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Shizuru Viola deceiving Tomoe. What would you do differently?

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Re: Shizuru Viola deceiving Tomoe. What would you do differently?

Post by LdS_Shizuru on Tue Jul 16, 2013 4:37 am

Woah, ok.

I'm new in the forums (I haven't even posted a proper intro, sorry.) and I am very new to this anime and this fandom, however! My love for ShizNat and my search for this particular topic makes it impossible for me to hold back my opinion on the matter, that and I would forget about my arguments by tomorrow.

Firstly, I do NOT think Shizuru actually had sex with Tomoe, I have arguments that support this and also arguments that break this. I don't hink they went that far because Tomoe acted as if she had yet to possess Shizuru, to have her, she acted as if she was in her way to do so, but hadn't accomplished the bond she wanted, also, after their first meeting Tomoe told her to forget about what happened, TO ME that sounds as if it was something embarrassing, even disappointing, which makes me think Tomoe had something else in mind (I could go as far as saying she only needed love or had a childhood trauma and Shizuru was more like a therapist, but al of that is a huge assumption) appart from that, Tomoe did blush as she walked out, but if it was sex, and with a person that I want so badly I would definitely have a stronger response. To top it off, Tomoe, in her rage would have rubbed in everyone's faces that she did manage to sleep with Shizuru.

Ok, that said, I will give my opinion of the assumption that they did have sex (cause we're all assuming, even two people naked in a bed can -not- be having sex, we can't be so stereotypical either)

Shizuru wasn't sure of anything really, and as assertive as she is she really did not have any idea of what could have happened to Natsuki, as someone said, one thing is intuition, another thing is telepathy, which they don't have, Shizuru could be sure that Natsuki was alive, but not in what state, or where, whether she was wounded or being tortured or simply being held captive like her, she didn't know, and Shizuru DOES love Natsuki, and her flirtatious ways not only are a joke but a trait of hers, and what's more, Natsuki KNOWS THAT, Natsuki is way too shy to make her feelings note in front of others, but even if she were jealous she knows Shizuru is like that, and all and all, the chosen one is her, Natsuki, so no jealousy or envy is enough to break those two appart. Back to the subject, what else was Shizuru supposed to do? Tomoe sent a message that felt like 'I have control over what could happen to the Principal, whether good or bad' so how would she react? battling her? she was on her own, on a place full of armed people, amidst a war, even if she could use her robe it would be a stupid thing to do, if Tomoe wasn't happy, she would go back to the dungeon...

Or would she? the other thing that came to my mind was a very specific moment earlier on, Tomoe went to tell Shizuru to take care on her trip and Shizuru said something like 'You strikingly resemble me when I was younger' ok, maybe I'm the only one but that hit a spot in my mind, a Mai HiME spot, to be certain, it could have been whatever, but to me it was like a direct reference to FUJINO Shizuru, she saw in Tomoe a sketchy, scheming, manipulating girl that was trying harder every time to get the attention she wanted, SO, with this in mind, wuld you cnfront Tomoe? would you tell Tomoe that you could not feel the way she wanted her to feel? do you catch what I'm saying? would you tell Tomoe that you loved her, but NOT LIKE THAT?

Would you? Would you reject someone that your gut tells you isn't in her right mind and isn't rationalizng andyou know it, you feel it?

I know HiME and Otome are not necesarily related, but that statement to me sounded like the most striking reference, specially since Tomoe and Shizuru do not have that much in common as it is, in my opinion.

Point blank, Tomoe was manipulating an already distressed Shizuru, she doesn't have to look distressed for you to know she is distressed, when she was on her own she was serious and I bet you she was going maki maki about Natsuki's well being, but an opportunity of information and perhaps freedom appeared, if it was for her own sake, she would have busted that child until she hadfallen out of love due to substantial injury, but guess what, she's is who she is, she has to care for the students AND Natsuki was on the line, there was NOTHING Shizuru could do appart from bowing down to Tomoe's wishes, and why does having sex has to be Shizuru's idea? just because she's flirtatious? Tomoe is the most deceiving, unstable and selfish one there is, she was sickly in love and obssessed, Shizuru didn't even return her kiss, why does it have to look like Shizuru came up wih the idea of banging her all on her own? Shizuru could have noticed that's hat she wanted, case in point, if Tomoe just wanted to be treated like a baby for a while cause that's what gets her off, Shizuru would do exactly that.

About the 'fun' part, really, we're talking about Shizuru, along with her calmness and resolve comes her mocking side, she, as a character mocks EVERYTHING no matter if it's Fujino or Viola, she just makes these dark humour remarks about everything and that's how you see the other side of her, that's how you know she's not innocent or correct, she's like a bag full of irony and sarcasm toward situations, the fun part about deceiving Tomoe was deceiving Tomoe, basically Shizuru is saying 'this girl tried to manipulate me, little does she know, I'm always a step ahead of her'.

Can you just imagine if Shizuru said 'I cannot give you what you want, because my heart belongs to Natsuki' Tomoe's wrath would have been unleashed on Natsuki, which is worse, you all say 'Natsuki vs. Tomoe! yay!' not 'yay!' for Shizuru, get in her shoes, taking in count she wanted to KILL Arika ust because Shizuru treated her nicely, and sadly because Arika got in the worst of the situations all the time.

And of course Shizuru would have told Natsuki about it, sooner or later, and maybe Natsuki knew, so she apologized! either way Shizuru left Tomoe in ridicule in front of everyone, including Natsuki, which was something like 'Natsuki might never ever let me touch her in any way and either way SHE would hve my heart, my love is not as cheap to be bought with sex' WHAT MORE DECLARATION OF LOVE TOWARD NATSUKI COULD WE WANT?

Shizuru did not betray or cheated on Natsuki, she did what she felt was needed, she did not love Tomoe and clearly her body didn't please her either, if only, this situation is nothing but an 'I love You more than I love myself' statement from my beloved Shizuru, to my beloved Natsuki, the end.

Bear with me I'm new! welcome me with warmth ♥
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Re: Shizuru Viola deceiving Tomoe. What would you do differently?

Post by CaptainVonCookie on Tue Jul 16, 2013 5:16 am

Hello Lds_Shizuru!, welcome! Congrats on a fantastic first post! I feel like I got trolled! First a dissertation and then:
Viola "Bear with me I'm new! welcome me with warmth ♥️"

Now, I think Shizuru played her cards right and made the best out of a crappy situation. You guys get kidnapped, threatened and hear they'll harm your loved ones and then see how you react to it. It's anime, we expect our characters to rise above and beyond physical expectations, but in the real world that's actually a really frightening event... The first thing I'd do as Tomoe if Shizuru right out refused me and showed disgust wasn't to kill her but throw her to the guards to break her, strip her of her power and then have my way with her before I kill her out of boredom. Plus tell her I'd give Natuski the same fate.

Now, onto lighter topics!! With the drama CD showing us that Tomoe was presented to the baby fetish and how much she REALLY enjoyed it. Plus with all the references to what happened behind closed door with baby toys... That's a matter of semantics when it comes to sex. It is a fetish that brings sexual gratification but as far as what regular sex consists of they didn't do anything of the sort. It seems more an issue of Shizuru telling Natsuki and she feeling okay or not with that faster since sex as she sees it didn't ever occur. BUT, in the event that sex did occur, people, she found a way to maintain her sanity while she was forced into sex. Turning her into a rape victim with severe trauma would be a whole other show.

I'd have snapped Tomoe's neck after the letter came, prodded the premises to see if Natuski really was safe outside or it was a trap set by Tomoe to check my allegiance and then escape to our allies, maybe freeing some students that would be an asset to have fighting. This all carried the risk of being watched, so the moment i lifted my finger against Tomoe, I could kill Natsuki as well. So I believe I'd test that out somehow first.

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