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No Spark (Sonny with a Chance) Tawni/Sonny

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No Spark (Sonny with a Chance) Tawni/Sonny

Post by TracyCook on Wed Jun 08, 2011 12:33 pm

No Spark

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of Sonny with a Chance.

Couple: Sonny/Tawni

Rating: T

Authors Note: I'm sorry this couple is my addiction! I swear I'll work on my other fics soon… These random one shots just keep coming to mind. Bear with me, the beginning is pretty much directly from the show, but it gets good toward the end. Hehe juicy. LESBIAN action, if you do not care for it, do not read it. Because I L.O.V.E. it.

No Spark

Tawni was sitting in her and Sonny's dressing room; she had her bright blonde hair in low pigtails. She was currently exorcising. The star had to keep in shape and attractive after all. Her mind was still stuck on her brunette friend and her boyfriend. They kept trying to kiss and failing time after time and it made her curious as to what the problem could be.

Sonny walked into their dressing room wearing a discouraged look. She set a paper bag down on the table in the room before saying, "Morning."

"Good morning!" The blonde said enthusiastically as she took a seat in one of the chairs beside the table. Looking through the paper bag without asking, naturally. "Ooh! You brought muffins!" Her voice was high and excited.

The brunette let out a loud sigh in annoyance. She was not annoyed with her blonde friend or with the fact that she found it acceptable to just go through her things. She was upset with Chad and her situation with the boy. The night before had been a complete disaster.

Tawni of course caught on to the beautiful girl's mood. Sonny was usually all smiles and sunshine after all. "So, Channy struck out in the kiss department last night huh?" As she asks the question a smile creeps across her face.

"What?" Sonny asked hesitantly, but Tawni simply continued to smile at her knowingly.

"How did you know?" She asked when she realized that her friend somehow could already tell it went bad.

The blonde shrugged. "Woman's intuition. Lucky guess? But mostly, tooth mark on your forehead." As she said it she pointed at Sonny's head and smiled smugly.

Shocked Sonny turned quickly to look in the mirror at her vanity glancing up at her forehead with worried brown eyes. "Awww maan!" Gently she pressed her fingers to the cut.

Sonny moved to sit down in the other chair beside the table and for a moment she watched her blonde friend eating one of the muffins she had brought. The girl really loved her sweets, it was kind of cute as well as a bit disgusting the way that she scarfed down the food. Mostly cute though.

"I don't get it! Chad and I are great together and I really like him. Y'know, we're Channy! Why is this happening?" She asked frantically.

Tawni shrugged with an all-knowing look on her face. Her blue eyes shining with the joy that she got from this situation, it hurt Sonny a bit knowing how happy her friend was. "I hate to be the one to break it to you, but you and Chad just don't have a spark."

"Whaa-? NO! Okay!" She stood to her feet and started to pace in front of her vanity. "I refuse to believe that Chad and I don't have a spark! You wanna know why last night was such a disaster?" Sonny asked matter-of-factly.

The blonde raised her hand as if it were obvious and confidently stated, "No spark."

"No! It's because we planned our first kiss, who does that?" Her voice was now growing angry. She was upset with the situation as well as Tawni.

"People with no spark." Tawni responded teasingly as she smirked.

"No! People who care too much about what people think. Y'know a kiss should be natural and spontaneous." She paused so lost in thought that she did not realize that Tawni had now stood and made her way closer to her. "It should be like the rest of the world doesn't exist and it's just—"

Sonny was cut off of her rant abruptly as Tawni pushed her against the vanity and pressed her lips to the brunette's in a passion filled kiss. At first the kiss was gentle and soft, but the blonde did not allow it to stay that way as she ran her tongue gently against her friends bottom lip. At this contact Sonny let out a soft moan of enjoyment, her body shaking, as she opened her mouth hesitantly to allow Tawni access.

She was shocked, her heart was pounding in her chest, she was sweating and letting out soft grunts, and she loved it. The way that Tawni's soft lips felt against her own, the way that they tasted like sweet chocolate, the tongue that was now entering her mouth to dance with her own, and the body pressed against her own. As the blonde dug her nails into Sonny's scalp pulling her closer she let out a louder moan and blushed as Tawni's chest pressed against her own. 'I definitely love those!'

Feeling confident that Sonny was enjoying her actions the diva decided to take it to a more intimate level. While the brunette seemed to be having trouble reacting, Tawni certainly was not. The taller of the two easily forced her leg between her friends lifting it to press her thigh into the other's heated center. This caused Sonny to pull out of the kiss moaning out in pleasure and lean back on the vanity, holding her weak body up. It felt as if her legs would give out at any moment from the large amount of pleasure she was feeling all leading to right between her thighs. She was aching for more contact and started to grind her womanhood against Tawni's thigh letting out soft sounds of pleasure as she did so.

"Oh god… Tawni…" She mumbled between moans, her eyes shut tight as she continued to ride the blonde's thigh, feeling herself coming closer to her climax as the moments went on.

No one had ever touched Sonny in such a way, hell she and Chad had not even kissed. Now she was completely convinced that she and him had no spark. Tawni leant in and recaptured the brunette's swollen lips, saliva mingling as she plunged her tongue deep into Sonny's mouth. Both girls moaning as they moved against each other.

Unexpectedly Tawni pulled completely away from her co-star. It did not look to be an easy task by the way that the blonde was practically panting and her body was shaking. Still, she put on a confident teasing smile and looked the beautiful girl in the eyes.

As Sonny tried to catch her breath, she asked between gasps. "Wh-What was that?"

"That my dear." Tawni said before she leant in, her lips less than an inch from Sonny's. The other girl closed her eyes and opened her mouth a bit, expecting another kiss. "Was a spark!" Tawni said proud of herself. Turning on her heels she reapplied her lip gloss and hurried out of the dressing room leaving behind a very wet and very confused young girl.


Authors Note: Another one shot! Based on the episode when Chad and Sonny finally kiss, but yeah I made some obvious modifications. :p Hope that you all like. Please do review! I know it starts off slow, and all following the show, but the end is very fun.

I never really liked writing one shots, but I do like it in this one.

Also I am trying to write one where Sonny actually chases Tawni, because for some reason I always see it the other way around. :/ Anywho. Love to hear your thoughts. Bash me if you must, Love me if you will.

-Tracy Cook
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Re: No Spark (Sonny with a Chance) Tawni/Sonny

Post by Luu Sky Sapphire on Mon Jun 20, 2011 7:59 pm

"I don't get it! Chad and I are great together and I really like him. Y'know, we're Channy! Why is this happening?" She asked frantically.

Because the Check-It-Out Girls finally decided to Eat-Each-Other-Out. ^_~

It's hard to express how I feel about Chad as a character. His way of handling women is not like mine.

Tawni once again making Sonny understand what true passion is. Such a spontaneous and cute exchange between the girls. The ending is sort of a rehash of 'All Tied Up', Tawni leaving her Wisconsin brunette alone to let the lesbian experience soak up. Smart move by Miss Hart, it leaves the confused girl begging for more. :3


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