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Teaching the Young Part 2 (Slight Lime)

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Teaching the Young Part 2 (Slight Lime)

Post by NFKuga on Sat Sep 04, 2010 1:28 am

They never made it to the bed as Natsuki had Shizuru pinned against the wall, lips firmly clamped around the kaichou's neck. Shizuru's head lulled back with a groan, allowing the biker better access.

"N-Natsu-ki...the…the door…"

Natsuki growled, pulling away long enough to lock it and return to the task at hand.

A groan escaped Shizuru's lips at the biker's touch. While she loved it when Natsuki took control, it was her turn to play. Natsuki was acting purely on her bloodlust and while she was good at what she was doing, Shizuru always was the better seducer. Forcing Natsuki back she flipped their position, the younger girl's back now against the wall. Her tongue darted out, licking at the base of Natsuki's ear, teasing her relentlessly.

Shizuru's mind was in a haze as she trailed butterfly kisses along the biker's shoulder and neck. As a whimper slipped passed Natsuki's lips the dams broke and all control was sent flying out the window. Consequences be damned, she wanted Natsuki, needed Natsuki, and now.

The younger girl placed a hand on the kaichou's shoulder as a moan made its way from deep within her chest. The other hand was buried in the silken hair of her seducer, caressing the strands with both love and raw desire.

Shizuru practically lost herself at the feel of Natsuki's fingers in her hair, her knees growing weak as her hand shot out to the wall to support herself.

Natsuki reached out, her arms helping support Shizuru. With a grin she began nibbling on the older girl's ear. Shizuru gasped, the desire rising steadily as her hold on the young girl tightened to a death grip.

The shorter girl pulled back, slightly out of breath, eyes a feral yellow and smoky with need. Shizuru couldn't look away, couldn't think. She bent down and captured her lover's lips, sighing at the taste of her own blood there. She nibbled gently on her lower lip, effectively causing Natsuki to gasp. Shizuru met Natsuki's eager tongue with her own, each battling for dominance. Hands traveled along the brunette's neck, burying them in her hair.

Shizuru moaned, feeling the fire in her chest grow. She was fully aware of Natsuki's triumphant smirk against her lips as they kissed…something she intended to change. Without breaking the kiss, her hand slipped under the smaller woman's shirt, sliding it against smooth, flawless skin. She caressed her shoulder blade before raking her nails down the dark haired girl's back, sharp enough to draw blood.

The action caused Natsuki to tremble and break the kiss, hissing as she arched her back into the touch. Shizuru grinned, finally obtaining the upper hand.

"Now that I have Natsuki's full attention," Shizuru purred softly into the girl's ear, causing her to shiver again, "why don't we finish this on the bed…"

Natsuki didn't need any further convincing as Shizuru took her by the wrist, tugging her in the direction of their bed. Natsuki yelped when Shizuru gently pushed her onto the bed, pouncing the girl, trapping her beneath her.

For several moments the two women just gazed at each other. Each held an ethereal beauty about them. Natsuki with her swollen lips and flushed cheeks seemed to glow in the darkened room. Shizuru with tousled hair and labored breathes still held her calm and cool demeanor, despite the fire rising within.

"Natsuki was very…good today." Shizuru broke the silence.

"What do you mean?"

"You did very well for your first feeding."

Natsuki blushed and looked to the side to avoid her lover's gaze. Shizuru giggled softly.

"Is my Natsuki embarrassed?"

The girl huffed. "N-no, I just…I don't know what came over me. I'm sorry, if I hurt you."

Shizuru broke into another fit of giggles causing the younger vampire to scowl at her.

"What's so damn funny?"

"Nothing, my Natsuki, nothing." Shizuru grinned and licked at the corner of the girl's mouth. Natsuki whimpered and gave a feeble attempt to push up on the older girl.

"Sh-Shizuru, Please…" Natsuki blushed at her own words.

Shizuru's grin almost reached her ears. She leaned down, nipping lightly at Natsuki's neck. With a low growl she sunk her fangs into Natsuki's flushed skin, groaning at the sweet taste of her lover's blood.

Natsuki's hands reached out, grasping for anything within reach. They twirled themselves into the bed sheets, pulling hard enough to tear. She bit her lip, swallowing back a moan before it was released. Shizuru pulled back slightly, giggling at Natsuki's tortured pleasure.

"Forgive me, my Natsuki," she purred into the girl's ear, "I am merely…marking my territory." She dipped down to nibble on Natsuki's neck again, trailing searing hot kisses down to her collarbone. Shizuru was grateful the girl ditched her biker leathers for a tank top and jeans. Foreplay was so much easier this way.

Natsuki's eyes fluttered closed and she groaned, fingers weaving their way back into Shizuru's mane of gold.

"Sh-Shizuru!" Natsuki tugged on Shizuru's hair when the vampire's lips fastened themselves on her pulse point once more. She gave a yelp as teeth gently nipped at the skin there and groaned when Shizuru sucked on the wound with fervor.

"My Natsuki makes the sweetest sounds. I wonder what else I can make her do…"

Natsuki's mind shut down as Shizuru pulled back, lips rimmed with blood, and began to disrobe.
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Re: Teaching the Young Part 2 (Slight Lime)

Post by Luu Sky Sapphire on Wed Sep 08, 2010 1:54 am

Vampire ShizNat lovage continues! The beginning was a battle of dominance, with Shizuru coming out on top. She's such a tease to break love/suckling silence in the middle, that's so like her. Even canon Natsuki would be an impatient girl in bed. If it feels good, anyone would want more. So I don't blame her one bit. XD Great work, Kuga! Thanks for sharing all your fanfics!


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