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    Humor : "Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most." - Ozzy Osbourne
    Rank: Fuuka Academy Student
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    Humor : VIVA LA RAZA!!!
    Usergroups: Maria Graceburt's School of GRACE, The Five Columns
    Rank: Administrator. The Showstopper. The Headliner. The Main Event. The Icon. Mr. Mai-Series.
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    Humor : MaiHo is my crack pairing of choice.
    Rank: Meister Otome
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    Humor : im so kind, cute ,giver and.. addict in mai otome and mai hime
    Usergroups: Let them eat CANDY! [Team Mashiro]
    Rank: Fuuka Academy Student
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    Humor : all over the place :P
    Rank: Cat Goddess
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    Humor : BLACK! even blacker as my coffee (only drinking it with vanilla soy milk XD)
    Usergroups: Oi Oi Urusai! [Team Natsuki]
    Rank: The Apex Asexual Predator struck by FLightning
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