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Yurikuma Arashi [Lily Bear Storm]

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Yurikuma Arashi [Lily Bear Storm]

Post by Luu Sky Sapphire on Tue Mar 10, 2015 6:53 pm

SPOILER-FREE-ISH rundown on Yurikuma Arashi (anime only. Haven't read the manga).

Look familiar?

Like Utena nearly twenty years before it, Yurikuma Arashi manages to blow my mind. Though, rather than take the strong symbolic route Utena did (Freud, Fruit of Sin, Metamorphosis and "therapy" ), this series takes most of it's Yuri influences and peppers them throughout the series. The first episode begins with a damn Lily flower, for fuck's sake! ROTFL!

The story (can we honestly say that with a straight face?) revolves a version of Earth that is overrun by bears. PLEASE ALLOW ME TO EXPLAIN.

A nearby planet explosion caused billions of shards to descends upon our Earth. These shards trigger the bears to attack humans, not to mention have an increase in intelligence as they can organize...set trials...and lick the honey off human girls.

To prevent further bear attacks, humans built a wall (which doesn't seem to work, seeing how the GURI GURI GURI GURI bears manage to get in and victimize humans anyway). In the middle of all this, we meet Kureha-chan, who along with her girlfriend, Sumika, are being followed by two creepy female bears disguised as humans. Both express great hunger for Kureha...but why?

Trust me, that's as far as I go. This series is strange, but it's definitely one of the more abstract anime titles as of late. And knowing it's pure yuri makes it watchable. The series get a lot stranger and complicated as it goes on, but like I said, it's abstract. A puzzle you can't help piece together because it's delightful imagery always captivates your attention.
The back story with Kareha's mother is pure yuri tragedy. You'll see.

So, has anyone else seen Yurikuma Arashi? Comment below and spill your honey! Gay Rainbow Shizuru Kaichou


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