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Innocent (Fanfic)

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Innocent (Fanfic)

Post by NFKuga on Sat Sep 04, 2010 1:29 am

It started out innocent enough. An invitation to dinner, sushi to be exact, and then later a movie.

The two sat across from one another, their table next to the window by request. Every now and then one would fidget, glancing at the other occupants of the small yet elegant sushi place. This caused the other to giggle behind her hand, eyes dancing with mirth. The younger of the two huffed in response.

"What's wrong with you?" The older questioned, knowing full well the response.

"It…it looks like we're a damn couple that's what."

"Are we not?"

A blush. "No!"


A comfortable silence ensued, save for the light sipping of tea from both girls. The food was served, quelling any conversation that would have been.

An hour or so later found them back at the older girl's home, a horror movie in the DVD player, and the two curled together on the couch.

It started out innocent enough.

An innocent brush of hands, a light caress of hair… the movie was soon forgotten.

The younger one found herself on her back, eyes wide with…what? Shock? Fear? …want? It didn't matter, for all coherent thought was gone when the older one's hands brushed against a sensitive spot against her ribs. A brow was raised and the action repeated, causing the younger to heave a heavy sigh, eyes fluttering at the sensation.

Fingers were soon intertwined in long, mane-like hair, nails gently scraping the scalp. Lips connected with searing skin, nips taken at the base of a neck. Soft sighs and the occasional scream from the long forgotten movie were the only sounds.

It wasn't enough.

Clothes began to litter the floor around them, a shirt dangling on a nearby lamp. The younger one was now in control, a smirk on full lips. The older swallowed, blushing heavily. She leaned down, propping herself up over the older girl, an arm on each side of her head, hair hanging like a curtain to frame their faces.

It wasn't nearly enough.

"Please…" The older pleaded.

"We shouldn't be doing this…" The younger reasoned.

"I…I don't care. Just…please…"

"What if she finds out?"

"I'll deal with it then."

"Will you?" She leaned closer, lips barely touching, and licked at the corner of the older's mouth.

A whimper. "Yes, yes, please…just…"

"Just what?"

"Kiss me, damnit."

It was enough.

Lips meshed together and tongues battled for dominance. Nails raked bare skin, leaving red welts in their wake. Heavy breaths and ragged moans drowned out all other sound. There was only them.


It was as if nothing ever happened. They went about their business, occasionally text messaging one another to see how the other was doing. They still hung out together with friends, the occasional side glance ignored by the others around them…or so they thought.

"Oi, Shizuru."

"Yes, my Natsuki?"

A blush. "I've been wondering…what's up with you and Yuuki?"

"Ara, what ever does Natuski mean?"

Natsuki's blush deepened as she looked away. "Well…you're always staring at each other and Nao hasn't been talking much when yer around. Did you guys get into a fight again or something?"

Shizuru smiled. "Mm…you could say that…"

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Re: Innocent (Fanfic)

Post by Luu Sky Sapphire on Wed Sep 08, 2010 1:03 am

Okay, am I seeing things here? Did I just read a short ShizNao fic? <3 That was quite delicious and very straight forward. Shizuru is such a pimp. :D I recently dabbled in ShizNao lately(thanks to RedEyeWolf), the ship works so much. Wanna take a read? It's here:


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