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Should I continue with my Sailor moon/ Mai-Hime Xover Fic/OtomeWolf Deviantart

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Should I continue with my Sailor moon/ Mai-Hime Xover Fic/OtomeWolf Deviantart

Post by PuppyHaru on Sun Jun 15, 2014 10:29 pm

Well I'm not very good at writing so i'm not sure if I should continue it "I've only written the prolouge"

Prologue :

It's been a year since we defeated the Obsidian Lord. A lot of us thought that was the end, that we had won,that we were done with our fight, and could go on living a normal peaceful life. Turns out we were wrong, all of us still had a hime mark, we could still summon our elements and our childs. We had no explanation to it, not until recently we found some kind of lead.

And that's why I've currently transferred to a high school in Tokyo. I'm Natsuki Kuga and along with me on this investigation are some of the other hime and some of them decided to bring there chosen person. Me, Mai, Mikoto and Nao are sharing a place with Shizuru as she attends a university here. Oh and by the way I'm kinda dating Shizuru, it happened some time after the events of the carnival. I was able to sort out my feelings for her and after tracking Shizuru down since she was trying to avoid me because she felt guilty of her actions during the carnival. And after a long talk over some tea and a mayo sandwich we sorted out our problems or something, and we have been dating ever since.

Yukino is also in Tokyo renting out an apartment with Haruka. And Midori has a place to herself, trying to research on any events that may be linked to the Hime.

Anyway the reason we're in Tokyo is because Midori found some interesting news. There have apparently been some strange supernatural activities happening here and they may be linked to us hime so we're here to find the answers we seek.

We have a lot of work to do!!

So the idea is that the hime are somehow connected to the senshi and we're reincarnated along with them.

anyway I'm not good at story writing so If anyone wants to pick it up or help me with it that'll be awesome.

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Re: Should I continue with my Sailor moon/ Mai-Hime Xover Fic/OtomeWolf Deviantart

Post by Zweifel Marguerite on Sun Jun 15, 2014 11:13 pm

I would advise to move the written fiction to the fan fiction section, creating a new thread for every story you write, so they could be easier to find and read, and keeping a separate thread here devoted to your images/art (a gallery thread, of some sorts, showing all your masterpieces). Now, I see that the artwork goes together with the fanfic piece, so all the artwork related to it can go into the appropriate fanfic thread. Basically, for your general art, have thread in this section. Every story much have its separate thread in the fan fiction section, and you can add art that relates to the story to the appropriate thread as well.
At least, I think it's how it should work, but don't worry about it now - you could be fine and I could be just silly. ;D If Luu sees a problem with this, he will inform you, so stay calm for now.

Even though I am not a Sailor Moon fan, I find the whole concept very interesting. I know Luu has mentioned several times that he would love a Mai-Series x Sailor Moon crossover, so I bet it'll make him happy. :D I would love to see this progress somewhere!

Since you are the author of the idea, I would suggest trying to write it by yourself, because only you know what you truly want to achieve from the story - all of the others may suggest something or wish for something, but, in the end, it all depends on you. If you are not sure about your writing capabilities, it would be wise to start off with a smaller story, even a one-shot or two-shot will do, because you improve your skills the more you write, and, naturally, it's better to have some practice with general story writing before starting a massive project (which this is obviously going to be, considering it's a crossover between two massive series). All in all, it's best to practice and to write by yourself. Even the work in a group may seem appealing, you will have to find people as devoted to the story as you and you'll have to work like a well-oiled machine, and it's hard to form a group that runs smoothly. Also, in a group project, expect quarrels and fights, and somebody working more than some others, creating unbalance, plus different writing techniques may be off-putting for a reader. It's also worth mentioning that if somebody doesn't get the work done in time, it stops the whole project, so there's that.

If you need somebody to beta our pre-read your story and check it for some plot holes/grammar mistakes, don't be shy to ask around the forum, starting with the moderators! Many of us are experienced authors and fanfic writers themselves, so, even if they don't agree to be your beta, they can give you some valuable advice. :)
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