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My-HiME: At The Beginning—Request to join here

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My-HiME: At The Beginning—Request to join here

Post by MidnightPersona on Sun May 08, 2011 7:45 am

Hi Hi~! MidnightPersona here! This here is the thread for coming to join the RP set in the My-HiME universe!

First off, each person is allowed up to 2 canon characters and an OC or two depending on what they can handle I guess. :p Also, for canon characters you can ONLY use characters that appear in HiME, not Otome. Otome characters may be opened up later for use depending on how it goes.

Also, if a character has not been claimed anyone can use them until they are claimed (Note: Nagi will not be able to be claimed! For the moment at least.) but be warned if you have a ‘plan’ for said unclaimed character anyone else can use the same character next post. Therefore it is NOT recommended unless it is needed for storyline. (Such as Mai or Shiho needing Tate to summon their child.) Also, the storyline is My-HiME Anime canon, not manga.

nao, here’s the story of the set-up.

It’s A brand-new school year at Fuuka Academy and Fuuka University.

Yukino Kikukawa is the current President.

Mai Tokiha the Director of the Executive Committee.

Chie Harada is the Vice President.

Things aren’t always what we expect, though. The HiME star may have been destroyed, but as it vanished it’s powers went to not only the 12 Battle Princess’s Plus Alyssa, but more females to create what could be a catastrophe depending on what new girls have been given this power.

A HiME mark will appear on a girl when she first materializes her element. A HiME can call their element at will to defeat the reappearing Orphans. In order to call forth their Child their Most Important Person, from here forward known as their ‘Key’, must be within a certain radius of the HiME.

A Child can be injured into vanishing, but that just means it’ll take time for it to recover, the only way to assume a Child’s destruction is to kill the Key of a HiME. A HiME who loses her Key cannot get another Key (unlike the manga) and will lose her abilities as a HiME.

Also, a Key must be an organic entity. A HiME does not have to start with a Key and may go with just an element. A Child is not needed for battle, but does help.

If you have any questions PM me and I will do my best to answer them.
I will be the GMs of this Roleplay so if you need anything, I'm open to it.

List of claimed characters and OC and who their owned by:
MidnightPersona: Yukino Kikukawa and Haruka Suzushiro
Megarockman: Alyssa Searrs and Miyu Greer
ShizuruFujino: Shizuru Fujino
Natsuki Kruger: Natsuki Kuga and Nao Yuuki


How to get a character:
Your name:
What characters:
Appearance: [Only if OC, pictures may be used.]
RP sample: [Each character must have an RP sample done.]

PM if you’re confused.


Also, when you’re replying to someone specific try and make some indication of who it is.

Remember folks, the more detail the better!

I *will* be double posting to put the RP samples I have up. Just to show I didn’t exclude anyone from the process.

Midnight Persona

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Re: My-HiME: At The Beginning—Request to join here

Post by MidnightPersona on Sun May 08, 2011 7:54 am

Characters desired: Alyssa Searrs and Miyu Greer
Rp Sample:
Ordinarily not one to initiate conversation, what triggered Miyu was the uncharacteristically faraway look in her charge’s eyes as she sat on the bed. “My lady?” she inquired. “Your facial expression indicates you are meditating about an unknown topic.” Alyssa did not respond until Miyu walked up next to her and placed a hand on the blonde’s shoulder. She turned to face her guardian when she spoke again: “My lady, may I inquire as to what appears to be troubling you?”

“Oh, um…it’s nothing, Miyu.”

“Your pulse increased by 35% from baseline, my lady. That is indicative of a falsehood.”

Alyssa smirked. “You caught me, Miyu.” She turned away to face the foot of the bed. It’s pretty difficult to beat a lie detector like her. “I’m just…I guess ‘lost’ would be the best word to use.”

“I do not understand, my lady. I know your exact location to within 0.02 angular seconds latitude and 0.03 angular seconds longitude.”

“That’s not what I meant, Miyu. I mean that…when we were with Searrs, we knew who our enemy was. We knew what we had to accomplish. We knew why what we were doing was the right thing to do.” She paused. “But nao…what do we do? The Carnival’s over, and it’s…pretty obvious they don’t want us back.”

Miyu moved closer and placed an arm around Alyssa’s neck. “My top priority is the satisfaction of your goals, my lady. To make sure that no harm comes to you.”

Alyssa turned to face the android. “So where does that leave me?”


Characters desired: ShizuruFujino
RP sample:
Distorted images of what appeared to be an epic battle repeated in her mind as she laid atop a layer of cherry blossom petals, her eyebrows furrowing as if she was in pain. It all happened too quickly.. one minute she was wandering around a shrine in her hometown, Kyoto and then the next, she was laying on the ground unconscious with a small gash on the side of her head. The images started to slow down and became clear slowly. She saw a young brunette wandering by a koi fish pond and she was heading up a long set of stairs that seemed to go on for an eternity. It wasn't long before she realized that it was her, she was having a flashback to what happened on the shrine grounds. She remembered nao.. she was in a strange trance, like she was being lured there.

"Shizuki..." A distant voice kept calling her name, beckoning her over to a small hut across the koi fish pond from the stairs.

The young brunette didn't stop, her crimson hues were blank as she entered the hut. The second she entered, she was snapped out of her trance and let out a pained cry, pulling her shirt up. Something was burning on her left hip. As expected, she did find something.. a small red mark that looked like a half circle with a dot in the middle of it. Then before she knew it, a gravity-like force yanked her further inside and then everything went black.

Letting out a sharp gasp, the brunette jolted up in a sitting position and panted, looking around frantically. She was still on the shrine grounds.. but there was something off and she couldn't tell what it was. Pushing herself off the ground, she dusted the petals off of her Fuuka Academy skirt and glanced around once more, trying to figure out what was off. A sudden jolt of pain shook through her skull and she winced, placing her hand on the side of her head where the gash was and gasped softly. She quickly pulled her hand down to find her blood on it. Slightly trembling in confusion and fear, Shizuki started to run across the shrine grounds but then slowed down as she recognized the hut she had entered in her flashback. It was then she realized something was terribly wrong. Unlike the image, the hut itself was completely destroyed. She started to pant a bit, her heart pounding within her ribcage. She also noticed a difference in the koi pond fish she had passed by as well.. it was empty. Without another thought, she turned on her heel and ran like the wind out of the shrine grounds, literally flying down the long set of stairs. Another sight made her stop dead in her tracks. Just up the street, there was a sign on the right side that read, "Welcome to Windbloom City".
'W-what?! I'm.. I'm not in Kyoto anymore?!'


Characters Desired: Yukino Kikukawa and Haruka Suzushiro
RP Sample:
Yukino blushed, but then realized something. "Haruka... why are you here? How did you even KNOW I was here? And how long were you..." Yukino didn't want to assume Haruka was eavesdropping, but she was starting to wonder.

"I--uh... I woke up and was wondering where you went and when I ran outside I saw Kuga's motorcycle and assumed you might be around and saw footsteps going into the forest and... you both were..." Haruka began to blush and then turned her emotions around. "Why am I being questioned! You're the one who was seeking comfort in the Bubuzuke's pet when you could've talked to me! I would've listened!" Haruka insisted. Yukino's eyes narrowed. She rarely got mad at Haruka, but she was starting to nao.

"I was warning her about what Nagi told us earlier, about the HiME and such. She just happened to hit on a few spots with her perception which she is showing more of than you. Stop acting like I was trying to not talk to you Haruka! I try and I do, but I worry there are something you just can't handle!" Yukino was beginning to cry in anger. Haruka was taken aback.

"Like what Yukino? I've known you forever it seems. We've always been together. What could you possibly feel you can't tell me?" Haruka was crying nao, it seemed an odd role reversal and the dominate Suzushiro and the submissive Kikukawa began to switch roles, if even for a moment.

Neither were paying much attention to Natsuki. What would the Blunetter do to the situation?
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