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Spinning bottles, turning heads

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Spinning bottles, turning heads

Post by LyriumEidolon on Sun Jun 15, 2014 2:53 pm

Hello everyone: Got another story, although this one is going to be more of a collection of one-shots. I am going to debut this here before uploading to This particular genre is something I'm fairly new to though, but I hope it goes okay.

Spinning bottles, turning heads.
Chapter 1:

“How did I get dragged into this?” Akira asked, sitting at one end of a circle of people, with a bottle in the center. Next to her was Tokiha Takumi, then his sister Tokiha Mai. Going clockwise around the circle, there was Tate Yuuichi, Takeda Masashi, Yuuki Nao, Senoh Aoi, Kuga Natsuki, Fujino Shizuru, Sugiura Midori, Kanzaki Reito and finally, Sagisawa Yohko.

“Don't complain, Okuzaki-kun,” Midori declared. “Games like this are the best way to get to know people! Who's first?”

“What are the rules of this?” Takumi queried.

“Hehe, this'll test how pure that new heart of yours is,” Nao quipped, causing him to freeze. “You spin the bottle, and whoever it lands on, you kiss! And none of this on the cheek crap or quick peck BS either; you have to make it as hot as you possibly can!”

“You made up that last part, Nao-chan,” Midori spoke again, placing her hand on the glass bottle in the center of the table. “Though I think we should hold it for at least ten seconds. Lemme demonstrate.” Right then, she flipped the bottle around, with the tip spinning...



It started to slow down

Slower it got...

The tip was becoming visible...

A target would soon be in sight...





Takumi... the bottle's tip was pointing directly at him.

“First in line, eh? Don't worry, I won't be too rough,” Midori teased, getting up from her spot at the circle. Slowly she walked, past a smiling Reito, an interested-looking Yohko, a scowling Akira, standing directly above her target... looming like an evil overlord.

“Su- Sugiura-sensei,” he stammered, looking at the descending visage of the teacher above him. Slowly she knelt, her face coming closer to his...”

“Just relax...”

“Su-” Before Takumi could finish, Midori had already pounced on him, her lips firmly up against his. A large blush crept onto his face, but his arms remained limp at his sides; this all of a sudden was quite surprising for him. He just hoped that Akira wouldn't kill him later...

“Three...” Nao cheered, “Four... Five... Six... Seven... Eight... Nine... Ten!”

Midori broke off at that moment, standing up over Takumi, who was still on his back, and walked back to her part of the circle. “Now you get to spin, Takumi-kun,” she announced. “Just walk over to and kiss your target.

Shaking, his hand reached for the bottle, and his trembling fingers grasped its body around the middle.

“Don't be shy, Tokiha-kun,” Shizuru spoke. “Just give it a twirl,”

With his hand still shaking, he shoved the bottle, which began spinning... rotating... looking for the person he would have to kiss...


Okay, now I think the way it is going to work from here is that I am going to wait and see what (if any) reviews suggest as a target for the person who just spun the bottle, and then work from there.

One ground rule is that I don't want to have repeats of previous rounds in a row, i.e. I don't want people to kiss someone they have just kissed (while yes it can possibly happen in real life, I want to try and avoid that here). Does a three round difference between scenarios repeating sound reasonable?

Otherwise, who do you want the bottle to target, out of the people I've included in this game?

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