like, I wanted it to be a mixture of Rena Sayers & Akane Soir^^

It's element would be a great sword, that can be used in 3 ways.
First, you can use it like a normal sword, (melee)
Second, the sword exists of 2 parts, you can take those apart, and then you have 2 smaller, equal swords. (melee)
Third, there are chains attached to the sword(s), when rotating really fast they'll come out. (ranged)

I've never really thought about it's weaknesses, but I think it's effected by speed, since I'm more focusing on power.

I've always thought about a master, which is not from a royal family, but just a regular person. A person with whom a forbidden contract is made.

Tell me, how you think about my robe! cookie
Eternal Submerge Zircon
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Fuuka Academy Student

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Re: If you could create your own GEM, Child, or Slave!

Post by LyriumEidolon on Mon Jun 16, 2014 2:09 pm

Maybe one possible weakness of the Absolute Wish Apatite could lie with maybe the range of the chain attack: How long a range are we looking at here? Is it meant for just close-range attacks, or long-range? Also, do the chains, when fired, still link back to the sword/s? If so, I can see a weakness emerging in that, if the enemy does it right, the chains could entrap the Otome? Those are just my thoughts.

Otherwise, I feel like taking a shot at this as well. This was actually a Robe I thought up while writing my one fanfic, but I'll see how it fares.

Name: Executioner's Bloodstone (maybe thinking of changing it to the Illuminating Bloodstone, considering its role in the story. And yes, Bloodstone is actually a mineral, also known as Heliotrope)
Dominant robe-color: Ruby-red.
Appearance: Think something maybe similar to the Coral and Pearl robes, except for that ruby-red color all over.
Element: Executioner's Sword
Abilities: Aside from standard Otome Robe features like flight etc., there are no special abilities to speak of due to its role in the plot. It largely has to rely on the skills of the Otome in the Robe
Wielder: Megumi Himeno (OC in story, long-thought-lost younger sister of Fumi Himeno)
Role in plot:
This GEM was originally a Prototype GEM; the template off which the other GEM designs were based. As this was a template, the focus was on just nailing down the features that all Otome Robes would have in common, such as flight, Element materialization etc, so it didn't have any abilities unique to its Robe or Wielder. As said above, the Otome can only rely on the weapon, default abilities and her own skill.

Anyway, that's my idea. What say you about it?

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Re: If you could create your own GEM, Child, or Slave!

Post by Kiyohime8 on Tue Apr 28, 2015 9:42 pm

Mine would be chained sapphire
It would look like a black sleeveless sailor uniform with a midriff and blue Aikatsu torte boots
Main color is blue and chain at midriff
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Re: If you could create your own GEM, Child, or Slave!

Post by ShadowMikoto on Tue Jun 27, 2017 6:21 pm

My GEM would be called the Malfic Fire Gem. It would be like Mai's Stirring Ruby Gem, except it would have a blackness obscuring it's color. Kind of like a dark shadow within it.

My Child would be a Wolf of some kind. Red eyes, with dark circles within it. He/ or She would have sharp teeth, with blood dripping off the tip of many of the fangs. A goat of silver or a silvery-brown. Kind of like an arctic wolf look, but mechanical of course.

It would actually be similar to Duran, but quite a bit different. It's attacks would be when it dashes in off its back-hind legs, it would flip through the air, doing multiple spins, while flashes of black fire and lightning come off its body, as if the spinning is charging it, and firing off shots at its enemies.

My purpose of fighting would be to protect the ones I care the most for! :D

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Re: If you could create your own GEM, Child, or Slave!

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