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Lilie Adean character analysis [Mai-Otome]

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Lilie Adean character analysis [Mai-Otome]

Post by Miyotakano on Mon Feb 21, 2011 2:41 am

One of Shiho's room attendants. She is unwillingly part of Tomoe's plotting against Nina and Arika. She leaves Garderobe later in the series, after the academy discovers that she (under Tomoe's command) asked her associates to rape Arika (which was, fortunately, interrupted in time by Sergay).

She is very sensitive, and hates to do something bad.
She's a nice person at hearrt, and nao holds a grudge against Tomoe.
She smiles alot and it's usually a quiet, nervous, or scared one.
When Arika's outfit got sold at backstage it was proved that Tomoe was behind ir, but Tomoe only told her to rip it up and leave it on Arika's desk.
When she leaves she is given a letter by Tomoe but rips it up on her way home.
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