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Miyu and KOS-MOS [from Xenosaga] Comparison

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Miyu and KOS-MOS [from Xenosaga] Comparison Empty Miyu and KOS-MOS [from Xenosaga] Comparison

Post by Luu Sky Sapphire on Sat Jan 29, 2011 12:48 am

Mai-Multiverse (that's us!) IN:
Miyu and KOS-MOS [from Xenosaga] Comparison

Miyu and KOS-MOS [from Xenosaga] Comparison Sister10
Courtesy of Wolvetta

Hope we have some Xenosaga fans in da house, because one of our new members from our dA club tickled my brain with the following:

I don't expect a lot of attention for this, but I've uploaded it anyway! I've always wanted to put something up detailing Miyu and KOSMOS' characteristics after all.

A few people may have already noticed this, but KOSMOS and Miyu have ridiculous similarities. But this isn't just ironic, since Sunrise, the creators of Mai HiME, Destiny and Mai Otome, where Miyu appears was actually based upon KOSMOS.


Miyu: Scarlet Mode (seen above)

Miyu: Khai Green

Miyu: Maria

During Mai Otome, Miyu uses the 'Artemis Sword', a type of weapon which must be unlocked by her original creator, Alyssa Searrs, this weapon can only be unlocked with Alyssa's DNA. (Alyssa is pictured as the golden bird, having put her DNA in the creature before she died so Miyu could still use the ultimate power).

For KOSMOS however, during times when her own creator, Shion Uzuki is in peril danger her eyes sometimes, but uncommonly turn blue, suggesting that KOSMOS has true feeling, even though she is indeed-a weapons android.

Other similar characters:
Chachamaru Karakuri from Negima!.

[Neither Miyu or KOSMOS belong to me, I was merely borrowing them for a short while! All the viewed images also don't belong to me, they are either concept, anime/game screenshots. Sunrise, Monolith Soft and Namco Bandai are in ownership of Xenosaga Episodes' 1-3, Xenosaga: The Animation and Mai Otome, Mai HiME, Mai HiME-Destiny etc].

Wolvy even added ChaChamaru into the mix. XD

Anyway, the similarities between both androids are quite amazing. Whenever I played as KOS-MOS in the Xenosaga trilogy or Namco X Capcom, I'm reminded of Miyu and her heavy artillery. Interesting to see more comparisons with characters outside of the Mai-Multiverse.

MaiMiyu and KOS-MOS [from Xenosaga] Comparison Ft_mai10-X-Miyu and KOS-MOS [from Xenosaga] Comparison Ft_ari11ProjectMiyu and KOS-MOS [from Xenosaga] Comparison Tumblr_n4281nPC701s5a5iwo1_500
Miyu and KOS-MOS [from Xenosaga] Comparison Tumblr_owlzvzGZFD1rqz9syo3_540
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Miyu and KOS-MOS [from Xenosaga] Comparison Empty Re: Miyu and KOS-MOS [from Xenosaga] Comparison

Post by TeaLover on Sun Feb 06, 2011 1:37 am

KOS-MOS mounts E.S. with Shion. But Miyu doesnt have Wanzer or E.S so in battle KOS-MOS will win against Miyu.

Jr(little master) is more similar to Kuga Natsuki with double handgun as weapon and they're both are rash. While Junior looks younger than his age, Natsuki looks older than her age(due to all problems surrounding her).

The only difference is maybe Natsuki is a girl and Jr is a boy.. oh and their hair color too.
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