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An Honest Opinion [Crack-a-lack-a-liciousness, Mai x Akira]

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An Honest Opinion [Crack-a-lack-a-liciousness, Mai x Akira] Empty An Honest Opinion [Crack-a-lack-a-liciousness, Mai x Akira]

Post by BMeph on Tue Jun 26, 2012 7:11 pm

So, let's set up the 'pipe, shall we?...

Prologue: Foreshadowing

Even though it couldn't be seen, Mai still exaggerated her pouting
for two good reasons: because it affected her voice, and he could
hear that quite well; and because it accented that she really felt bad
about Takumi "running off," as she thought of it.

"Mou," she complained, "how could you be so thoughtless, as not to
invite a girl to go shopping?"

"Sis," Takumi replied, "don't you have you own boyfriend - or a
clan of boyfriends - to take you shopping?"

"That's completely different, and not in consideration," Mai
countered, waving a wooden spoon at the phone in chastisement.
"Most boys don't like shopping, especially not for cooking items,
and you're going shopping right now! And no matter that the operation
was a success, that doesn't mean that you can't still hurt yourself
from overexertion, and-"

"Hey, hey," Takumi smoothly interrupted, "c'mon, Sis, like you said, I had
good surgery, and I'm fine now. That doesn't mean that you should
give yourself a heart attack. Besides, this isn't shopping, not
exactly; I already picked out the system, and am just going to pick
it up. Besides, isn't this your day off, why not just go and relax
with one of your boyfriends...or girlfriends, and-"

"Mou, Takumi, that's mean. You shouldn't joke about things like
that, I can't help who I love - in fact, you should be grateful that
I love you at all, you ungrateful brat!"

"Now, now, don't be so dramatic, of course I love you, Sis, and I
am very grateful for everything you have done; that's why I'm trying
to do so much on my own, now, to show you how well I'm doing with
all that you've provided for me. That way, you can enjoy your life,
without worrying so much about needing to take care of me. You
should take care of yourself more. You can go shopping there, with
any "friend" you like."

"Oh, Takumi, you're, so mean, WAUGH!!"

"Huh, okay, Sis, I'm sorry, what has you so upset?"

"You, you keep talking about my friends, and boyfriends, and...I
don't have any boyfriends anymore, it's so sad..."

"What, are you and Yuuichi fighting again?"

"It was all a misunderstanding! I was getting Reito-san to come
down to the beach to play with Mikoto, and then Shiho came by, and,
now...he's trying to get back with Shiho, and I don't want to

"I thought Yuuichi-kun and Shiho-chan were friends, and that he
likes you?"

"Oh, I thought so, too, but he still likes Shiho, and she's so
cute, and sweet, and they have that history, and he says that he
just wants to try to get back to being friends with her, and I had
promised long ago that I was going to root for her, and not get in
the way, but like I said before, you can't help who you love. They
should be friends, maybe even boyfriend and girlfriend, they know
each other so well, you know. I don't want to get in the way of
that, and Yuuichi thinks that if we just took a small break, that
maybe he could convince Shiho-chan to let us all be friends, but he
doesn't want to stand in the way of my happiness while he's dealing
with her, so...I'm a free woman. Which means that you should have
taken me with you!"

"Well, why don't you talk with Akira? She's been thinking about
what it might be like to more girlish things, only not the girly
things I do, because they're too girly. I think she's just mad that
I'm a better cook than her."

"Oh, so she does cook?"



"Well, like I said, she says it's too girly...."

"Never mind. Maybe she's thinking about clothes; she could get
some blouses that would look great..."

"Okay, I'll let you take care of Akira for today; at least she
won't starve."

"Ha! Maybe she'll like my cooking better than yours!"

"Now, Sis, just because you're single, than doesn't mean you can
go hitting on my girlfriend."

"Mou, so mean..."

So, plausible, so far? Too over-the-top somewhere? Tell me, please.

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An Honest Opinion [Crack-a-lack-a-liciousness, Mai x Akira] Empty Re: An Honest Opinion [Crack-a-lack-a-liciousness, Mai x Akira]

Post by zanekal1 on Sun Oct 21, 2012 12:16 am

Hmmmm a one tokiha or another will do senario. It could be interesting
Looks like a Yukino tastes like a Chie
Looks like a Yukino tastes like a Chie

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