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Mai-Uprising [A Collab Fic]

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Mai-Uprising [A Collab Fic]

Post by The Fire Stirring Ruby on Fri Jun 03, 2011 1:20 am

Author's Notes:

From Luu Sky Sapphire:

Hello! My name is Luu Sky Sapphire of ShizNat Webs and Mai-Multiverse Forum (great Mai-Series fan communities).

I have agreed to collab with The Fire Stirring Ruby and act as her beta for our story, Mai-Uprising. This lovely young lady approached me with the idea to do a collab a while back. At first I wasn't lukewarm to the idea as I currently have two incomplete stories in my account, but then I convinced myself to do it as Ruby's always been such a great contributor to my websites, so this is almost like repaying her and donating another great epic to the circle of Mai-fandom. The opening prelude chapter focuses mainly on the HiME, post-Kuro no Mai, having a family union of sorts. I call them a family because they are now closer than ever, but then someone from their past visits and hints at a bridge to another series. You all know which one that is and although the anime hints at a bridge, me and Ruby decided to take that idea into our own hands by showing you what happens between HiME and Otome. Possibilities are endless when there's no canon story, so please support Ruby and all her works. Thank you very much!

From The Fire Stirring Ruby:

Hi everyone! The name's The Fire Stirring Ruby from the Mai-Multiverse Forum. (I also have two unfinished fanfics set up here, but I'm able to do all three at the same time with ease.)

Long ago, I had set up a theory about the linkages between the HiMEs and their Otome incarnations. It took me al lot of time before I came to a conclusion. This theory I made-was posted on the said forum where I was a member, and many members have commented on it. One day, I strengthened myself to do my theory into a story that may actually explain most of my theory but I know that I couldn't do this fanfiction on my own and I have asked Luu Sky Sapphire (the administrator of the Mai-Multiverse Forum to make a collab fic and the theory was soon turned into a story. Don't take all the credit for me, Luu did the most part of the writing in the fanfic.

Anyway, here's some notes from me. We (Luu and me, Ruby) are going to link the missing puzzle piece between the Mai-HiME and Mai-Otome by this fanfiction. Luu thinks this will be a hit fic, but I have doubts. Of course, it's because I still think that I don't have enough confidence that this will work. If you're reading this fic without watching the Kuro no Mai Saigo no Bansan, I suggest you watch it first. We hope you enjoy reading our fanfiction. Read and Review!

Prelude: Darkest Before the Dawn

The summer sky rained down on the campus of Fuka Academy. Graduation Day came and went, students went home to celebrate achievements and the end of rigorous academic studies. The only one who decided not to join them were the super powered females who saved the planet from destruction three years ago. The Carnival, that was set up by the Obsidian Lord, nearly shattered everything around them. All they held precious; their most important person and each other. Now, they all stand proud at the main entrance of Fuka, recalling the memories of loss and overcoming their indifferences.

"The place hasn't changed at all," said Nao Yuuki.

"No it hasn't, Miss Yuuki," responded Yukariko. "The Lord kept it well preserved."

"To think that it all started with one ship ride," chimed in Mai Tokiha.

"I GAVE YOU YOUR FIRST KISS!" yelled out an exciting Mikoto, older and still just as radiant.

"Mikoto! Jeez! You know that didn't count!"

Shiho giggled at Mikoto's reply, "I was there with Onii-chan! Sure looked like a kiss to me!"

Everybody laughed at Mai's expense, leaving her face completely flushed.

"You guys!"

"Still, I'm happy I met you girls. Being a teacher is a passion of mine and my students meant a lot to me. I had no idea that I'd make such great friends."

"Oh, Midori," replied Yukino. "I hated when we had to fight against one another, things were so much better when we were united as one. Now I can live that happiness."

"Still emotional as ever, Yukino. By the way, how's Haruka doing?" asked Midori.

"Haruka-dear is fine, I just received a text from her that she's running for Prime Minister."

"W-W-W-WHAT?" exclaimed Akane Higurashi.

"What about you, Akane? I heard you were getting married to 'Kazu-kun'," continued Midori. "Don't think I haven't noticed through those happy messages on FukaBook. Not to mention THOSE photos..."

Blushing beet red, Akane hesitates to respond to Midori's knowledge of engagement. "Um...yes...those...OH, MIDORI-SAN! STOP EMBARASSING ME!"

Yukino looked around for a second as if she were looking for someone. Mai noticed this, and immediately spoke up. "Is there something wrong, Yukino-san?"

"Well, I haven't seen Kuga-san or Fujino-san around yet. They were supposed to meet up with us, weren't they?"

The girls turned their attention to Midori as if she knew anything about it. "Hey! I may be the organizer, but you know those two, always the last to arrive."

Nao snickered at the thought. "Most likely doing 'THAT'."

Everyone paused with redness on their faces. "NAO! YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE SO GRAPHIC WITH WORDS!" responded Yukariko.

"Calm yourself, Sister. That was tame compared to what I've told you in the past."

"Don't remind me..."

Finally deciding to speak, Akira Okuzaki stepped forward. "So, where are Natsuki and Shizuru?"

"They will be here," answered Mai. "Give them a bit more time..."

On the main road leading to the Fuka District, Natsuki Kuga raced with incredible speed with her ducati towards the land of memories. Fuka Academy was a place where she suffered loss and deception once. In that sense, it was difficult for her to return, but then she looks back at her passenger and realizes it was all worth it. The passenger, wrapping her arms around Natsuki's small waist was none other than Shizuru Fujino. Former Student Council President of Fuka Academy, now performs tea ceremonies for the most wealthy customers from around the world. Natsuki Kuga herself found happiness with a job in automotive repair. Simple and what she loved to do. Though she had conquered the pain from three years past, she finds inner peace with the roar of the engine. The speed of the motorbike helped her outrun the past.

"Ara, Natsuki-san. You seem to have a lot on your mind lately."

"Why do you say that, Shizuru?"

"Your cute body feels so tense, not thinking bad thoughts?"

"I'm alright, Shizuru. I haven't seen the others since our beach gathering."

"Ara, when we punished Reito-san!"

"Haha, you got him good that time!"

The haunting memories of the Obsidian Lord's Carnival quickly vanished as the two girls laughed.

"Hey, Shizuru?"

"Hai, Natsuki-chan?"

"I'm happy when I'm with you."

"Natsuki-chan is my happiness. Especially in the bed-"

"Oi, Shizuru! Enough of that!"

"Embrace what you've got, Nat-"

Within seconds, a quick flash of light went off, sending the ducati into the air, crashing into the side of the road. The girls were thrown several feet across the road, Shizuru still holding tight to Natsuki, she quickly regained consciousness to awaken her. Shizuru removed Natsuki's helmet in hopes of seeing her eyes reopen.

"Natsuki! Wake up!"

Thankfully she wore a helmet; Natsuki slowly began to open her eyes. They soon met with the crimson spheres of her important person. "What...happened?" asked a disoriented Natsuki.

"Someone tried to kill us."

"What? Are you sure?"

"Positive, Natsuki-chan. It was hard to tell, but a split second before the crash, I noticed an explosive device. When your bike went through that wire, it set off," said Shizuru, pointing our a long transparent string on the ground.

"I hope this is not another sick joke set up by Nao."


"Yeah. She used this trick before with her element."

A mysterious voice suddenly echoed through the air. "I assure you, it was not Nao Yuuki."

"WHO'S THERE?" yelled Natsuki as she materialized her element and aimed it in the direction where the voice came from.

"Be careful, Natsuki-chan. I'll handle this."


"Kiyohi-" Natsuki quickly covered Shizuru's mouth. "There's no need for that."

"Ara, why not?"

"Because I know who did this."

The voice responded with intense fury. "That's impossible, Natsuki Kuga! YOu have no idea who I am or what I'm capable of!"

Natsuki chuckled at the response, aiming her element at a small bush by the cliffside. "Actually, I do." Firing once, Natsuki nailed the target dead-on, leaving a massive hole in the small bush. "SAKOMIZU! GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE!"

"Ara, you don't mean..."

Erupting from the cliffside was Kaiji Sakomizu, Natsuki Kuga's old informant from First District. He examined his massive head of hair as if it were his baby. "Oh great, now I have to start from scratch!" The next thing Sakomizu knew, Natsuki and Shizuru's element were staring at him dead in the face.

"YIKES! Listen, I can explain!"

"Why did you try to kill us?"

"That's not nice to hurt Natsuki-chan. You know I don't like that..."

"Control yourself, Shizuru. Now Sakomizu, give me answers. You are trying to stir things up again with an early Festival? Whatever you're planning, we will put a stop to it."

Sakomizu sighed as he cleaned his glasses. "You're still the same Kuga Natsuki. Very well, I might as well start explaining. First off, I wasn't trying to kill you both directly. I've been sent here to prevent anyone else from entering Fuka. I have information for you and the other HiME that's so highly classified, that NOBODY should hear it. So I've been instructed by the Japanese government to eliminate anyone who tries to enter. There were specific orders on the news for the public to stay away, don't you watch TV anymore?"


"Typical. Well, it so happens you both are late to the gathering planned by Mai Tokiha."

"How did you know..."

"It doesn't matter now. Rest assured, there are no more battles or First District conspiracies. I am only here to provide you girls with the information that will change your world forever. Come on, I'll drive you to the Academy," Sakomizu rushed over to his car that was parked behind a large rock, he drove up to the pair and opened the door automatically.

"Are you sure we can trust Sakomizu-sensei?" Shizuru asked.

"Yes, I promise you that Shizuru. He's someone reliable in the field of information," Natsuki replied. The girls went inside the car and Sakomizu drove them to the Academy.

Along the way, Natsuki is still bothered on what her old informant told her recently. Natsuki had bad thoughts on this.

'I hope that it's not something else...'

Shizuru, sensing a troubled Natsuki, holds her hand tightly.

"Shizuru?" asked Natsuki.

"Don't worry about it. Whatever Sakomizu-sensei will tell us, I won't leave your side," Shizuru comforted Natsuki.

Natsuki inhaled deeply and sighed. "Thanks Shizuru."

Along the way, Natsuki gazed out the car window and saw the road they were taking. She saw the cliffside, the same cliffside where her mother died. That very spot made Natsuki remember an embarrassing moment in front of Shizuru-she called for a ride and found out that Shizuru and the others were looking for them. Shocked by the sudden reminisced moment, she blushed and shook her head to clear it out.

"Ara, Natsuki-chan seems to remember something. What did you remember?"

"Oh. It's nothing. It's the small 'incident' over there," replied Natsuki while pointing at the place.

Meanwhile at Fuka Academy, Mai started to worry about Natsuki and Shizuru. Looking at the road, she saw a car coming by and it stopped where all the HiMEs were standing at.

"We're here," announced Sakomizu. "You girls go out first, get reacquainted for a bit."

Hearing what Sakomizu had said, the two girls opened the car's door and got out.

"Finally, you guys arrived at last!" cried out a worried Mai.

"I can finally relax this time," sighed Akane.

"This is strange; I always knew that you two rode on a motorbike, how come you didn't this time?" Nao sneeringly asked.

"Natsuki-chan's bike had a little accident on our way here. Luckily we had met a friend along the way," replied Shizuru.

Sakomizu came out of his car and walked towards to the former students, greeting them," Good morning, girls."

"Sakomizu?" asked Midori. "Why did you bring Sakomizu here? This was not part of our plan, no offense fro-teach."

"Sugiura-san, I am here to tell you something top secret about you HiME. What I will be telling you, will change your very lives. Are you prepared to listen to me for a few minutes?"

There was a sudden silence. Akira replied to Sakomizu,"We are already prepared to listen to you, Sakomizu-sensei."

"Then we'd better get started. I know that all of you know about the Carnival of the Obsidian Lord as you've all experienced it first hand. The last Carnival, which is your generation of HiMEs, was put to an end, so the cycle of choosing the next Crystal Princess was put to a halt. However, all of the previous Carnivals compose only one prophecy out of the three prophecies that the Obsidian Lord had stated before," told Sakomizu.

"There are three prophecies? Goodness gracious!" exclaimed Yukariko.

"I thought you told me everything about us HiME, Sakomizu. Why didn't you tell me?" said Natsuki angrily.

"It was for your own sake, Natsuki. Now let me disintegrate what are the three prophecies that the Obsidian Lord had made before the start of the very first Carnival. He made the first prophecy: he shall assume a body of a man who happens to have a sister and will hold the Carnival for the search of his wife and the creation of a new world. There will be 12 women selected and they shall have CHILDs and elements to protect themselves and kill Orphans to hone their power. After harnessing their powers, they will soon fight each other until one woman stands alive and she shall be the winner of the Carnival and will be the wife of the Obsidian Lord and be the Crystal Princess.

"Based on the information I received, the Obsidian Lord also created relevant prophecies that almost never happened, until now. The second prophecy of the Obsidian Lord states that: if ever that the Obsidian Lord/Prince is defeated, the 12 selected girls will have a curse bestowed upon them."

"A curse?" chorused everyone except Alyssa and Fumi.

"Yes, a curse. But let me finish first. The said curse is immortality. All of you will be immortals. Everyone you know will die but you remain alive here in this planet. Right now, only 12 HiMEs have the right to be immortal because Yukariko-san's right to be immortal is stripped off since she bore a child."

"What?" Mai said in shock. "A-All of us, are immortals? A-and our immortality will be stripped off if we had any relations to men?"

"Yes," replied Sakomizu. "Another part of the second prophecy is that whoever is the Obsidian Lord's sister, be it younger or older, and would assume the title of the Crystal Princess. That means..."

"That means, I will be the Crystal Princess (Suishou-hime) who will replace Mashiro Kazahana?"asked Mikoto.

"Yeah," Sakomizu said. He noticed sadness tracking down on the faces of the HiME he is currently talking.

"Are you all alright?" asked Sakomizu.

Mai wiped her falling tear. "Yes, we're fine. It's just that...we were surprised by what you've said. At this time, we are now choosing between two choices: to get married in order for the curse to dissolve or keep ourselves immortal."

"Well, you need to get even more prepared this time for the last prophecy. The last prophecy told: As soon as the HiME knew their immortality privileges, the curse would take effect. In a time unspecific, the Earth which they live on would be destroyed and a new world would be born from it."

"What? Earth will be destroyed? I still want to marry Kazu-kun!"cried out Akane.

"Do not worry, Akane-san. We still don't know when and how will Earth be gone. Still, we have another chance to experience the new world," Yukariko said to Akane.

Alyssa stepped forward from her place and finally spoke,"I am surprised that all of you didn't even know about the prophecies of the Obsidian Lord."

Natsuki responded to what Alyssa said, "Is it EVEN a good thing or a bad thing that we didn't even know it?"

MIYU replied,"It is a 79.5% good thing, Miss Kuga. Actually, Miss Alyssa and I knew about this a few months ago only. If you knew about this earlier, something may happen that is out of our hands."

"A few months ago and you didn't even bother to tell the others about it?"

"Well, Kuga-san, MIYU-san has a good point," interrupted Fumi, who was silent all this time. "If all of you knew it, wonder how many things you could do just to counter the curse."

"Natsuki-chan,"said Shizuru. "Both Fumi-san and MIYU-san are correct. Besides, isn't it good that both of us are going to live forever?"

Natsuki sighed. "Indeed."

"Yes, indeed. Since no man had ever liked me. Shizuru understood me and she was there for me always..." Natsuki thought.

"No! It is not a good thing to live forever!" spoke up Akira, clenching her fist as her face turned red. "We may be HiME, but we're also human beings. Human beings are meant to die; it's what makes everything about us matter!"

"I agree with Akira-san, not all of us can bear living eternal life without our one true loves, the ones not given this gift," calmly responds Yukariko.

"Gift?" questioned Miyu.

Nao huffs and spits on the ground. "That's right, gift. I never enjoyed the company of men or women for that matter," glaring at Shizuru, remembering what she put her through during the Carnival. "If my destiny is to remain immortal, I need nobody by my side. Just me and only me."

Akira turned her attention towards Nao. "That's exactly what I'm talking about. To live a life that's eternal only makes one a wandering ghost, one who longs for the true love she outlived. It's a lonely existence, Yuuki. How could even think of living like that? If Takumi ever left my side again, I would never…I would…."

"Ara, this is why I find myself blessed with Natsuki-chan. We will never be lonely together because of this curse."

Natsuki sighed, turning around to stare deep into the crimson spheres of her best friend. "Shizuru, it's not just about us, what about our friends?"

"Miss Fujino," spoke up Yukino, "I cannot bear to see my friends disappear, and I know you feel the same. However, you and I are very much alike here. Haruka-dear will be an old lady and I will still love her no matter what happens."

Everyone paused for a minute until Natsuki decided to speak up. "Sakomizu. We don't care about what happens to the world, we are the HiME. Somehow it will all work out for the best."

"Just like Dr. Kuga, willing to look on the bright side of things when deep down, she is really feeling the pressure of the situation."

"Perhaps old man, just remember that you were the one who told me things wouldn't get easy when Reito made things difficult. Love is the reason why we're standing here and love will save our planet again."

Shizuru grabbed onto Natsuki's arm and squeezed tightly, "Natsuki…"

Mai and Mikoto hugged one another as well, and the rest of the girl began to group together. "Natsuki's right, we've made our choice and we're sticking to it. The world will be just fine as long as we're here, but nothing can stop us from loving another," said Mai.

Alyssa suddenly tugged at Miyu's skirt. "It's time."

Miyu nodded and signaled over to Sakomizu. "Right," he responded. "Listen girls, I don't want to ruin your fun, you do have several years ahead of you to enjoy your lives together with your friends and family. This information had to be told to you now as Alyssa and Miyu will prepare for the coming of the new world.

"The new world?" questioned Mai before realizing Alyssa's disappearance.

"Hey! Where did the little brat go?" yelled Nao.

"Up there," replied Miyu

The HiME looked up at the very spot where Nagi informed Midori, Nao, Mikoto, Natsuki, Yukariko, Yukino and Mai about the Carnival, only to find Alyssa singing her trademark song.

"That song, I've heard it before," Mai thought to herself as all the HiME looked up with concern for the future.

Who are those little girls in pain just trapped in castle of dark side of moon?

Twelve of them shining bright in vain like flowers that blossom just once in years

They're dancing in the shadow like whispers of love just dreaming of a place where they're free as dove

They've never been allowed to love in this cursed cage it's only the fairy tale they believe

"Project Earl," quietly whispered Alyssa as her, Miyu and Sakomizu walked away from the HiME, never to be seen again.
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Re: Mai-Uprising [A Collab Fic]

Post by Luu Sky Sapphire on Fri Jun 03, 2011 2:10 am

XD A hit fic with us, probably not with the majority. We're just having fun with this fanfiction, Ruby. The story will be very engaging; one that will hopefully make things clear for casual and die-hard Mai-fans alike who are confused about the "bridge" between HiME and Otome. :) I hope you all enjoy it!


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