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MaiTom/TokTom ~ The "What If"

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MaiTom/TokTom ~ The "What If" Empty MaiTom/TokTom ~ The "What If"

Post by Twisted Eternal Wolvetta on Tue Jun 12, 2012 9:22 am

Tomoe/Mai is easily my whole time favourite OTP now, it has been for quite a few months actually - at least half a year? I've honestly lost count.

Anyhow, I find that Tomoe and Mai are incredibly balanced together, they both hold that sheer willpower, determination and energy about them, even though there is the case of Tomoe under the confusion of leaping between selfishness and selflessness (in the anime, Tomoe will do anything for Shizuru, but in the manga she does anything for her unnamed mother, who I've decided to call Hanako over the years ~ or at least, I've never seen her name placed down, so if anyone knows what her name might be I'd be grateful for that).

I believe that Mai would be able to calm Tomoe's "episodes" down, and of course, judging by Mai's personality she would gradually get through to Tomoe eventually. She wouldn't give up, no matter how long it would take, since that is what Mai is like.

But, what does annoy me is when people say this pairing is absolutely impossible - err... well, let's see; it was more than likely that Tomoe first met Mai when slipping into Garderobe and ending up meeting Shizuru. Also, there are plenty of suggestions that it looks like Tomoe and Mai are going to have some connection in Mai HiME: Mao - at least... I hope it is more than positive, since we all know how... distasteful the "new" Tomoe's first impression is.

So, what do you guys think in this matter? I've never seen any work of TomMai/TokTom from other fans except myself and Kat.

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MaiTom/TokTom ~ The "What If" Empty Re: MaiTom/TokTom ~ The "What If"

Post by Luu Sky Sapphire on Tue Jun 12, 2012 7:01 pm

I'll refer to them as MaiTom during my post. ruby tomoe2

Okay, MaiTom. A pair that never spoke once, but appear to share something in Mao-HiME judging by the images. It must be personal to involve the thrusting of a blade. Whatever the case may be, this thread is a prime example of what my new forum section is about. Raven's MaiHo is a little closer to home, MaiTom is non-existent. And the point of this new section is to express how these crack couples would work in your eyes. I'm open minded to the idea of MaiTom ever since Wolvy and Kat went on and on about it and here's why.

When you observe Tomoe, what do you see? The psychotic girl who betrayed her fellow Otome, manipulated her best friend, tried to murder Arika (not to mention ratting on her to terrorists) and tried to steal Shizuru away from Natsuki (this is another thread I'll be making as well). We know all of this already and quite frankly, nothing can justify her actions. Or wait, maybe there is something. Thanks to Wolvy's analysis of Tomoe, we've learned that Tomoe may actually be the victim. Or at best, a misunderstood and confused misfit who wants to be accepted in a society. Many argue that the woman she loved with all her heart, Shizuru Viola, is the real villain for deceiving her. In real life, someone with a strong exterior like Tomoe would of crying by herself in secret, knowing that Shizuru tore her heart out and stepped on it for the sake of ShizNat.

Enter Mai Tokiha. A supportive mother figure (a reason why my girlfriend refers to her as the "Auntie" in her doujinshis, because I told her what a strong and caring parental figure Mai is) who knows just what to say. Don't believe me? Open your fucking DVD or AVI file of Mai-Otome instead of Mai-HiME. HiME Mai had enough issues to sort, she couldn't handle what Tomoe might of secretly been going through. Otome Mai is another story, one that offered emotional comfort and wise support to Arika during her time of need. Mai didn't just comfort her about girl stuff, it was about her new feud with Nina. If Tomoe could reach out to an indidual who would be able to listen and give her all the answers, if would be Mai. In an AU world, I can see Mai and Tomoe forming a relationship all based on someone finally reaching out to Marguerite. Let's face it, Tomoe was shown at her absolute worst in Mai-Otome until we saw how strongly she felt about Shizuru. Perhaps that's the greatest argument against anyone who says:

"Tomoe didn't love Shizuru or else she would of mentioned her in Zwei and still desired to obtain her."

It's a subjective topic, but If someone you loved completely humiliated and tore your heart to shreds with one fat giant lie, would you ever want to talk to that person again? Time doesn't exist in Mai-Otome as what we saw on screen is what we got and Tomoe chose to leave ShizNat alone. Even though her hatred for Arika still stands...makes you wonder how she feels about the Gakuenchou and her first and only love.

Mai Tokiha could be the only voice of reasoning and ear of understanding who can actually TALK to Tomoe about her inner feelings. IMO, People want to be seen and heard. This is why MaiTom could work for me.

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