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[Nakatani Nio] Yagate Kimi ni Naru (Bloom Into You)

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[Nakatani Nio] Yagate Kimi ni Naru (Bloom Into You)

Post by Akamanto on Sat 6 May 2017 - 13:53

The first original serialised work by Nakatani Nio, Yagate Kimi ni Naru (or Bloom Into You) is about a girl--Koito Yuu--who doesn't really have any experience with liking someone, and finds herself incapable of understanding the idea at all. When she's confessed to by a classmate and doesn't know how to reject him, she confides in an older student--Nanami Touko--who seems to share her feelings on romance... Only to find that Touko's been charmed by Yuu's inability to fall in love, and confesses to Yuu herself. Yuu accepts, but she's unsure if she can bring herself to love Touko back, and it seems Touko might not even want her to.

While the premise is fairly simple, the way Nakatani approaches it is pretty unique. She makes good use of a visual form of unreliable narration, the characters are endearingly open with how they feel, and the development of their arcs feels natural.

The art is a plus, too. (@^-^)

You can find it on most manga sites by either title, and you can purchase it here.

Nakatani is also friends with Canno, apparently, who writes the A Kiss and A White Lily short story collections. Canno often draws fanart of YKnN/BIY.

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