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Old Feelings Die Hard (Twilight) Rosalie/Alice

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Old Feelings Die Hard (Twilight) Rosalie/Alice

Post by TracyCook on Wed Jun 08, 2011 12:37 pm

Old Feelings Die Hard

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of Twilight

Couple: Rosalie/Alice

Rating: M

Chapter 1


Rosalie's POV

Life for Rosalie hadn't been close to perfect, she still remembered every single part of her human life. 'I'd never be one of the lucky few who got to forget, so that I could stop missing the good and hating the bad.' She thought to herself as she waited in anticipation for the newcomers. Both Esme and Carlisle had informed them that there were some new vampires who had found them and hoped to join their family. Rosalie of course was not very fond of the idea; she already disliked her adopted brother Edward.

The bad from her human life had faded over time, and now all she really did was miss the good parts. It was not fair that she couldn't have a child, that she couldn't do the things that humans took for granted every single day. She missed it.

Even with Emmett by her side, as amazing as he was, she still could not seem to shake the longing to be human again. To be normal again. To marry a young man and grow old together raising their very own child. 'Oh and perhaps to go shopping in the daylight without being worried about everyone finding out what she was… that would be nice too.' A smirk appeared on her face as she thought this.

Suddenly there was a light knocking sound on the door. This was less than expected for the awaiting family. Usually vampires weren't known to be the most gentile of folks. Then again these two did want to join the vegetarian family so maybe they were exceptional.

The blonde vampire was not the one to get up and get the door though, it was on the other hand Carlisle. As he opened the door Rosalie found herself eager to see who their new family would be, as well as a bit spiteful. The scowl she wore was one that wasn't all too inviting.

Golden-brown eyes glared up at the couple who now stood in the doorway chatting away with her father. She didn't immediately pay attention to what the two were saying though, her mind was on examining the two.

They were obviously together considering the way that the taller young man, who in all reality was probably older than herself, had his hand wrapped protectively around the others. He had curly blondish hair, beautiful eyes and bone structure, and a very slender body type. His figure was very different than her husbands, but he was still rather attractive she noted which got a rather strange stare from him in her direction. Thrown off guard she glanced down for a moment to gather her composure before looking back up.

As she lowered her eyes she immediately caught bright golden eyes with her own and blushed just a bit. She couldn't seem to tear her eyes away. In fact if the other woman hadn't looked away to respond to Carlisle she wasn't certain she would have ever looked away.

Now she got the chance to look over the beautiful young girl, this girl did look younger than herself. Then again maybe it was just her height that gave her that appearance. She was in all honesty the cutest girl alive. She looked just like a pixie. The short dark hair spiking up in all different directions was styled perfectly, her golden eyes shined brightly, her smile was enticing and what made it that way was how real it was. Then there was her height and her body which were both very small despite the rather large stylish clothing she wore.

It took Rosalie a few more moments of staring which before she felt the uncomfortable yet teasing eyes of the new male vampire on her, it was as though he knew what she was feeling. Which seemed ridiculous considering she didn't even know what she was feeling.

Was she jealous? Because she had always been the only girl in the family. Maybe a little bit, but that wasn't what was confusing her. In fact that would have been normal and acceptable considering what she was feeling. She tried to keep her thoughts clear in case Edward would catch them, she was certain he already knew something was off with her. She would wait until she was far away to understand these new feelings.

Choosing this time to return to the conversation she caught onto a little bit of what Carlisle was saying.

"Welcome to the family both of you, as long as you understand that in this family we only feed on the blood of animals and we vow to never drink from humans you both are welcome to become a part and stay here."

The pixie smiled brightly at this, as did the taller male she was with. Rosalie suddenly cursed herself for missing their names. She had been so intrigued by the shorter woman that she hadn't even heard a word they were saying. If she could blush she would have at that moment. This new attitude of hers was becoming a problem quickly. She didn't like it at all.

"Thank you so much." The short vampire said in an excited and beautiful voice. Rosalie had never heard a voice quite like it, high pitched and musical. The sound was like a song itself that surrounded the blonde.

Again she wondered where the thoughts had come from, they were confusing to her. She hadn't ever been interested in a woman before. Never. She was not a lesbian so that could not be what these were. Perhaps she just wanted a new friend, or someone to be emotionally close to. Because despite how amazing her husband was she never really felt emotionally close to him.

'my husband.' She reminded herself before looking over at him. She was suddenly glad that out of all the boys in the room he seemed to be the only one who wasn't keying into her strange new feelings. Emmett smiled at her before pulling her closer to himself and kissing her forehead.

Rosalie loved when he did little things like that, she always did. There was no way she could possibly be interested in a female.

The two newcomers took their time introducing themselves to everyone in the room. Though, the blonde female vampire was now snuggled up in her husband's large arms and paying little attention to them. She had to remind herself who she loved and where she belonged. That she didn't need anything else to make her happy, emotionally and definitely not physically. 'Right?' Her mind questioned and she immediately cursed it.

Shaken from her thoughts by a voice behind her asking "Sorry if I'm interrupting, but what is your name?" It was that voice that she was certain would haunt her dreams at this point. As she turned from her husband's body she spotted the young woman standing above her and her Emmett smiling brightly.

She definitely had a strange air surrounding her, she did not seem evil at all. Almost human, if she wasn't so damn beautiful. That was certainly something that vampires had that human's didn't have as frequently. Rosalie wondered if she was just as beautiful as a human.

"Of course." Confidently the blonde on the couch held out her hand to the other vampire smiling as she stated "I'm Rosalie Hale. Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you Rosalie." Smiling brightly the pixie didn't bother to introduce herself, knowing that the other woman should already know her name. Rosalie's face fell as she realized that the younger looking vampire wasn't going to announce her own name, though she did take her hand. Again she realized that she would have been blushing now if she were human and had blood running through her veins.

The other woman's hand wasn't warm and inviting, it wasn't expected to be though considering that she was dead. It was still comforting no matter how cold or hard it was. She enjoyed feeling her fingers and skin against her own. Suddenly her own smile fell as she realized she would have to admit she hadn't been listening earlier.

"Uhm… I didn't catch your name earlier." Rosalie honestly stated smiling sheepishly.

Moving forward the pixie smiled before staring into the tall blonde vampire's golden-brown eyes with a knowing gaze. "Well, perhaps if you hadn't been staring so much." She chimed before giggling.

This caused Rosalie to pull her hand away and look away so that she could avoid her own feelings. She should be angry right now from the teasing, hell had it been anyone else in the room teasing her and laughing at her she would have. But the younger woman wasn't making fun of her, she just seemed genuinely happy and this caused herself to want to smile. She held it back though, deciding it was for the best.

"Name's Alice." She stated sitting on the edge of the couch, which caused Rosalie to look back up at her. Now she knew the name of the beautiful vampire, and it was a beautiful name to match. 'Alice…' She thought which caused Edward to give her a strange look.

Alice smiled brightly again, it seemed to be something she did an awfully lot. Sadly, it was very contagious and Rosalie found herself smiling back up at her. In a teasing voice the beautiful vampire glanced over at the other newcomer. "And that handsome fella over there is my husband Jasper."

'Husband? Great…' Rosalie thought, before realizing that she herself had a husband. The irrational thoughts were starting to get to her. And apparently they were getting to Edward and Jasper as well, who seemed to both know more about what she was feeling than herself right now. She hadn't ever wanted to smile so much until she met the beautiful girl. Alice. She knew that there was something special about her.

Emmett decided now was the time for him to introduce himself, which honestly did make sense. She should have introduced him as her husband long ago in her own introduction she realized as he said in his loud and confident voice. "I'm Rosalie's one and only, Emmett. Nice to meetcha Alice." He said smiling brightly and shaking the frail looking vampire's hand a little too roughly. Everything he did was a little too rough.

Though she looked frail, Alice seemed to keep her composure as Emmett shook her hand rapidly and harshly, only smiling over at him. Rosalie wagered that the other woman was a lot stronger than she looked. 'Well of course… she isn't human after all.'

Edward didn't take it upon himself to introduce himself to Alice, and Alice didn't seem to take it into her own hands like she had done before with Rosalie. Instead she continued sitting on the edge of the couch beside the blonde who was in unobvious discomfort. She was hiding the situation well from certain others in the room at least.

"I hope that you guys don't mind the new recruits to the family." Esme said walking toward the group, before looking at the three members that had been a part of the family previously and emphasizing "I expect you all to treat them like your own brother and sister."

All the "children" nodded their heads at their "parents" before Carlisle announced to the room. "Alright, I think it is time that we show them around the house, to their room, and explain the way things work around here."

As he waved his hand signaling for them to follow, Rosalie stood to her feet, her husband taking her hand in his own pulling her with some force toward Carlisle and Esme. Rosalie could feel someone's eyes on her, and turned just in time to catch the golden eyes of the female newcomer, before she quickly looked away. The taller blonde wasn't quite sure what to think of that, so she shook it off and followed along as the crowd made their way toward the hallway of the house.

It didn't go unnoticed by her that Jasper gave her a primitive look as he made his way toward his wife holding her hand and keeping her close to his side. She glared in his direction, before giving her attention to her husband.

Alice's POV

Alice could not remember her life as a human, the only things that she had memories of were after she was already dead. Part of her wondered about her life prior to becoming a vampire and part of her considered herself lucky that she just got to start new and enjoy all of the things that she had.

Such as her amazing husband Jasper, she had been with him for so many years honestly she lost count of just how many at this point. All she knew was that it was true love. It had to be true love. How else could you be with someone for well over a lifetime and not become bored with him? Every time she looked at him she noticed all of the amazingly beautiful qualities in him. That curly blonde hair, his small frame, his beautiful eyes, and even now when he held her hand she wanted to blush and felt a sensation.

They had called the Cullen family in hopes to join them and become vegetarian vampires. Both of them had killed humans, her husband who she was hand in hand with had killed many his share. Yet, they wanted a new start; they wanted to stop killing humans and to be considered good and able to live in the human world. This was their chance.

She knocked gently and awaited a response, which was received quickly as a young looking man opened the front door to the large house.

"Hello you two, we have been expecting you. Come on inside." He stated opening the door wider to allow herself and her love through the door and into the living room area of the household. "I am the father of this household Carlisle, and this is my wife Esme." He announced lifting his hand to introduce another beautiful young looking woman.

Alice noticed that they were both very beautiful, but that was to be expected with vampires. It wasn't really something that caught her interest ever before. She only had eyes for one and that was her Jasper. He was everything to her, and to this day no matter how beautiful other vampires or humans even had been, she hadn't ever strayed from him. They were soul mates.

"I'm Jasper." He said, and as he did so Alice smiled and looked him over, before squeezing gently against his hand.

Suddenly both of the parents of the household's eyes were on her and she knew it was time to introduce herself. She had yet to really see any of the others in the room. "I'm Alice, it's a pleasure to meet you."

As Jasper began talking to the parents a bit about his own problems with humans and their main rules of the house Alice took this time to allow herself to look over the other vampires in the room. The first she spotted was a young male, he seemed to be very beautiful as well. His brown hair was spiked up in the front and his golden eyes caught her own for a moment. His body type was rather frail and he wore a frown on his face. 'Seems a bit emotional…' She thought only to receive a glare in her direction, this shocked her just a bit. It was almost like he had known.

As her eyes moved toward the couple on the couch, she first caught site of the larger man. Much more muscular than any of the other men in the room. This wasn't something that did anything for her though. Unlike some women who swooned over it she thought that it perhaps made him look a little unintelligent. She wouldn't judge him on that though until he knew him.

The one to really catch her interest was the female he had his arm around. She looked a bit older than herself, as her eyes moved over the blonde's body she ran over the long beautiful locks of hair, the amazingly beautiful neck, slim perfect body, and long model-like legs. She was perfection embodied that much was sure. She was more than just beautiful like other vampires in the room. She stood out to Alice for some reason.

This was a bit of a shock to herself considering that over the last 50 years at least she hadn't met another to catch her attention this way. Aside from Jasper of course. She figured that it wasn't much of anything though, perhaps they could be good friends?

As her eyes made their way back up to the blonde's golden-brown ones she would have blushed if she could as she realized that those gorgeous eyes were on her at this moment. So stuck in a trance, Alice wasn't paying enough attention to the conversation being held right beside her that she missed a question.

A light tug on her hand caused her to force her glance away from the other woman. "Uhm, I am sorry what did you ask?"

"I asked if you had any powers that we should be aware of as a family?" He asked her, and she realized that Jasper must have already told them about his own ability to sense and change other people's feelings.

Alice smiled brightly and nodded her head "Yes, I have the ability to see into the future… I can see if doing something will be beneficial or not in most cases."

Both parents looked at each other at this before nodding and smiling, they were both very curious she was certain. "Well, I would like for you both to walk around and get to know the other's they will be your relatives now and I want you to treat them as such." Smiling now Carlisle added "oh and welcome to the family both of you, as long as you understand that in this family we only feed on the blood of animals and we vow to never drink from humans you both are welcome to become a part and stay here."

"Thank you so much." Alice said with a bright smile on her face as she excitedly looked at the parents of the household. She was excited to start a new life here with the Cullen's, and to get to know her new brothers and sister. The short female hoped that they would like her.

Golden eyes glanced across the room to the young couple on the couch. She watched as the muscular man pulled the beautiful girl into his body and kissed her forehead. She felt a foreign emotion that only ever happened if a young woman hit on her husband. That emotion being jealousy. Only this time the emotion was laced in confusion. Why should she be jealous that the muscular vampire was holding and kissing the blonde? She had a wonderful husband after all. Not to mention she was a woman.

Shaking the weird feeling she quickly glanced up at her husband in worry that he would have keyed into her feelings. His eyes seemed transfixed on the blonde she had been, she didn't get jealous though because he was scowling at her.

Alice wondered what the other woman was feeling that would cause her husband to react such a way, also she was curious if he had felt the jealousy. 'He probably just assumes that I don't like the thought of another woman here with us because she may like him… shouldn't that be why I got jealous after all?' She questioned and as she did so she felt eyes on her, spotting Edward's glare again she wondered what his problem with her was.

Alice turned to look at Jasper who smiled and gave her a kiss on the lips. "I am going to go and introduce myself to him." Moving his head to show that he was talking about Edward, she wondered for a moment why he chose to introduce himself to him first.

Ignoring her own curiosity she nodded and said to him "I think I will go introduce myself to the cute couple on the couch." Giggling a bit, he laughed and agreed before they separated and went to opposite sides of the room to say their introductions.

Not really waiting for an appropriate time to say hello to the young couple on the couch, she smiled brightly as she stood behind the blonde. "Sorry if I'm interrupting, but what is your name?" As Alice asked for the beautiful female vampire's name she quickly noticed her scent, she had a strong sense of scent and noticed that it was a mix of vanilla and strawberries. 'Delicious…' She thought, once again very happy that she didn't have the ability to blush.

As the blonde turned to look at her, Alice smiled even brighter trying her best to avoid how enticing the scent was. It wasn't often that she had these feelings for others. In fact it had only ever happened once with another vampire that their scent drove her wild.

"Of course." The blonde stated in a very confident fashion, Alice noted, she seemed like a very confident girl. Holding out her hand to her she added "I'm Rosalie Hale. Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you Rosalie." Alice said her smile never leaving her features. It was not uncommon for the short vampire to be very energetic and happy. It was one of her features that made her seem more human-like and usually got her described by others as "cute."

Earlier the parents of the Cullen household had told her to introduce herself, so Alice was certain that if the blonde were paying attention she would have caught their names. It didn't take her too long to realize that Rosalie didn't know her name, the frown she wore upon her face was enough of a giveaway as she took her hand. She realized that the beautiful blonde's hand was the same temperature as her own, and just about as hard. She shook her hand gently though and also felt a strange tingling sensation throughout her body.

She liked the way that it felt, slender and well manicured fingers grazing over her own flesh causing her to shiver a bit. She hoped that Rosalie hadn't noticed this reaction to the contact for that would be embarrassing later on. If she were human she would have caught her breath when she'd felt the fingers rake against her hand.

"Uhm… I didn't catch your name earlier." The blonde admitted with a shy smile as she looked away for a moment before looking back. Alice thought it was one of the cutest things she had seen in her long lifetime.

Alice had an inkling of why Rosalie hadn't noticed her name before, she had caught her staring in her direction earlier. Moving closer to the taller vampire she smirked catching golden-brown eyes with her own, and sniffing to take in the beautiful scent of the other. "Well, perhaps if you hadn't been staring so much." She stated before giggling like a content child.

Suddenly Rosalie pulled her hand away, obviously embarrassed by the comment which only proved to Alice that what she had said was a true statement. 'Why else would she get so embarrassed?' Smiling a bit, happy with this conclusion, she decided to throw the other vampire a bone. "Name's Alice."

After stating her name she realized just how much she missed the contact between the two of them. What could she do though? She wasn't going to just snuggle up on the couch next to the beautiful blonde and ignore both her own husband and the man beside the other who had yet to be introduced. Rosalie's scent drove her wild as she sat closer to her, she didn't understand why it was so irresistible to her. It was almost a craving, it scared her but she held her composure. To keep both of the blonde children in the room from noticing.

Remembering Jasper she decided that she should introduce her husband now, it was only proper to tell them that she was with someone. Even if the smallest part of her wanted Rosalie not to know she was taken. Although it was obvious considering they had been holding hands.

Smiling brightly she said in a teasing voice as she looked over at her lover. "And that handsome fella over there is my husband Jasper."

As Alice looked over at her husband she realized that he had a confused look on his face, and was glaring over at Rosalie and herself. She wondered what was up with him, was the blonde female beside her thinking something negatively toward her. The shorter vampire knew that she could hide her own feelings, but she figured that if Rosalie hadn't noticed their names she also didn't know their powers or to hide her feelings. 'Hm…'

The large man beside the blonde female vampire decided to introduce himself at that moment, which she figured was the right order of things. If she introduced her love, then so should Rosalie.

"I'm Rosalie's one and only, Emmett. Nice to meetcha Alice." His smile was so bright and confident, he seemed to be the most friendly in the room. Maybe it was because he was the most naïve or perhaps he was just genuinely a nice guy. Smiling in return she took his hand which he shook with a large amount of force. Alice didn't allow it to ruin her composure as she shook his hand back with equal force.

She was a lot stronger than she looked, she knew that a lot of vampires including Jasper had underestimated her strength due to her size. She still had super human abilities and strength was one of them.

Alice had to fight her random urges to snuggle up to the blonde female beside her and take in her scent. It was so intoxicating. She didn't want to though, she didn't like that she was feeling this way. It was ridiculous. She was so in love with Jasper always had been always would be and there was no way that anyone would interrupt that.

"I hope that you guys don't mind the new recruits to the family." Esme said walking toward the group, before looking at the three members that had been a part of the family previously and emphasizing "I expect you all to treat them like your own brother and sister."

All the "children" nodded their heads at their "parents" before Carlisle announced to the room. "Alright, I think it is time that we show them around the house, to their room, and explain the way things work around here."

The shorter vampire could feel her excitement rising as Carlisle lifted his hand signaling for them all to follow, she couldn't help but smile brightly as she realized this was her new start. This would be her family, her new brothers and sisters, and friends. She would still have Jasper and not have to hurt humans anymore. She would have the perfect life. Be able to seem like a human.

Glancing over at Rosalie and her love she watched as he pulled her up from the couch with quite a bit of force. Alice was becoming a bit protective and wanted to make sure she wasn't harmed but soon realized how stupid that seemed. They had probably been that way for many years, and the blonde woman wasn't human at all, she had just as many abilities as the rest of them.

Something that stood out the most about the blonde was just how tall she was. Alice had always had a thing for taller men, but she didn't know until now that she also had a thing for taller women. 'oh god…' She thought to herself as she bit her bottom lip, which she assumed went unnoticed by everyone else in the room. 'She is so… wow.'

Suddenly Rosalie turned and caught Alice staring which if she would have been able too she was certain would have caused her to blush brightly. Quickly she looked away and looked over at Jasper who was being very protective and territorial at this point as he grabbed onto her hand and pulled her close to his side.

Jasper wasn't warm, but his side was comforting. She did feel safe there in his arms, and loved when she protected him. But as they headed toward the hallway she wondered if she needed him to protect her from Rosalie.

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Authors Note: Hello folks! First chapter of this fanfic, inspired mostly by the movies and reading other peoples fanfics. I don't think that there are enough Rosalie/Alice pairing fanfics that don't just focus on the sex and are very short and I wanted to contribute. I know that this pairing isn't as popular as Alice/Bella but I think it is much better. A lot of that because Rosalie is my favorite! Lol

Welp if I get enough reviews I will post a new chapter tonight! So if you really like the story and want to see what happens at the bottom of the page click review this chap and send me some lovin's and I will get more for you tonight!

-Tracy Cook

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