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Mai-Multiverse Top 10 Hottest Mai-Series Chicks Meme

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Mai-Multiverse Top 10 Hottest Mai-Series Chicks Meme

Post by Luu Sky Sapphire on Mon Jan 17, 2011 1:54 pm

Mai-Multiverse Top 10 Hottest Mai-Series Chicks Meme

Empty Meme (FREE TO USE!):

It's simple. Insert images of your top 10 hottest female characters from the Mai-Multiverse. Be specific with your incarnation of the Mai-Series superstar. You may prefer Natsuki Kruger from Mai-Otome more than Natsuki Kuga from Mai-HiME.

Here's mine (completed):

And why I chose them:

10. Akane Higurashi from Mai-HiME - The girl next door. She's cute, sweet and devoted to her lover. <3

9. Lena Sayers from Mai-Otome/0~S.ifr~ - A powerhouse Otome who's as beautiful as she is deadly in a Dance Battle.

8. Midori Sugiura from Mai-HiME - The HiME of Wind and Justice! Midori is a sly girl who lives for the thrill of adventure!

7. Haruka Armitage from Mai-Otome - GUTS. 'Nuff said.

6. Manga Natsuki Kuga - Unlike Takeda, I'm not chasing something that isn't chasing me back. In the manga, Natsuki is not only more beautiful than her anime counterpart, she's 100% straight. Score! <3_<3

5. Maya Blythe - How sweet. Dark meat. :3 Maya is incredibly beautiful and a total buzzkill. Just ask Kazuya and Akane Soir. XD

4. Mai Tokiha from Mai-HiME - The main heroine of Mai-HiME with those BIG....ROUND...VOLUPTUOUS....eyes. (( ;p ))

3. Yukariko Sanada from Mai-HiME - There's something very sexy about a nun who wants to reserve herself for His sake. The more she resists, the more I want. >3

2. Rosalie Claudel from Mai-Otome/Zwei - So Many Curves and Me With No Brakes!! Rosalie was barely utilized by those sillies at SUNRISE, but what a babe. The scene in Mai-Otome Zwei ep. 3 where she gets exposed by Anh is most precious to me.

1. Miss Maria from Mai-Otome/Zwei/0~S.ifr~ - Maria is a strict administrator (like meh! :3 ) at Garderobe Academy and veteran Otome. What makes her so appealing to me is her bossiness, intelligence and strong belief in the ways of an Otome. She prides herself on her grace (something Natsuki Kruger lacks). One of the most impressive qualities this woman has is her amazing fighting skills. She doesn't fight you, she goes for the kill. Literally. Women with experience are my cup of tea, so continue pouring. :3

Have fun using this meme! :3


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