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Obscure pairings and fanworks thread?

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Obscure pairings and fanworks thread?

Post by Magus Phantalus on Tue Nov 10, 2015 3:04 pm

Well I didn't see anything along these lines so shall we have a bit of a thread where we each talk about an obscure yuri pairing we support and/or make content for?

All artists and fanfics welcome although creating your own content is encouraged and if you have any advice for your fellow content creators by all means share. After receiving encouragement from unexpected sources I have a new appreciation for encouraging other artists and writers.

Of course posting a source pic or reference for your pairing is fine too.

One of my favorite obscure pairings right now is Agent Chase x Iris from "My Giant Friend" or "Linus et Boom" a French/Korean cartoon. Naturally I try to age Iris up a bit.

The canon from the show is Agent Chase is from an agency known as the Space Development Center and she hunts aliens while Iris and her friends protect them. The fanon however is that Agent Chase is from some kind of government Agency and is a notorious womanizer who could bed any girl she wants. I like the fanon version personally and am working on a bit of "world building" centered on that and expanding the scope of the agency Chase belongs to, to include supernatural elements as well.

Here is a source pic

I have one short fanfic floating around on Deviant Art,, and Archive of our Own called; "She's Doing it on Purpose". It is based off of some Ehyrel's art.

And recently I've started overhauling my artistic ability in the hopes of improving and soon I hope to have nice yuri pics to post of these two again. Here's an example of one of my new practice pics of Agent Chase.

If anyone is interested in the fanon that I'm building off of this pairing or anything else I'd be glad to answer any questions in the meantime does anyone else have any obscure pairings they are trying to support with content?

As a last bit the book that REALLY helped me improve so far is "Figure Drawing for all its Worth" by Andrew Loomis. I'd recommend it to any artist who has never heard of him before.
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