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Dragon Ball Super !!!

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Dragon Ball Super !!!

Post by SXD on Sun Jun 24, 2018 7:45 am

So I just finished up with this. I noticed a lot of arguments online regarding the female saiyans.

I have to say, after finishing watching this, other than the fact that I always thought Broly was (cool BUT) ridiculously OP, so yeah I'm not a fan of legendary Kale either,... I still don't see any issue with Kale or Caulifla in general. And I thought Caulifla's cocky attitude was funny. I really like her.

A lot seems to be regarding the issue of them achieving SS anything so fast... but um... it's been since universe 6 characters were introduced, that they were always stronger anyway. So I see no problems here.

Overall, yeah, it's frustrating that we've had to sit through HOURS AND HOURS of Goku training and powering up episode after episode... after episode,... to even get to regular SS the first time... and these U6 saiyans are just like, oh, here I'm SS before the first commercial break. But it's not unrealistic to think that saiyans in a completely different universe could possibly just be stronger for whatever reason (especially when that's exactly how they were introduced)... I mean... why can puar and oolong talk?... how come a Namec can just regrow limbs at will?... magic healing beans?

Honestly, I was more annoyed at how OP Jiren was. I mean come on, he can punch with his stare? He's stronger than .... TIME ?! stronger than the gods?... yeah.

Really, if you kept watching after Hit could punch people with the air,... there's no reason to complain about someone that's already super strong get to SS really fast.

I think ever since Freiza, this should just be something to watch and enjoy the action. Fun action is what this is. Not nitpick on the science of spontaneous hair color changes from aliens that are actually monkeys that can fly.

Overall I quite enjoyed this. I don't feel like Dragon Ball has ever really been meant to be more than a fun action show to watch.

What does everyone else think?

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