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Alien Girl,Shiki - chapter 5

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Alien Girl,Shiki - chapter 5 Empty Alien Girl,Shiki - chapter 5

Post by Bluholic711 on Thu Dec 27, 2012 11:16 pm

The bear like monster approached Shiki and Makoto, showing off its deadly sharp teeth. Shiki knew it was one of Karin's pets. Makoto went in front of Shiki and told her to make a run for it but Shiki reluctantly intervened and walked past her. "Shiki? What are you doing?!"

"Please…" Shiki pleaded as she turns to face her girlfriend. "Don't hate me for this, Makoto." She turns back towards the beast and closes her eyes.

Suddenly, Shiki transforms. She had two antennae on her head and her school uniform changed into a blue mini skirt, detached sleeves and a blue top which covered some of her cleavage. Raising one hand in the air, Shiki materializes a long sharp spear as she pointed it towards her enemy.

Makoto saw the whole thing with her own eyes! Shiki, her lover, who has just transformed from a normal, beautiful human girl to a strange, humanoid being. This had to be some kind of dream.

But, sadly, it was not a dream. Nor was it an illusion of any kind of.

They were both at the bamboo forest, confronting a viscous alien monster, with every purpose to do harm. Makoto steps back, knowing full well of the battle that will take place. Alien Shiki charges forward. The foe defended itself by using its claws to strike at the girl.

Using her agility to dodge the sharp claws, Shiki leaped gracefully and bashed the fiend with her spear a couple of times. The beast was getting even more irritated and began to spew green, stinky smoke at Shiki and her lover.

Alien Shiki used her spear as a wind mill propeller to shield herself from the attack.

She proceed to stab its back, forcing it to cry out in pain. Then, Shiki grabbed the creature's head, performing a choke hold. Seconds later, the alien bear is knocked out and defeated.

Makoto, who had seen the brief struggle, still couldn't believe what she say.

"Shiki...that was...amazing." Makoto said.


"So, you're not from Earth? You're an...alien?"

"I came from another planet, it's called Bukajou." Shiki began explaining. "I was sent here to Earth in order to learn and experience what humans do for a living. While on my mission, I meet alot people who had befriended me and I ended up falling in love with you, Makoto-kun. It had been more than thirteen years since I'd been staying on this beautiful and foreign planet. It was never about colonization, world domination or crazy stuff like that."


"You hate me now, right? My powers, my body, where I really came from… it scares you doesn't it?" the now alien form of Shiki asked Makoto, her head down low and fits clenched hard. "I wouldn't blame you if you did. I hid so much from you after all."

She was now awaiting for her greatest fear of all to come true: Makoto rejecting her true self.

However, she was horribly wrong when the tall girl had walked up to her and embraced her from behind.

"I might not understand right now...but.." Makoto said. "But, I don't care if you're an alien or not, Shiki. I love you for who you are, not just your body."

Shiki couldn't believe it! Makoto still accepted her regardless. Tears of happiness began to flow down Shiki's face like a clear stream of water falls.

"Makoto…!" the alien girl managed as her voice was choking with sobs and hiccups. Right then and there, she turns around and embraced Makoto, tightly.

"I'm not good at saying these kind of things." Makoto admitted, blushing alittle. "I'm not an expert romantic at all."

"No, it's okay. I understand." Shiki said, between muffled cries. "I get it. I get it."

What twist of fate! What a beautiful person! Shiki pushed back a little bit and looked her tall lover, who was smiling at her lovingly."I love you,too!"

Makoto simply caressed her face and gave her the most gentle and passionate kiss ever. Shiki completely melted and enjoyed the blissful moment. She wanted this to last forever, until, she sensed a terrible vibe from a distance. "Makoto-kun, the cultural festival is in danger!"

Once the couple arrived back at the park, more of those bear like fiends were causing havoc on the festival. People were screaming and running for their lives.

"No!" Shiki exclaimed as she gasped in horror.

And then, there was Karin, sitting in a floating chair, laughing meancingly. Her entire skin was now orange. She had on a black bra, black leather skirt, black high-heeled boots, and several studded belts. "Yes, that's right!" she demanded her minions. "Make a mess of this pitiful school!"

"Karin?!" Makoto exclaimed. "Don't tell me she's an alien,too!"

Shiki ran after them, using her spear to kill each alien monster effortlessy. Karin looked down on Shiki, snorting arrogantly. "Hmph, you finally showed yourself at last, Saionji."

"Karin, what the hell are you doing?!" Makoto shouted towards her ex.

"Isn't it obvious, Makoto?" Karin countered. "I want you all to myself again!"

"You're crazy!" The older girl said impulsivly. "Look at what you're doing."

"Karin, please, stop attacking the school!" Shiki shouted towards her foe.

"You want me to stop?" Karin asked. "Then, get over here and fight me, inferior being!"

Alien Shiki was forced to respond with a flying punch to Alien Karin's bewildered face. "What?!"

This caused Karin to fall out of her chair, countering with a round house kick. Shiki blocks the kick and strikes Karin with another punch.

"Whose inferior now?" Shiki asked, using her pyschic powers to pin Karin down.

"Dammit!" Karin snarled. "Let me go, you bitch!"

"Tell your pets to stop."

"Or else what?" Karin provoked her.

"Or else..." Shiki replied, wielding her spear again. She was pointing it at her neck and it was only centimeters away from Karin's throat. "Or else...I'll put an end to this battle right here and now."

Makoto, still watching on, was in shock with what Shiki was planning to do next. Was she seriously going to kill Karin? Should she stop her? Her foot were glued to the ground as the college student continued to spectate.

"Right back at you." Karin smirked. Using her own psychic powers, Karin used her lance at an attempt to apprehend Makoto by force. Shiki sensed this and looked from behind. Makoto felt a sharp pain on her right leg and realized it was impaled with a dagger. "Makoto-kun!" Shiki screamed, witnessing Karin's weapon torturing her lover.

Makoto grabbed the wicked dagger, pulled it out and broke it in two. Shiki ran to Makoto, making sure she was all right. Karin broke free and called out her pets.

"Makoto-kun..." Shiki was on the verge of tears as she sensed how bad the wound was.

"I'm okay." Makoto reassured her. "No bones are broken anywhere."

"I'm sorry... for getting you involved in harm's way."

Makoto patted Shiki's head. "It's okay, don't cry."

"Now, attack her!" Karin commanded her bears to kill Shiki. All four of the orange bears were ready to pounce on the girl and make meat out of her. Thinking fast, Shiki used teleportation to get her and Makoto out of a tight situation.

Growing frustrated and angry, Karin roared at her minions. "You slow witted morons!"

Shiki brought Makoto to hospital. It was the only safe place for her at the moment.

"You should stay here." Shiki said firmly. "I'll deal with Karin."

Makoto couldn't argue. She had her right leg to worry about after all. Shiki left the hospital and teleported back to the school yard to look for Karin. But, she was nowhere to be found. Just then, Shiki was thrown into the school building.

"I'm sending you back to Uvu'Grord! Shiki declared. "You won't make a such a horrible mess there."

"No, you can't send me back!" Karin said, throwing rapid punches at Shiki. "I don't want to go back there! That planent is filthy. I want to stay here on Earth!"

"How can you call your original home planet filthy, Karin?!" Shiki asked, grabbing the other girl's arm and does a head butt.

Karin stumbles over. "I've been in this planet for too long. I will dominate Earth and make it my permanent home!"

"Not if I'm around!" Shik shouted, shooting out beams out of her finger tips. Karin, still off balance, grabbed a piece of glass and used it as a shield. Unfortunalety for her, the glass couldn't protect her for long. Refusing to lose this fight, Karin used her whip to apprehend her enemy. Shiki was flunged around like a rag doll, her body slammed twice against the celling and floor by the powerful restraints of Karin's whip.

"There!" Karin laughed in sadistic glee. "You've really pissed me off now."

Just then, the floor below them collasped. Both alien girls fell over. During the free fall Shiki broke loose and threw Karin out of the school building and back to the yard. Both of them were out of breath. They fought hard to stop one another.

Just then, Karin's watch started beeping.

"What the hell?" Karin cursed at her watch. It was bad timing for it to be acting up.

Shiki backs away from Karin, unsure of what her next move was.

"Oh, I see..." Karin smirked. "So, its finally ready then."

"What's that mean?" Shiki demanded.

"My ultimate weapon." Karin answered. "After years of building, modeling, and gathering's finally prepared!"

"I'm ready for anything you throw at me!" Shiki declared, determined to stop her enemy.

"Oh really?"

Just then, Karin's watch turned into said ultimate weapon, it was a laser gun! She started shooting at Shiki, who used her metal wristbands to block and reflect the swift energy shots. Karin threw a school poster at the other girl and charged towards her.

Shiki blocked the foe's attacks with little struggle and summoned a new spear to fight. She came to realize that Karin was vulnerable while holding the laser gun. She was not planning on shielding herself from anything. Realizing this flaw, Shiki came up with a plan to finish this lenghty battle once and for all. She stood still and her body began to glow.

Suddenly, 15 copies of Shiki began dashing towards Karin. The enemy fires her laser at the decoys, each of them disappearing into a puff of smoke. Then, in a flash, the real Shiki kicked the laser away from Karin's hand and restrained her using some strong rope.

"Dammit, this shouldn't be happening!" Karin shouted in frustration. "I can't lose to you!"

"It's over, Karin." Shiki said, panting. "Give up, now."

Karin was now in a hopeless situation. Her weapon was destroyed. Her plans were derailed. Suddenly, a floating camera appeared and transported Karin into the unknown.

Shiki was surprised by this but she was certain that her foe wouldn't cause anymore trouble for the day. She was also worn out from the lenghty battle. While she rested, Shiki took four small capsules in each hand and drops them on the ground. The last of Shiki's technology restored all of the damage Karin caused at the school yard and the building. Survivors of the festival disaster had their memorise of the incident wiped clean at the hospital without their knowledge, except for Makoto.

Shiki and Makoto returned back to their aparment. Shiki had to prepare for the inevitable. The purple haired alien girl went up stairs to the attic. Then, she unlocked the door. Makoto expressed with amazement at what she saw next.

The attic transformed into an alien HQ with technology almost everywhere. There were four computers, several test tubes, two magnifying glasses, and a large monitor right in from of the couple.

"Whoa..." Makoto managed.

"Makoto-kun, would you mind going over there for a moment?" Shiki asked, pointing towards the medical bed. The taller girl went over there and laid down, resting her still wounded leg. Shiki pressed some more buttons on the keypad. Makoto's right leg was gently bathed in razor light. It was to help her leg heal faster.

Shiki walked towards the monitor, pressed some buttons on the keypad and the screen lights up. Shiki backs away a few steps and the screen shows a faint image of an alien leader. It was the Bukajou elder.

" have you been?"

Shiki replied. "An enemy from Uvu'Grord has wreaked havoc. But, I managed to defeat her and send her back to her own planet."

"Good. Earth has been saved by the likes of those evil Uvu'Grord scum."


"So, have you decided on what you wanted to do?" The alien leader asked.

"Yes, I have made my choice." Shiki began "I've been on Earth for thirteen years now. I was there with a mission to perform but I ended up doing more than just that. I...became a human being. I fell in love and settled down. Earth was my second home and I want to make it my permenant home. So, I have decided to stay here."

"I...see." The elder was taken by surprise. "But, are you sure you really want that? If you made up your mind, you should be aware of the consequences."

"I don't mind at all." Shiki said, smiling at Makoto."I'll manage one way or another."

Makoto smiled back. She was very proud of Shiki.

"Your mother would've wanted you to be happy anyway." The elder said."Very well. From this day forward, you shall be stripped of the last amount of Bukajou powers you have left."

After it was over and done with, Shiki went back to being a fully normal 18 year old human being. She could no longer have any other ties with her breathern from her original planet. Despite that, Shiki left her family on good terms. They all wished her the best and a few even got alittle jealous about her permanent stay on Earth. It was indeed still sad but, to Shiki, it was worth it.

"So, do you feel any different?" Makoto asked her lover.

"It's alittle different." Shiki admitted. "But, It dosen't bother me all that much now."

Makoto got up and hugged the shorter girl. "Thank you...for staying with me." Shiki hugged her back, happy and content once more."Thank you for accpeting me."

Shiki stepped back alittle and kissed Makoto, passionately. Since Shiki's HQ was going to turn back into the attic again, Makoto carried Shiki bridal style downstairs and back to their bedroom. Makoto shut the door softly behind them.

Preview: Shiki has saved the Earth from destruction. Karin, lamenting over her loss, makes an unexpected decision. What will become of her? What is the sentence that her father has made? Tune in next time for the final chapter of Alien girl, Shiki. Coming soon!

Author Notes: I actaully need help on what I'm going to do with Karin. Should I punish her or give her an equal share of normalcy?
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