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The Six Deadly Sins

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The Six Deadly Sins

Post by Lena Sayers on Wed Nov 24, 2010 8:04 am


Six Sins.. Sloth,Envy, Pride, Greed, Wrath and Gluttony… (I have decided not to write Lust cause this is my very first fanfic)

What happens when six people are infected with the sins? (Out of blue? I think not...)
Someone had plan this....someone...that has supernatural powers...But Who?
Some People aren't infected...Those people must find the cure...
Find it, before All Hell Breaks Loose. :twisted:

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Lena Sayers
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Coral student

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The Six Deadly Sins -Chapter 1-

Post by Lena Sayers on Wed Nov 24, 2010 11:40 am

Disclaimer- I do not own Mai-otome or any of its related characters. Mai-otome belongs to the people of Sunrise.

Summary: The characters are actor and actress of Mai-Otome/HiME and this fanfic is talking about what happened after they have filmed finish they own Mai-series (and they live in a dormitory together and Erstin's Uncle is the director, you will know what i mean when you continue reading..)and i know i suck at summary i always fail summary for my english paper 2 (And yes, summary is part of Singapore English Exams)

Chapter 1

Narrator's POV

It was another peaceful day in the Otome Dorm. Everyone was keeping busy chattering away happily, watching television, playing games or some just sat there staring into space with absent minds.

Mashiro, the queen of Windbloom stood up from the comfortable couch and started stretching herself. Another boring but peaceful day...

"Mashiro?” the queen turns towards the whining voice “When will we be filming again? Staying in the dorm with nothing to do is getting boring." Arika, the queen’s personal otome complained while munching on potato chips.

“ARIKA! You're getting chip crumbs in my hair. Eewwww! "A girl with blond hair muttered in disgust and she edged away from her. Looking sheepish arika tries to brush some of the crumbs out of the blond hair as the other girl moves away.

"I'm not sure, our Manager hasn’t asked the director yet." Mashiro replied in a bored voice, ignoring Haruka’s previous comment to Arika.

"Hey Erstin? Why don't you go ask your uncle?" Mikoto, suggested, snatching away the bag of chips from the otome’s hands and runs quickly away from her.

"THOSE ARE MINE, Give them back you glutton!" She roared as the cat girl poured half of the content of the potato chips onto her palm, ignoring Arika's sudden scream of annoyance. Arika started to chase Mikoto around the living room, when she finally caught her they started having a tug-O-war over the bag.

"No, Mine! You've eaten enough!"
"I bought it!"
"Share then!"
"Fine, then!"

Laughing sinisterly, Arika unexpectedly released the bag of chips, causing Mikoto to be flung backwards and the bag of chips to fly across the room.

"MY CHIPS!" Mikoto cried out loud as she watched the bag of chips hit the wall of the living room, and ricochets back. The force of this causes the chips to fly out of the bag.....right onto......


A certain scream was heard all around the walls of the dorm, causing shivers to run down everyone’s spine. They knew perfectly well who that scream belonged too.

"Oh, crap." Arika muttered, eyes large as she clung onto the nearest people she could find, her mum Lena and Elliot.

"Um...goodbye!" The rest, who were watching the television, retreated quickly from the living room, going anywhere that was not there.

A surprised Yukino runs into the room "What? What happened?!!!" the President of the Aries Republic asked as she appeared in the living room, where all the commotion was happening.

By then, half of the people had already disappeared. Only Mikoto, Mai, Arika, Lena, Elliot (whom Arika refuses to let go from her tight grasp in case she needs protection later) and Yukino were visible in the living room. Oh, and how could we forget, Haruka, who was boiling with rage as she shot glares at Arika and Mikoto.

"I'm....I'm.....So...Sorry!!!!!!!!!!" Arika suddenly cried out as she pulled Lena and Elliot closer.

"Erm…Arika?? Arika!" Lena and Elliot tried to wiggle out of Arika's grasp, but the both of them failed to escape from Arika’s death grip.

"MIKOTO!!! YOU.JUST.GOT.CHIPS.ON.MY.HAIR!!!" Haruka suddenly screamed, pointing at several chip crumbs and pieces that were now sticking out of her hair.

“In you mean? Right haruka.” Yukino says with a slight shake of her head, and then covering her mouth started making small squeaking noises. The few left in the room let their eyes drift from Mikoto, to Haruka and then to Yukino.

"Yu...Yukino?" Mai asked, concerned.

Haruka raised one eyebrow as she stared at her best friend, who was now on the floor, curled in a ball.

"Yukino? Are you alright?" Mai asked as she knelt down beside Yukino.

Then without warning, Yukino burst into hysterical laughter.

"Bwahahahahahaaa!! Haruka.!!! Your..Your..Hair...Chips....SOO CUTE!" Yukino burst out, rolling on the floor as she couldn't stop herself from laughing.

"Yukino! Yukino! Stop... STOP!" Mai, pleaded realizing what was about to happen, she immediately started poking her a few times, trying to get the president to stop laughing.

Mikoto, Mai, Lena, Elliot and Arika looked at Haruka at the same time, to see what her reaction would be.

"Yukino!" Haruka choke out, her hands balled into a fist.

All five gulped, knowing that Yukino was now in grave danger as no one messes or even dares to mock Haruka when she was in a rage.

Mai, seeing this rushes from Yukino’s side and stands next to Haruka.

"Ha…Haruka, remember to breath calm....calm...calm!" Mai chanted a few times while caressing her back. She hates it when people started fighting and it was always up to her to clean up everything.

"Go, go go!!!!" Arika suddenly whispers to Lena and Elliot, pushing them away from the living room as the three of them escapes from the threat of impending doom.

"ARIKA YUMEMIYA! I AM NOT DONE WITH YOU YET!" A sudden outburst from Haruka causes Yukino to stop laughing. A random door was flung open and slammed closed.

"Damn it. Why didn't I follow them?" Mikoto cursed under her breath as she gulped nervously at Haruka. It was after all her and Arika's fault that this was happening.

"Haruka? I didn't mean to laugh..." Yukino suddenly realizes the situation she had gotten herself into, and she stood up, remorseful.

"Oh. Save your remorse for someone that accepts it." Haruka snaps at Yukino while she pushed Mai's hands away.

As if a miracle had happened, Haruka stomps out of the dorm, kicking open the door and not bothering to close it, and she disappeared from sight.

"Mikoto! Look at what you've done!" Mai started scolding the cat goddess.

"Blame Arika! Not me!" Mikoto rebutted back before running into her own room.

"Great. Now what about the mess here? Who's going to clean it up?" Mai grumbles to herself as she looks at the messy chips on the living room floor.

"I’ll help you, Mai." Yukino quickly offers as she got down onto her knees to pick up the chips.

"Thanks, Yukino...." Mai smiles gratefully as she too, started picking up the chips on the floor.

"I hope Haruka is alright.." Yukino mumbles in a guilty voice as she stares at the dorm door.

"Yeah, I hope so too." Mai agreed.

Although both of them are worried about Haruka, it was best to leave her...for now.

A/N - Hello all, this is my first time writing for the Mai-HiME/Otome fanfic. So I hope that you guys will like it! and thank you zanekal1 for the revised version! =)
KaGuRa94 =)
Lena Sayers
Coral student
Coral student

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The Six Deadly Sins -Chapter 2-

Post by Lena Sayers on Thu Dec 02, 2010 7:25 am

Chapter 2

Haruka's POV

"Calm yourself ....Haruka. You must....remain calm....!" I keep chanting this mantra to myself as I make my way to the bathroom, slowly picking out the remaining chips and trying to brush the crumbs out of my freshly washed hair. I look up into the mirror and catch my own reflection shocked when I saw that glare etched on my face echo back to me. I recoil a bit at the image.

Was I THAT scary?

I sighed as I turned on the tap, letting the water flow like river onto the basin. I still can’t believe I ran out of the dorm and to the washroom without letting my temper get the better of me. Maybe being with Yukino has started to mellow me out.
“That Arika and Mikoto, they are sooooo going to get it from me next time I see them. Gah!” As a clenched fist flies up in a menacing gesture. "Damn them. nao all I can smell is those stupid potato chips." I took a sniff of my hair and my shoulders slump a little in defeat.

I checked my reflection one last time, making sure that there were no more crumbs left in my hair that I had failed to notice earlier.

Then proceeded to walk out of the building trying to avoid this fiasco, only to be ambushed by the rain. "Argh! Why am I so unlucky?" I cried out, realizing that I didn't bring my umbrella with me either.

As look around, I was praying hard that there was something for me to use as a cover from this downpour. The only thing that I could find close enough to be an umbrella was a small piece of cardboard.

"This isn’t going to last long..." I mumble to myself again as I picked it up. I rushed out of the structure, with the impromptu umbrella covering my head.

"I hope no one sees me. It will be a great dishonor if they actually saw a Miester Otome using a piece of cardboard instead of a proper umbrella!" running off from the Gardarobe campus and into the streets of windbloom, I spied a small shop that I quickly ducked into for shelter. Hmm....this shop is so unfamiliar....why haven't I see it before? Is it new?

It was a good thing that the shop was located here. The second I stepped into the shop, the cardboard was already beginning to disintegrate into pieces in my hands. I threw the cardboard away and pulled my hood up.

“Oh yeah! I am wearing my hooded jacket today!” Haruka thought as she smacks her forehead with her open hand.

"Hello, Miss. How can I help you?" An unexpected voice from behind me sends chills down my spine. Quickly, I turned around and spot a man, covered in full black and his face was obscured with a hood.

Oh My Gosh....this man is giving me creeps. I gulped nervously as my eyes wander around the tiny shop. It's a book shop, and since when was there a tiny bookshop around this area??

" looking for......books?" I lied.

Come on, I wasn't that stupid to admit that I came to the shop just to get shelter...Not that it isn’t obvious.

"Hmm. You’ve come at the correct time, Miss Armitage." The man suddenly digs out a book from a random bookshelf and places it in my hand. did, he know my name??

"How did you know my name?" I blurted out as I tried to see the man's face. Unfortunately, his face was well hidden in the folds of the hood.

"Who wouldn’t know that this is the famous, Miss Haruka Armitage?"

Gah! This man is so freaking creepy!

"The book, Miss..." The man points at the book that was held tightly in my hands. Whoops. Nearly forgot to review it.

I held the book closer, and read the title.

The Seven Deadly Sins

"Hmmm this looks kind of cool. I have never seen any books like this! “I exclaimed cheerfully.

"How much?" I asked as I dug into the side pocket of my jacket. Oh. Wait a minute.

I dig deeper into the pocket.


I sighed as I handed back the book to the mysterious man.

"No money." I exclaimed in a bored and annoyed voice, and turned to leave.

"Wait." He calls after me. I stopped dead in my tracks. Something was too strange and just not right in this place and especially this man. It was rare to find a person that could make me, Haruka Armitage to stop walking...or talking.

"It's yours. For free." The man flitted from his spot to the counter, and wrapped the book into a plastic bag. He rounded the counter and handed the bag to me.

"What? Are you serious?" I shot an incredulous look at him. Is this guy for real? Giving books to complete strangers for free?

"Take it or leave it."

I shivered again. Oh boy might as well just take it....

"Thank you." I accepted the bag and turned to leave.

"Here. An umbrella to avoid getting the book wet." Magically, he hands me an older but still in serviceable shape umbrella. Oh Fumi. Is this guy seriously for real?

"Er…? Thank you?" I take the umbrella from him.

"Ah. One more thing, Miss. Follow the instructions on the first page of the book. Remember, you must follow it to the letter."

I blinked my eyes a few time. Was this guy crazy? Who would want to follow instructions from a book especially if it was just for a fun read?

"I will." I lied and quickly walked out of the shop.

As I was walking towards our dorm apartment, I glance back at the shop, all the lights are out and its left in the street drowning into the darkness.
"Strange..." I mumbled to myself as I begin to walk at a much faster pace, trying to convince myself that there is nothing to be afraid about the creepy incident just nao.

"Yukino and the others must be worried about me by nao." My mind suddenly came back to the incident earlier in the common room of the dorms.

A/N - Hello all, this is my first time writing for the Mai-HiME/Otome fanfic. Thanks to zanekal1 and my Friend Agnes for helping me so I hope that you guys will like it! please review!
Lena Sayers
Coral student
Coral student

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Re: The Six Deadly Sins

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