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Fan theories from animated shows and movies [the correct and the false]

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Fan theories from animated shows and movies [the correct and the false]

Post by Luu Sky Sapphire on Thu Aug 13, 2015 9:54 pm

HiME  Fan theories from animated shows and movies [the correct and the false] HiME

= NO.

This thread was created due to the recent theory by Disney's Frozen's director Chris Buck, that Tarzan is related to Anna and Elsa. To me, the guy was just joking around; borderline poking fun at the crazy Disney fan theorists from tumblr. But the wheels in my head began turning, since I looked at these loony old fans. In this thread, we will post all the wacky theories from our favorite animated shows and animated movies. Hopefully, you will shed light on each other with pure honesty.

I'll start things off with a few that come to mind.  GRANDE CHIE  Pay attention, class! You will be graded! Stay away if you don't want to be spoiled!

#1) Slayers: The Motion Picture
Fan theory: Rowdy Gabriev and Meliroon are Gourry Gabriev's ancestors.
True or false: 100% true


Because the first film was not directly written by the Slayers creator Hajime Kanzaka, it tackled it's own logic and lore. There are no mention in the film that THESE elves live extensive lifespans. I don't believe Rowdy would be dating someone who would still be a little girl by the time he's an old man. He knew the deal and pursued a relationship with her anyway; despite Meliroon's parents being against contact with human beings. Because of this, it is greatly assumed that these two end up together and have a set future awaiting. Hell! The last shot of them is both arm in arm during the end credits! Because Lina traveled back in time to defeat a vastly weaker version of Joyrock, Meliroon was never killed and Rowdy didn't become a ghostly sage who was unable to cross over until justice was done. Before traveling back in time, Gourry (Lina's love interest and greatest partner) did not exist. At all. Because Lina changed the past, Gourry now exists and wandered around until the two finally met in season one of the TV show. On top of that, Rowdy also carried Gorun Nova (the Sword of Light). Like Gourry said in season one, Rowdy also mentions it's a sword passed down through his family for generations. So while Gourry was born elsewhere, his roots trace all the way back to Mipross Island where the first film too place. And btw, Mipross is famous for having the Jellyfish as it's mascot. Throughout the series, Gourry praises the Jellyfish and even said this when he wore the jellyfish costume in Slayers Next:

"Ahhh! I feel so comfortable for some reason~"

Yeah, no shit! Besides, being part elf partially explains why Gourry is so agile compared to most humans.

That's right, Lina. These two were responsible for your man:

If it weren't for the events of the original film, Lina would of been killed early in season one. Gourry's existence made a huge difference.

#2) Hell Girl
Fan theory: Hajime Shibata was sent to Hell by an unknown individual.
True or false: 100% false


This is an easy one. After season one of Jigoku Shoujo (aka Hell Girl) where Hajime and Tsugumi defeated Ai's vengeful ambition, we never see Hajime again. It was rumored that, in season two, he never stopped trying to prevent people from taking vengeance on others through Hell Correspondence. He also wrote a biography on Ai Enma, explaining how the Hell Correspondence works. Nobody has seen him since, and though his daughter Tsungumi reappears in season 3, Hajime is never mentioned. But one thing was clear, Onna, Ren and Wanyudo all confirmed that Hajime was not sent to Hell. That much they're sure of. A popular theory that I could agree with, is that he passed away, as implied by Tsugumi. Because Ai and her crew have not seen him, it can be assumed that he was one of the few human beings to enter Heaven. After what he's done, it makes sense and is well deserved.

#3) Mai-Otome Zwei
Fan theory: Ribbon-chan is the reincarnation of Ribbon-chan
True or false: 100% false. However, I can understand why it's a popular theory.


Once Ribbon-chan revealed her face at the post-credits scene of Mai-Otome Zwei Episode 4, fans were immediately reminded of Erstin, due to the similar features. Not only that, both Ribbon-chan and Erstin are Schwartz, so that could lure people into believing she reincarnated. Thing is, Ribbon-chan appears to be a few years old. The events of the original Mai-Otome TV show happened a mere year before Zwei; no doubt while Erstin was still alive. There's no way Ribbon-chan is an incarnation. Kagutsuchi-kitten, yes! But not Ribbon-chan, LOL!

There's also this scene from Zwei where Ribbon-chan desperately pleads to join Arika in the fight against Yuna:

See that? Ribbon-chan's bravery and concern for her friends made Nina remember Erstin for a second. Just goes to show that the Schwartz are kind and compassionate people, despite some ugly history in the past. Nina embraced Ribbon-chan after this, not wanting Ribbon-chan to sacrifice herself needlessly. No Schwartz can defeat Yuna. Yuna defeated Garderobe's strongest Otome and even Miyu! But it's the good intentions that matter. Regardless, the only thing Ribbon and Erstin have in common is their compassion for others and that they're both of the same race. Nothing more, nothing less.


So, have any fan theories from your animated shows and animated movies? Post below and let us know!  



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