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Hello, pathetic ones.

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Hello, pathetic ones. Empty Hello, pathetic ones.

Post by Luu Sky Sapphire on Mon Apr 18, 2011 12:52 pm

Greetings. I am Kagura, the Wind Sorceress. I have freed myself from Naraku, recently found out Sesshomaru was gay (why it took me so long to figured out, I'll never know) and found myself a real man. He is the man in charge of this forum. Rather than continue his duties as usual, he's going to please me every night for the next 2 weeks (and forever if he wants <3 ). So I will take his place in watching this strange land in the meantime.

All you have to know about me is that I control the dead and the wind. You try my patience and I'll remove your heads with my Fujin no Mai attack. You don't want that. So treat me well, I am Luu's 2nd Queen and I deserve the best.


((Wonder what's going on? Check out this thread, it's not too late to join:

ShizNat Webs and Mai-Multiverse 1-year Anniversary Month! ))

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Luu Sky Sapphire
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