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Axe and Arrow: The Johanna Mason and Katniss Everdeen Story-Chapter 3

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 Axe and Arrow: The Johanna Mason and Katniss Everdeen Story-Chapter 3 Empty Axe and Arrow: The Johanna Mason and Katniss Everdeen Story-Chapter 3

Post by firesphere306 on Mon Mar 16, 2015 10:59 pm

Axe and Arrow:
The Johanna Mason and Katniss Everdeen Story

Chapter 3-Warming the Heart with Fire!

"Shit…." Johanna swore as she sat up in her bed. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes and held her head with one hand. Sweat was running down her body like she was sleeping in a humid room, but in reality it was the normal room temperature.

"Time to get up. We will be late for the ceremony, I don't want to be late on a count of your lateness." Blight said as he opened Johanna's door. Clearly, he wasn't the least bit sorry for his actions earlier. He hardly ever spoke to Johanna about anything important since he gave the news about her family. His emotions were clouded by his ego and that is why Johanna didn't think of him to well.

"Yeah, yeah I know. Be right there." Johanna flung her legs over the side of her bed, dangling like a string. She threw off her sleep ware  and walked over to her closet to start rummaging around.

Blight was still in her room. "Hey, don't wear anything in there. Our designers will be in to get us ready. We're trees."

Johanna rolled her eyes at him and huffed a puff of air. "Great, how original is that." A damn tree, her district always wore something that was associated with trees. She was so tired of it, she wanted something different.

"Oh good heavens! You are going to take the longest to get ready. Here, Dear. Sit down and I will fix your hair." A woman with a cotton candy, colored wig ran into her room with scissors, comb and a hairdryer. Her outfit was outrageous. Ruffled, pink collar with a spotted red dress. Her heels were 3 inches off of the ground, making her tower over Johanna.

"Really? Trees again? How fucking lame are you? I'm so tired of seeing myself and everyone in the district in trees." Johanna huffed as she sat down in a chair in front of the designer.

"No complaining! You are representing the Lumber District, LUMBER. Therefore, you are a tree." The designer grinned and started plucking at Johanna's hair, pulling the strands so hard that it was moving Johanna in that direction.

"OUCH! Damn it Bessie, you're supposed to style my hair not rip it out." Johanna snapped with fierce rage in her eyes.

"Shhhh! Quiet! And how dare you call me Bessie. I'm not Bessie, I'm Betty." Betty yelled.

"Oh, sorry! You two look the same. No one can tell the difference between you twins." Johanna snarled with a smirk.

"WE DO NOT! She has pink hair." Betty yelled back.

"Right! The Cream Puff of the Capitol!" Johanna laughed as she dipped her head back to look at Betty.

"Cream Puff?" Betty thought for a few seconds. "What's a Cream Puff?"

"You got to be kidding me. Idiot." Johanna hung head and slammed her hand onto her forehead.

"What? What I say?" Betty asked as she continued Johanna's hair.


Johanna and Blight headed toward outside where the other Victors were standing. Everyone was conversing next to their Chariots, getting ready for the parade that will lead them in front of President Snow, for him to gaze upon them. Judging them, he secretly wanted all of them dead. Every single one of them.

"Johanna!" Finnick yelled as he ran over to Johanna's side. "Oh Jesus, Finnick. I knew you would wear hardly nothing to this thing."

"Ha, thanks. I'm going to take that as a Johanna compliment. It's hard to come by." Finnick smiled his charm at her.

"Take it whatever way you want." Johanna rolled her eyes and looked away from the shirtless wonder.

"Trees again I see. This color really brings out your eyes. When did you grow your hair? It's longer than yesterday. Is it a wig?" Finnick rubbed his chin with his fingers and tried not to laugh.

"Shut up. I hate my designer, we are SO not original. My hair, yeah…damn Betty put extensions in my hair. I want to rip them out along with my eyelashes." Johanna huffed as she restrained herself from ripping everything off of her body.

"Oh, look who it is?" Finnick said as he began to strut over to the District 12 tributes. The woman that Johanna had met last night was standing close next to pretend lover. She watched as Finnick made his way over to them, snorted to herself and walked over to her chariot.

Johanna climbed up onto her trusty chariot and waited for the parade to start. Blight had yet to follow her so Johanna just admired the scene behind her. She watched Katniss as Finnick talked to her, she could tell that he made her uneasy. This put a smile to her face. Usually people jump at the chance to kiss that handsome face but not this girl. Katniss was different.

"Hey, slide over." Blight cut Johanna out of her staring and climbed up onto the chariot to sit next to her. "Ready? Let's show the people who we really are." Blight grinned at her.

"Yeah, whatever." Johanna tipped her head forward and waited for the announcement that the event was starting.

The parade made their way to the front of the area outside of tall platform. Snow stood up high, overlooking the tributes as the circled around at the base of center. The crowd cheered as Caesar announced the Victors by their districts. Johanna turned around to hear the crowd grow louder, but it wasn't at her, it was at Katniss and Peeta. "Oh, for fuck sakes!" Johanna yelled.

Fire was flowing all around them just like when Katniss won her games. Johanna was trying so hard not to throw something at her and knock her lights out. Snow stared down at Johanna before Katniss got up to the center.

The look in Snow's eyes still pierced right through Johanna. She glared right back at him, showing that she was not afraid of him anymore.

Then, the parade was done. Johanna jumped off her chariot and rushed out of sight before Blight could yell for her. Johanna jogged to catch up to Katniss, Peeta and Haymitch.  They were getting in an elevator and Johanna wanted to make sure she made her grand entrance.

Before the elevator door closed, she snuck in right in time. Johanna pulls off the headdress of leafy branches and tossed it behind her without bothering to look where it fell. Johanna ruffled up her her hair and rolled her brown eyes. "Isn't my costume just awful? My stylist's the biggest idiot in the Capitol. Our tributes have been trees for forty years under her. Wish I'd gotten Cinna. You guys look amazing."

Katniss's eyes widened at what just happened. Johanna appeared in front of her again, she didn't know if she should play dumb and act like she hadn't met her yet or what. Johanna liked to girl talk? Katniss was never good at this sort of thing so she was fumbling around with words to say. Peeta and Haymitch just stared at her like she was the hottest thing since sliced bread. Katniss looked at Peeta to see what exactly his face was doing before replying to the woman that stood in front of them.

"Yeah, he's been helping me design my own clothing line. You should see what he can do with velvet." Katniss released the words like it was some sort of mistake. She looked around the elevator at everyone.

"I have. On your tour. That strapless number you wore in District Two? The deep blue one with the diamonds? So gorgeous I wanted to reach through the screen and tear it right off your back." Johanna said with a hiss in her voice.

Katniss leaned back a bit, shocked at what she had just said. Did she really mean that or did she mean she wanted to rip the skin off of her as well?

While all four of them waited in the elevator, Johanna looked over to Peeta and turned her back towards him. "Will you unzip?" Johanna asked as she turned her head to the side.

"Uhhh…..sure." Peeta hesitated and started to unzip the top of Johanna's tree outfit. Katniss eyed him with jealousy and rolled her head to the front again.

Johanna unzips the rest of her tree, letting it drop to the floor, and then kicked it away in disgust. Except for her forest green slippers, she was baring it all for them to see.

"There, that's better." Johanna smiled and turned back around.

"Oh Peeta, I love your paintings. Where did you ever learn how to create things like that? You must be good with your hands." She winked at Katniss. "You picked a lucky one."

Katniss reared back her head like a cobra getting ready to strike.

"Well, you see. It was something that I would do on my spare time when I wasn't baking bread." Peeta fumbled words, trying not to focus on Johanna's breasts.

"Right, you’re a bread boy. A baker. Nice." Johanna nodded. The light from their costume reflected off of Johanna's breasts and Katniss was finding it hard to not look at them. Haymitch was smiling ear to ear, he was enjoying himself. "Hey, you going to ask me anything, Miss?" He choked back a burp that was caused by liquor intake.

"You? Not at the moment, Sweetheart." Johanna winked at him. He smiled and Katniss crossed her arms in front of her. She was getting irritated now, Johanna was starting to piss her off.

The elevator stopped on the seventh floor with a ding. Johanna winked at all three of them and stared at Katniss with a smile. The doors of the elevator opened and Johanna whipped her head and body around. "Thanks, let's do it again some time." Johanna exited from the elevator, leaving her clothes behind. The final look that Johanna gave Katniss was one that any other person in the world would follow her and take her to bed. Katniss just stared at the naked back as Johanna left, imagining what it felt like against her.

"What? Get ahold of yourself, Katniss." She said as she shut her mouth, making sure that no one else saw the gaping hole in her face.

"Thank you." Haymitch said as the door closed as quickly once Johanna left. "Johanna Mason, District 7."

All three of them stood in shock, Katniss stood there not being able to say a word, just like last night. Her image of Johanna still appeared in front of her. It was almost like she didn't want that image to go away. She almost wanted to…..follow Johanna. What? Katniss couldn't believe what she was thinking. She must be craving touch, but why did she only think about Johanna?

"Katniss?" Peeta tried to break her out of thinking.

"Yes?" Katniss turned to him. "We should get ready for the testing now." Peeta said, the elevator stopped on their floor.

"Yes. Let's go Peeta." Katniss agreed and walked out of the elevator behind Peeta.

Johanna Mason-Age 10


"Damn you, you little BITCH!" An older woman yanked on Johanna, sending her whirling around in a frenzy. Johanna's face was covered in cuts already and she was prepared for another. Johanna was around the age of ten years old. She took her baby sister out for a walk and didn't tell her Foster parent where she was going.

"STOP IT! LET ME GO!" Johanna's younger voice yelled as she ripped her arm away. She stepped in front of her sister who was crying her head off. She was protecting her, fists ready and she bared her teeth at the older woman.

"You get inside right now! No food for you or your sister tonight. You will grow hungry!" The woman yelled. Her fiery hair was held up in a red bandana, uniform untied and her apron was almost on the floor. Her face was covered in what appeared to be white flour.

"FINE! YOU OLD HAG!" Johanna yelled, picking up her baby sister and stormed inside. She ran upstairs to her room, ignoring the other kids in the house. She slammed the heavy door a loud thud and placed her sister in her crib. "I'm sorry, Em. I will think of something to get us some food." Johanna huffed and slowly walked to her bed to sit on the edge. The cries of her sister were so loud that it echoed in the small room. There was hardly anything in there, just a bed, dresser and some toys. Not enough to block sound waves that were made in the room.

Johanna heard a knock, she spun her head around to investigate the noise, she couldn't find the source. The knock was heard again and Johanna stood up and walked over to her window to see a girl outside. It was her best friend Regan. Johanna's face lit up once she saw her and quickly opened the window for her.

"Goodness, you could have fallen to your death." Johanna said, pulling her friend inside.

"Yeah, I know but I thought it would be easier this way so I don't make your mom upset." Regan said as she got her footing when she it the wooden floor.

"She's not my mother." Johanna corrected her and walked over to Emily's crib.

"I know but, I'm not sure what to call her. The reason why I'm here is because I heard the arguing. I brought you and Emily food." Regan smiled and pulled out a napkin filled with bread. Johanna's eyes widened and she gasped with joy. "Regan, really? Wait, you heard us? Sorry about that."

"No, no it's okay. It's umm…well, kind of hard to not listen to when my house is so close to here. You're welcome, I couldn't let my friend starve." Regan handed her the napkin and sat on her bed.

"Thank you, Rey." Johanna ripped off a piece of bread and bit down on the soft dough. Her eyes closed, feeling the sensation of fresh bakery slide down her through. Johanna forgot how good fresh bread was, all she got was dry and almost moldy bread from her Foster parent.

"Oh and here is a bottle of milk for Emily." Regan said as she pulled a baby bottle out of the pouch she was had around her shoulder. The milk swished around in the bottle as Regan handed the bottle to her. Johanna smiled and stood up and walked over to her sister. She put the bread down on a nightstand and picked Emily up out of her crib. Regan smiled at the scene, seeing the young Johanna hold her baby sister as she fed her. She looked inside her pouch for her camera, she was a wonderful photographer for her age. The youngest in District 7.

"CLICK" A camera goes off and startles Johanna. "Hey!"

"Sorry, it was such a beautiful moment between you too. I had to take a picture to remember you guys." Regan laughed as she hid the camera from Johanna.

Johanna just smiled and titled her head to the side. "No worries, Rey. Hey, are you going to train later today?" Asked Johanna with a thoughtful face.

"Well, I would like to but I thought you have to be up here all day?" Replied Regan.

"Nah, she won't come up here anymore. She said she won't be feeding us so why would she? I will bring Emily with us and then we can go." Johanna smiled.

They were training for nothing in particular. They wanted to be in top shape in case they were called for the games. You can never be to careful. They had a few more years until they were eligible.

"Okay." Regan smiled and got up from the bed. She opened the window and stepped out onto the roof. She waited until Johanna popped her head out of the window to signal her to go. "Right behind you."

"You've done this before?" Regan asked as she tried to wait until she knew Johanna would be okay getting off of the house with Emily in her hand.

"Yeah. I have." Johanna replied as she tied a baby harness around her chest and placed Emily inside. Emily smiled at her and started giggling. "No, Em. Be quiet. Shhhh." Johanna brought a finger up and placed it over her lips to silence her sister.

Regan had already jumped off the roof and was waiting at the bottom for them She watched as Johanna stepped onto the wooden roof. "You okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine." Johanna smiled and proceeded to climb down with delicate ease. Regan raised an eyebrow at her. "What were you in a past life? A Monkey?” Johanna just smiled at her. "Alright, let's go."


Johanna walked through an open room full of the tributes training with their special weapons. Spears flying, arrows hitting targets, people tying knots and tributes throwing heavy weights. The room was full of talent and anger. Everyone worked hard to be graded on and would help guarantee the Career's will help them out during the game. Everything was for a show and earning votes and hoping to stay alive. Johanna moved her body in a way like she was walking on a catwalk. Her legs strong, head held up high and her muscles screamed for her to pick up an axe. She couldn't wait to feel that metal handle between her fingers, she wanted to break something hard, and someone’s face would do it just nicely.

"Johanna!" Finnick yelled and ran over to her with a rope in his hand. All Johanna really wanted was to get to her axe and nothing more. She loved Finnick like a friend but damn he can be annoying at times. So she just gave him a smirk and tilted her head to the side. "Finnick, have you come to tie me up with that?"

Finnick chuckled and snapped the top together like he was about to whip her with it. "No, I wanted to see if you remember how to tie a knot the way that I do. Make sure it's secure and all." Johanna stuck her tongue out to the side and bit down on it, making her eyes cross. "Duh, of course I remember." She took the rope out of his hands and started playing around with it, wrapping it around until it was fastened to the correct position. Then she slipped it around Finnick's neck and tightened it so that it was almost choking the young man. "……J-Johanna….okay. I get the picture……yo-you know how." Finnick coughed and held up a thumb to her.

"Good." Johanna replied and unfastened the rope and threw it at Finnick's chest with a laugh. "Sorry, Fin. Had to show you what I know. You’re an awesome teacher what can I say."

Finnick rubbed his throat and smiled his precious smirk at her. "Yes I am." Finnick walked close behind her until Johanna found an axe in a metal stand with other weapons.

"Cutting down trees! Go get them, Johanna." Finnick gave her a thumbs up and scampered off, catching his gaze on Katniss and Peeta as they walked into the room. Johanna had yet to see them, she was focused on getting her axe and playing with it. She picked up an axe that had a black handle and silver screws holding the blade in place. She looked to see how sharp it was by running her thumb of the blade, her calloused fingers were used to it. She would do this every time she got a fresh piece of wood.

She picked up another one that was equal in length and the same color. She put the second axe down on a metal table next to her and began to swing the other one around. Her form and movements were overpowering. Everyone stood and watched as she swung the axe around with gental ease, she gradually picked up pace and strength once she caught the eyes of Katniss. Seeing her made her even more willing to show her strength, to show her what she was truly made of. She wanted to show off her skills and tease her with everything that she had.

Katniss stared back at her, watching her every move. She was in a trance again, the swing of her blade and emotions in her face is what got her attention. What was she striking at? At her, perhaps? Or was it someone else that she truly hated. Katniss was at a loss and just stood there, unfaded but she clearly couldn't look away. Johanna made direct eye contact with her and gave her a smirk. She lifted her axe above her head and laid it across her shoulder. "See something you like?" Johanna asked as she gave her a provocative smile. This made Katniss look away quickly, she tried to hide the blush in her face by avoiding her. She walked over to the area where Beetee and Wiress were. They were trying to start a fire. Katniss's eyes followed back toward where Johanna was training again, thinking of her. Wanting Johanna to slam her on a table nearby and not care who was watching. Maybe it could give her extra points. KATNISS She thought. Get a hold of yourself.

Johanna turned her head and watched as Katniss made her way over to the older tributes. She snorted and picked up the other axe and started swinging both of them. Twirling them around like a windmill, sweat was pouring off of her. The workout was exactly what she needed.

Katniss gave Beetee and Wiress a demonstration on how to start a fire. Her gaze was interrupted by Johanna again making grunting noises and screams. Her mind wondered again.

"Katniss." Johanna whispered into her ear. Katniss had her head dipped into Johanna's neck, taking in her scent as she planted kisses along her skin. Her hair cascaded around them, made a blanket but was wet with sweat from their activity. Johanna ran her hands up Katniss's bare back, leaving red lines as she nibbled on her ear. "Yes?" Katniss breathed huskily. Her eyelids were heavy, the arousal was almost at it's peak and her body was starting to shake. "It's okay. I'm ready." Johanna revealed as she brought her lips towards Katniss's, skimming along the contours of her face to meet the juicy muscle. "You sure?" Katniss wanted to make sure it was okay with her." "Yes, I'm absolutely sure." Johanna gave her a big kiss, letting her tongue slide into her mouth."

"Katniss?" Beetee interrupted her thought. "AH! Oh, sorry. I lost what I was thinking there. Do you understand now? Make sure you put all of the weight in your hands as you move down the stick."

Beetee and Wiress nodded at her and thanked her. Katniss got up from a sitting position and walked of to Mags. She was tying a fishing hook together.

Johanna followed her movements like a snake. She threw her axe so it went flying into a wall next to Katniss, making her jump in the process. It split the metal wall that was behind her, little pieces of metal shavings started crumbling to the floor while Katniss tried to get her composure back. She stood there in shock, her eyes as big as saucers and with her mouth hanging opening. "Oops. My bad." Johanna huffed a laugh and started to walk over to Katniss and the old woman. Katniss quickly motioned Mags to get up before Johanna could get to them. She was worried Johanna was going to kill her right now. Mags smiled at her and waved her hands to get Katniss's attention. She hadn't notice the axe that Johanna had thrown at them.

Katniss grabbed a bow and arrow and entered into the training hall with digital targets. Mags watched as Katniss waited for the simulator to start. Johanna rushed up behind the glass and was the first one to witness the action. Katniss performed her shooting with great ease and hardly no sweat at all. It was like a game to her. There was no chance of her having any trouble with the training. Johanna watched her carefully like a cobra, eyes snaking her. She almost felt jealous. She watched the way her muscles moved. She felt like she could see every movement, it was like something out of a dream. Like she wasn't even there. Then, Johanna stood in shock and remembered something.

"This girl who loved the Mockingjay birds. She was a star and won the Hunger games. Her bravery and skills was known throughout the districts, she was praised and well liked. What made this girl special was that she had the most precious gift of all. Her sister. Before the games started, her younger sister was called in the reapings. The girl stood up to them and volunteered for her sister, thus starting her adventures in the Games. The odds were in her favor and she ended up winning."

The story she use to tell her little sister. Was Katniss really the one who would help them? She fit the story perfectly. Nah, it was just a coincidence. This girl couldn't possibly something out of Johanna's stories.

When Katniss was done, everyone outside of the glass started clapping. Johanna just stood there, staring. No emotion from her, she was still in a trance of the elegant woman who stood with a bow and arrow.

 Axe and Arrow: The Johanna Mason and Katniss Everdeen Story-Chapter 3 Giphy
 Axe and Arrow: The Johanna Mason and Katniss Everdeen Story-Chapter 3 <a href=

 Axe and Arrow: The Johanna Mason and Katniss Everdeen Story-Chapter 3 36685039513_11c8defd14
"Well, I have these blackout moments that I don't remember anything. A certain type of darkness swallows me whole, crushing my entire body to the point that I’m burning up. All my senses stop, my vision blinds me and I feel soulless. A voice calls to me but it’s neither one I recognize…and it tends to haunt me like this shadow on my soul. This voice is evil…pure evil that I lose to it. It becomes me. That’s when everyone else tells me that I became someone else in battle. Someone that they remember…..but…I don’t remember being me." Gabrielle Kimura-Fire Sphere
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