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A Miyu Thread

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A Miyu Thread Empty A Miyu Thread

Post by Abicion on Thu Dec 23, 2010 1:50 pm

To start off, I just wanted to state I've been listening to nothing but this on loop for the last 20 minutes.

nao that that's cleared up, let's talk about Miyu. As you're probably aware, some of Miyu's grander achievements in the Mai Hime anime include destroying a walking woodchipper with an affinity for falling on sharp things, killing the show's representation of the average male viewer (watch the Akane DVD extra if you think I'm exaggerating), and abruptly ending the subplot of a supporting character. My question here today is: Why?

With your help, I hope to explore Miyu's possible motives for these actions and finally bring this ageless mystery to rest. I will nao document and debunk some of the explanations I've seen used in the past.

It was to collect data for Searrs.
What data?

Why is it being gathered?

How is it useful?

These are the kinds of basic facts you need to establish if you're going to use it as a reason to erase a character from relevant existence. Furthermore, this explanation doesn't work at all in the show's context because Searrs has already created Alyssa before the story even takes place. They've already observed the HiME Festivals for so many hundreds of years that they have enough information to genetically engineer their own HiME who, as Obsidian Lord himself states in the final episode, is directly connected to the entire HiME system. There is nothing Miyu can learn from Akane that she doesn't already know. Searrs have to already know how HiME work for Alyssa's existence to make sense, and they have to already know about the "Robot Blows Up, Dude Dies" clause. It's a basic rule of HiMEdom, and the very premise of Searrs' organization is that they've been closely monitoring HiME Festivals for ages. The only new data Miyu can possibly gather are simply the identities of the current generation's HiME, and nothing else.

Miyu did it because she was secretly working with Mashiro from the start and Mashiro ordered her to do it. Bumping one of the HiME off early, while tragic, was all part of Mashiro's overall plan to screw up the Festival schedule in the long run. This explains why Miyu addresses Mashiro as "Queen of the Underworld" the "first" time they meet, why Mashiro knows exactly where to find Miyu and Alyssa after the failed Searrs invasion, and why Mashiro just conveniently happens to have a Miyu-recharging-machine in her basement beforehand. Also, the whole Golden Millennium concept actually had nothing to do with controlling history or global domination. Searrs simply wanted to create a world without the HiME Festival.
uh... what?

Okay. Crackpot theory aside, this explanation collapses on itself the moment you introduce just one question: If Miyu was always trying to stop the Festival, why would she intentionally help Obsidian Lord and participate in the Festival by eliminating HiME in the first place? As I stated previously in that one other terrible thread, why doesn't Mashiro just step in and, y'know, tell them not to fight?

Miyu did it because she and/or Father Grear was afraid Akane would catch onto her after the bus incident and she needed to preserve Searrs' secrecy.
Another explanation that completely falls apart once you apply logic to it.

Once again, Searrs is aware how Festivals work. Given their entire backstory, there's no way they can't know there's a strict schedule involved. They at least recognize who Mashiro is. While they may not exactly know she has psychic powers that tell her each time a HiME is defeated, they know she's playing an integral part of the schedule.

So why, oh why, would Miyu just throw everything aside and violently eliminate Akane, knowing it would just announce Searrs' presence to the party moderating the Festival? It's completely counterproductive to maintaining Searrs' anonymity. Basically, the problem with this reasoning is it's saying Searrs went from "This is a potential liability to our plan" to "F*** the plan; let's just completely blow our own cover for the hell of it." It makes no sense.

Miyu did it because Searrs gave her the mission of systematically eliminating the HiME.
oh of all goddam bull**** excuses.

If that was the case, why does Miyu only meticulously stalk Akane the whole time? Why is she not leading all the other HiME one-by-one to the side to dispose of them? Why does she REFUSE to kill Natsuki when she's unconscious at her feet in episode 12?

Even without raising those questions, there's the fact that during the Searrs invasion, when Alyssa fully reveals her powers, she initially asks the other HiME to surrender, clearly showing mass murder wasn't Searrs' objective in the first place. It goes without saying that Alyssa's actions make how Miyu treated Akane even more baffling, since it's generally counterproductive to draw first blood against a party who isn't even aware you have hostile intentions and then ask them to surrender.

It's not supposed to make sense. You're not supposed to apply logic to it. There's no in-story reason for Miyu suddenly becoming a context-sensitive Terminator, and it was literally just something the writers threw in at the last minute to make the show forcibly tragic and get better ratings.
Pretty self-explanatory. This is honestly the only explanation that makes the slightest bit of sense to me.

What do you think, Mai-Multiverse?

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A Miyu Thread Empty Re: A Miyu Thread

Post by EarthReaver on Wed Feb 09, 2011 7:54 am

This is why we need a second mai hime series, so many questions it makes my head hurt. I mean how could they leave so many questions?

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