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Prejudice against Dubbies?

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Re: Prejudice against Dubbies?

Post by hildebrant on Sun Apr 29, 2012 12:50 am

I usually prefer to watch dubs for my series just out of preference. On some rare occasions I'll watch the subbed versions of shows, the one standing out the most is Samurai Deeper Kyo when I heard how the titular Kyo sounded in the original vs. his dubbed version.
Though as much as you guys talk about dubbies bullying, I remember going to an anime con and told someone that I preferred dubs and he called me a "Dub Lover" Never forgot that moment.
Coral student
Coral student

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Re: Prejudice against Dubbies?

Post by SulliMike23 on Wed May 09, 2012 11:43 pm

I will be honest, there are certain dubs I can live without. Others, I can't help but reflect on because they introduced me to anime. In fact, some dubs are better than their Japanese originals in terms of acting and in some cases, music. I know that many anime fans, including many here, hate all the dubs 4Kids has done and I don't blame them. But some people forget that it was 4Kids who dubbed Pokemon first, and it was probably the only decent dub they ever did. And who can forget Brian Dummond's ever famous line from Dragon Ball Z?

It's dubs like these that get people interested in anime. But it's the ones that come later that throw people off. I will admit, some dubs aren't better than the originals but in some cases they help produce an audience for anime. But some dubs are actually mixed with other anime and given an alternate story to bring in an audience, take Voltron and Robotech for example. In Japan, Golion, the anime that was the basis for Voltron, was not a very popular show; nor did it appeal to any audiences for the age group it was meant for. The folks at World Events turned it into a worldwide phenomenon.

Robotech, on the other had was mostly based on the popular Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, but they included Super Dimension Calvary Southern Cross and Genesis Climber MOSPEADA, two unpopular anime series that had some of the same artwork designers from Macross. Needless to say, Robotech boosted Macross's popularity here in the States and in other countries. Hence when I first saw Macross II and Macross Plus I thought that they were apart of the Robotech universe.

But like I also said, some dubs I can live without because of poor acting or bad editing. In some cases, I can understand the editing, but in other cases I wish they had included what was left out.

I'm just one of the few people who enjoys both a sub and a dub because of how popular the said anime is. Believe me, I've seen some good anime that has great acting on both ends.
Coral student
Coral student

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