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Mai-HiME Omake V: Mikoto Minagi [Multi-Language]

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Mai-HiME Omake V: Mikoto Minagi [Multi-Language]

Post by Luu Sky Sapphire on Sun Mar 27, 2011 8:38 pm

Mai-HiME Omake V: Mikoto Minagi

Disclaimer: Attention Mai-Multiverse Valkyries and Einherjar, starting today I will be posting the written translations of the Mai-HiME Omakes one-by-one on a daily basis. This is to contrast Ruby-chan's Mai-Otome omake translations from the Mai Otome/Zwei/0~S.ifr~ forum. These individual threads for each omake will serve as discussion or to contribute translations in other languages, using the English translations (which I am providing) as a guide. Again, you are welcome to post translations of the topic omake in your country's language here or simply comment on the omake itself.
Completely up to you.

When Mai isn't around, I usually head out on a journey in search of my older brother. My companions are Ranmaru and Mi-ke. They're the toughest cats around here. The school is big. The town is even bigger. There are a lot of things I'd never seen when I was living with Grandpa. Pretty things, interesting things, strange things, delicious looking things, yucky things. They are all so unusual to me so it's a lot of fun.

When I get bored, I play tag with Ranmaru and Mi-ke. But this skirt is such a pain. When I was just a kid, I used to play naked in the mountains. But when I tried to do the same here, Mai got really mad at me.

When I'm tired of playing, I take a nap. Ranmari and Mi-ke curl up next to me as well. I'm getting hungry. But I can hold out. Mai's got dinner waiting for me! Brother, I'm doing well. Are you looking for me, too? I'm sure we'll meet again one day. Right, brother?

Source translation:
Bandai Entertainment

Mai-HiME Omake V [English Dub]

When Mai's not around, what does Mikoto do? Find out here!

Caitlynne Medrek as Mikoto Minagi


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