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Teaching the Young (Shiznat fic)

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Teaching the Young (Shiznat fic)

Post by NFKuga on Sat Sep 04, 2010 1:27 am

"You know, there are no faces attached to the blood bags in the kitchen."

Natsuki shivered, a strange image of blood bags with smiley faces drawn on them popping into her head. Like that was helping any.

"Ah, n-no thanks. I'm ok, really. Just…tired."

"Vampires rarely sleep. You're tired because you're not feeding enough. Not feeding at all, really."

The girl sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose with cold fingers. "Honestly, Shizuru, you worry too much."

Shizuru simply smiled that irritatingly condescending smile of hers and chuckled. "My dear Natsuki, I don't think I worry enough." She sat on the edge of the bed, a few feet from where Natsuki stood, gazing at the younger girl. Natsuki was still, almost statuesque, as she stared out the window at the night sky.

There was a bout of silence before Natsuki sighed heavily, running a hand through raven locks. "What did you want, Shizuru?"

The brunette looked to the side, fingers trailing along the silken sheets of the bed. "To talk. To tell you… that I understand."

Natsuki turned and raised a brow.

"You understand? Understand what?"

"What you are going through." Shizuru smiled, though it did not reach her ears. "I was there too, you know. We all were."


"It's not as bad as Natsuki thinks."

The younger girl scowled and turned away, her eyes again drifting out the window. Shizuru sighed.

"Let me help you, Natsuki."


Shizuru did not answer. Instead she rose to her feet, quietly making her way to the brooding woman. "Natsuki…"

She did not answer.

"Natsuki, please, look at me?"

With a sigh the girl turned, jumping slightly at the sudden closeness of the other woman.

"Do you trust me?"

"Shizuru, wha—"

"Just answer me."

A pause…and then, "Yes, Shizuru. Of course I trust you."

She smiled, a genuine one this time. Shizuru softly caressed her fingers over Natsuki's cheek, trailing them ever so slowly down the girl face, to the back of her neck, twirling her fingers gently around Natsuki's hair.


"It's alright, Natsuki…trust me." Shizuru gently pulled Natsuki closer until the younger girl's face was nestled nicely against her neck. Natsuki sighed softly, nuzzling her girlfriend's neck lovingly. Shizuru giggled softly, running her fingers through Natsuki's silken hair.

They stayed like that for a while, held in each others arms, but Natsuki wasn't sure as to how this was helping her. Sure she loved being around Shizuru, the feeling she got when Shizuru teased her (even though she was annoyed most of the time) of the way Shizuru smelled…


Natsuki blinked, suddenly aware of the sound of Shizuru's blood rushing through her veins, the feel of it as it throbbed against her lips, so close to Shizuru's neck. She could practically taste it, the smell mixing with Shizuru's own sweet scent slowly intoxicating her.

She needed to move.

"Shizuru…" She winced at the strangled sound of her voice as she tried to pull away. Shizuru held fast, though, pressing her face closer to her skin.

"It's alright, Natsuki." Shizuru cooed softly in her ear.

Natsuki struggled further, a low growl rising in her throat.

"S-Shizuru, please. need to let me go. I can't…" Natsuki's plea turned into a desperate whine.

She wanted Shizuru. She smelled so good, felt so soft. Another growl, louder this time, rumbled in her chest as her fangs lowered, tingling.

"Can't what, my Natsuki? What is it?" Shizuru continued running her fingers gingerly though the girl's hair. She knew the answer already, but the first step in helping Natsuki was getting her to understand, to accept it.

"I…I want…"


"I want to feed." Natsuki growled, primal.

"No one is stopping you, Natsuki."

"No, I-I can't…"

Shizuru sighed. She was going to have to push this further then. Her grip on Natsuki's neck became tighter, tighter, until she knew she was drawing blood. Natsuki groaned, whether in pain or pleasure Shizuru didn't know.

"Natsuki, feed. You must."


Her protest was cut off as Shizuru raked her nails down the back of Natsuki's neck, the girl hissing in pain. She growled then, viridian eyes flashing yellow as she sunk her fangs into her lover's neck, all control lost.

Shizuru groaned and threw her head back allowing Natsuki better access to her throat. She smiled, satisfied with herself, another moan working its way from her chest. Natsuki was so forceful now, so demanding, so…hungry. Shizuru was in heaven.

Natsuki growled softly, her grip around Shizuru becoming desperate. She wanted more; more blood, more of Shizuru and her intoxicating scent. She clutched at Shizuru, fists clenching and unclenching as she drank. Blood dribbled out of her mouth, down her neck, as she sloppily lapped at the wound she had created.

"Oh god, Natsuki" Shizuru moaned, burying her fingers in Natsuki's lovely hair once more.

Natsuki's ears perked at the call of her name. Even through her pleasurable haze she heard Shizuru's moan. It startled her. Natsuki blinked and stumbled backwards, confused and slightly off-balance, her eyes focusing on Shizuru and the bleeding wound on her neck.

Shizuru sighed as Natsuki, in a sense, pulled out of her. Her eyes fluttered open and locked on the girl in front of her. Natsuki, lips rimmed with blood and a bewildered look upon her face, actually looked quite…cute. Shizuru smiled at her, gently cupping the girl's cheek in her hand and wiping the blood with the pad of her thumb.

"Natsuki? How do you feel?"

Natsuki, still in a slight haze, reached out and touched the side of Shizuru's face. She was right. It wasn't as bad as Natsuki thought. It was fantastic, electrifying…intimate. Natsuki licked her lips and shivered at the taste of Shizuru still lingering on her tongue. One hunger was sated, but another was growing just as strong.

The raven haired girl surged forward, her lips crashing against the brunettes in such a demanding kiss that Shizuru actually stumbled.

But before Shizuru could properly respond Natsuki pulled back, breathing heavily, stumbling a few paces back. Her gaze trailed over Shizuru, taking in every curve, every dip of her body. She wanted her. She wanted her bad.

Shizuru's lips were swollen, stained red with blood. Her hair was tousled, a mane of gold. Her eyes were now a smoldering red, like lava, heated by the feel of Natsuki feeing from her. She looked beautiful and wild, an untamed lioness ready to pounce.

Natsuki groaned and clutched her head, shaking the perverted thoughts from her mind.

At the sound of her Natsuki in pain Shizuru snapped out of her stupor, rushing to the girl's side. "Natsuki?"

Natsuki flinched and pulled away from Shizuru's touch.

"Shizuru, don't, not yet. I-I don't…trust myself yet. Please."

Shizuru frowned. "Kannin na, Natsuki. I didn't think—"

"No! No…please. Don't be sorry. Shizuru what you did for me…that was…my god. It was amazing."

Shizuru smiled then, lightly brushing Natsuki's sweaty bangs from her face. "See? It wasn't so bad."

"No, no it wasn't. But…"


Natsuki looked up and grinned, a flash of fangs. "There's another hunger that you can help me with."


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Re: Teaching the Young (Shiznat fic)

Post by Luu Sky Sapphire on Wed Sep 08, 2010 1:14 am

Now this a better alternative to Twilight. :D

This is the first time I read anything with ShizNat as vampires. This chapter is once again, straight forward in typical NFKuga style, with detailed intimate moments. With Natsuki's hunger building, her inner seme starts to break out. I loved it! XD Chapter two is next...


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