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The one called Kona

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The one called Kona

Post by Konaxookami on Tue Feb 01, 2011 4:56 pm

Hi. I'm Kona.

I enjoy writing, cosplay and theater. I'm awful at introductions really-since I tend to ramble.

I liek to create graphics on photoshop and doodle ridiculous things in drawing pads. I will quickly be drawn off topic by shiny things-BLAME THE ADHD PEOPLE. I think of the single most RIDICULOUS THINGS EVER. Seriously.

So it's probably better if you don't take me seriously. I mean it. It's a BAD IDEA.

Oh, and I like video games a lot. A LOT. And Reading. Maybe at the same time-because I think that may be fun. But yeah...RAMBLING.

Chat me up if you wish! ^^
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