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Song by Saeko Chiba (Natsuki's seiyuu)

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Song by Saeko Chiba (Natsuki's seiyuu)

Post by Aomame on Wed Dec 02, 2015 10:32 pm

Hey everyone! I downloaded this song by Saeko Chiba and I couldn't help to think it was Natsuki singing to Shizuru ShizNat (like, maybe at a later stage in their relationship? I love you )

I mean it's just that Saeko's voice in this song sounds exactly like Natsuki's imo, and like an idiot I can't stop thinking about it Razz

Here's the english translation, which I think it suits them fine as well. Let me know what you think!

English translation for the song
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Re: Song by Saeko Chiba (Natsuki's seiyuu)

Post by Luu Sky Sapphire on Thu Dec 03, 2015 11:14 pm

Mikoto Minagi Cool find, Aomame! Aishiteru does sound like Natsuki's own direct serenade, or Ode, to Shizuru. Thank you for providing the translation page! When I read the following lyrics, I literally feel the connection and chemistry between ShizNat. Take Natsuki's omake, where she expresses how she feels in words. Words she could never form by talking. Shizuru feels her love, especially after episode 25.

When we sat down on the grass
And abandoned ourselves
to a doze

We kept searching for the detour
But love is always here
When I spoke of love with you,

my love

I was enveloped in your dear scent
Within the summer sunlight
I love you

I wonder where just you and I will go
Just the two of us at the wind’s mercy
I think we can meet
the gentleness we left here
So I love you and you alone

The flowers fall like a dream
When I sketched a faint picture
on your shoulder
I still didn’t know anything of this world
Now it’s waxing in beauty

You have Saeko's gorgeous voice bringing this ShizNat image song to life. Now we're both idiots, Aomame! Haha! This song does give me an idea. If you're subscribed to the Mai-Multiverse YouTube Channel, you will get to see it early. Wink


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