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  1. Bluholic711
    Sat Apr 12, 2014 11:58 am
    Message by Bluholic711 - Can't get on the chat!
    I'm trying to get on but the page is acting weird!

    :mai hime:  :chocobo: :afro: :HiME Symbol:

  2. Bluholic711
    Thu Mar 28, 2013 8:49 pm
    Message by Bluholic711 - Reward request
    Okay, I'm here. Now, what is it? :D
    Mikoto Minagi

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  3. Bluholic711
    Wed Feb 20, 2013 9:17 pm
    Message by Bluholic711 - Akira and Takumi
    Hey there!

    Since I'm playing the role of Akira, you know the drill!

    I need a scenario to practice with this Tsundere ninja if you don't mind. :)

    And it had better be a good one, too. Akira Okuzaki
    Akira-kun, be nice.

    mai hime  chocobo afro HiME

  4. wetochan
    Tue May 15, 2012 12:42 pm
    Message by wetochan - new name viva la booom
    lol you changed your name! XD its made you looks more wimenz Wink


    luu-sama's girl <3
  5. MidnightPersona
    Tue May 03, 2011 7:24 am
    Message by MidnightPersona - rp question
    Hey Daddy Luu~~~!

    I has a question!

    Natsuki Kruger and I have this BRILLIANT idea for a role play, but we aren't quite sure where we're allowed to post it. We've been discussing it via gmail chat, got the world set up, and our first victim (Megarockman) who wants to join! So here's what we're thinking.

    Post-HiME Festival. Anime canon, but with a few twists. Been about half a semester into school at Fuuka Academy (And Fuuka University). 6 day school weeks, but Saturday is a half-day with school only in the morning (ends at lunch) Mai Tokiha the new Leader of the Executive Committee (no one would let her turn down the position!) and Yukino the new President of the Student Council. Tate captain of the Kendo club, etc. etc.

    Of course, other favorite stars are attending Fuuka University~~~! Shizuru, Haruka, Takade, Reito, yeah.

    Well, in this the HiME are once again HiME. We decided to take some elements from the manga. Just because the HiME star was destroyed, doesn't mean it's over. The star may be gone but HiME powers still exist for lucky girls. Of course the orignial 12 HiME (Plus Alyssa Searrs) are still HiME, but they must re-discover their powers. If a HiME materializes her equipment, her HiME mark returns as well! But some changes have occurred. Not only are their MORE HiME now (places open for new female character to have HiME powers such as Haruka, Chie, and Aoi... plus OCs!) but none can summon their Childs! Like the manga, their most precious person must be within a certain radius of the HiME for their Child to appear (and the most important person can change), but unlike the manga it can't be some random guy (like how in the manga Nao used Takade w/o either having emotion to the other). The special person is/will be called a 'Key' though.

    Everyone will be allowed two canon characters and 1 OC. 6 canons already taken.

    MidnightPersona (also a GM): Haruka and Yukino (like anyone is surprised)
    Natsuki Kruger: Natsuki and Nao
    Megarockman: Alyssa and Miyu

    Otome incarnates and characters are NOT to be used in this due to headaches from "But why can't I be Kruger/Viola/Armitage/etc etc" but Otome characters who have NO counterpart in HiME may be open to use later after all major HiME canon are filled and a few OCs made.

    Natsuki Kruger and I will be GMs and the RP will be open to EVERYONE. But, we reserve the right (after a mutual discussion and debate) to take away a canon or ban from RP.

    The canon characters should be played as close to canon as possible, but odd things can occur.

    I.e. no you can't have NatNao or ShizNao, MaiHo, AkiraxAkane, ShizHaru, etc. Not unless someone can actually come up with an EPIC AND AWESOME way to make it work. The characters, if you can make them do it without twisting their personalities (such as making Fujino a psycho or Natsuki a wuss) is fine. I would not oppose to ANYTHING that you can make make sense and the other person thought was awesome. If you can do it, go for it, but if another character tries to keep you/get you back you also gotta be in character.

    Sorry, I'm getting excited. I expect to see random pairings appear at some point, but as long as they are a build up in the story I'm a-okay!

    But we three are uber excited about this and think everyone will enjoy it. (Save maybe DR Kruger cuz their is no Kruger... we were tempted to find a way to make an exception though, but I was afraid of murders and then everyone wanting an exception xD)

    Also, we will give you a little incline as-to the future villains.

    For now we will have the HiME think only each other is an obstacle, old HiME most-like against new OCs to an extent. But soon we shall learn SEARRS has a few things cooking up and someone known as the Obsidian Mistress is lurking about, but those are for the story...

    Also, Nagi and Mashiro are starting off as NPCs, Posibly Fumi. Until/Unless someone wants them and the NPCs will be MOSTLY GM controlled but Player characters can use them as well for their own story updates. All canon My-HiME characters who are NOT already claimed can be played by anyone and placed in a canon scenario (No one who does not have a claim on a character can change sexual orientation/special person/etc, but you can to a claimed canon).

    BUT! Idk where we should put this or if you want anything specific. Tell us what you think and ask any questions you'd like!

    Much wuv,
    MidnightPersona/Raven and Natsuki Kruger


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  6. Kino karutta-chan
    Fri May 14, 2010 11:18 am
    Message by Kino karutta-chan - Okay...
    Oh, forget it. Now it works again and I am totally confused O___O


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    Kino karutta-chan R.I.P. 3rd of July 2011
  7. Kino karutta-chan
    Fri May 14, 2010 11:16 am
    Message by Kino karutta-chan - o_O??
    I have no idea why, but I can't post a thing. When I click on the "replay"-button it returns to the start side of the forum. Any idea why it is like this?? ;_;


    You're where I want to be
    Kino karutta-chan R.I.P. 3rd of July 2011
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