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What's this blazon?

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What's this blazon?

Post by Antiope on Sat Sep 19, 2015 6:06 pm

In episode 24, in a flash-back Sergay remembers the murders he did for Nagi, for instance a man in a car.

I'm sure I've already seen this blazon before. In fact while searching for it, I could only find it during Mashiro's coronation, among other flags.
I'm just curious, it's not so important but it really niggles me. I think it could be Artai's blazon. Nagi could have asked Sergay to kill the previous sovereign so that he could seize power.

What do you think of it? Does someone remember which blazon it is?
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Re: What's this blazon?

Post by Luu Sky Sapphire on Sun Sep 20, 2015 11:46 pm

It probably is Artai's Blazon. Grand Duke Nagi was most likely next in line; or, it could be that this was a political figure who uncovered some dirt on him. Nagi being Nagi, had him assassinated to prevent his squeaky-clean image from being tarnished, thanks to Sergay.

I'll have to watch carefully (noting all background activity) to be 100%, but with flashbacks central to Nagi's early years, it's safe to say this was someone important that knew too much. Nagi's plans? The Schwartz? Aswald dealings? Nagi's perfect plan (it pains me to say that) to take over Garderobe and Windbloom was flawless. No one saw it coming, seeing how it started with a few deaths. Then you have the implication that Nagi and Mashiro are siblings in their universe, which is severely unsettling given that marriage proposal...and Nagi's random dominatrix fantasy. I didn't like Nagi in HiME, but man, he really made me hate him in Otome. Anyway, I'm way off topic now.

Good for your curiosity, Antiope. Mai-Otome is full of mystery, due to events that are mentioned, but never seen. These are the moments that need clarity.


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