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If you could change the ending...

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If you could change the ending... Empty If you could change the ending...

Post by Darthtabby on Mon Nov 21, 2016 4:12 pm

Perhaps the most heavily criticized aspect of Mai-HiME is its ending, which many feel undermines the drama that leads up to it.  If you could change something about the ending to the series what would you change?

Despite agreeing that the ending does kind of undermine the drama that leads up to it, I like the characters too much to want a downer ending.  I'm more inclined towards showing a pay off by making it clear that the characters have grown from their experiences.  If anything, one could argue some of the changes I've been considering might make the ending even happier.

One such change would be to have Nao's mother wake up from her coma when Mashiro reconstitutes her (though I'd probably still have her undergoing rehab to regain her mobility at the end of the series).  That would of course lead to a massive shift in Nao's attitude and behaviour.  Actually despite the objective of demonstrating character growth, I would probably play the change for laughs, with Nao and her mother having the mother/daughter equivalent of the sickeningly sweethearts relationship that Akane and Kazuya have at the end of the series.  It would be obvious that Nao hasn't come clean about her behaviour while her mother was in a coma and has her convinced she was always a perfect daughter. Razz

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If you could change the ending... Empty Re: If you could change the ending...

Post by Break String SpinElf on Tue Nov 22, 2016 4:19 pm

Good call. It'd be great to see Nao's mother fleshed out a little so we could have a glimpse of her character and her interactions with Nao.

Personally, I can think of a few things. On the subject of Nao, I wouldn't mind a bit of an explanation as to how she ended up becoming a novice in the church. Was this some kind of attempt to offset any bad karma (sorry to mix religious ideas up willy-nilly) resulting from her criminal past? Doesn't seem particularly likely given that she doesn't seem to have changed her attitude all that much but it's an interesting development (and a neat bookend given her role in precipitating Yukariko's crisis of faith).

Also, I'd have liked to have seen Shiho find some kind of happiness in the ending or the OVA. Okay, Tate chose Mai, fair enough. But couldn't Shiho have found someone else? She looks so forlorn when she's doing her shrine maiden thing in the director's cut (not helped by the presence of the sickeningly sweet duo).

Also, I really think Ishigami needs something to fall on him from a great height. The man basically behaved like a piece of shit throughout the series, yet he gets his happily ever after. At least we still have Tomoe's roundhouse kick to his face.
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