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50 Fears: Yuuichi's fears of the HiME

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50 Fears: Yuuichi's fears of the HiME

Post by hildebrant on Wed Jan 22, 2014 12:03 am

50 Fears

50 sentences reflecting the fear Yuuichi has of Mai and the other HiME

To him who is in fear everything rustles.

1. Unknown:

Its been said that the greatest fear man has is that of the unknown. For Yuuichi Tate, no other form of the unknown terrified him more than the thought of when all of the girls would be getting their powers and their beasts back again.

2. One:

Many didn't know this, for not many had asked, but hidden away in Yuuichi's dresser drawer, and all locked up was a small handgun. Loaded with only a single bullet. A lone bullet at the ready for the day the girls decided to turn their anger towards him. He wouldn't give them the satisfaction of killing him. He would have it all for himself, and he'd do it, with only one bullet

3. Escape:

More than once he thought about leaving the island, and getting away from the girls, but they knew him, his face, and his family. They would find him and kill him. That knowledge filled his brain everyday and reminded him that there was no escape.

4. Empty:

Years had gone by and his days at Fuuka Academy were gone and done for. Now all he had hoped for was that his apartment had no one inside of it at night. No monsters, none of the girls, or anything else. Waiting for him to walk through the door, waiting to kill him, Waiting to prevent him from ever talking about his days on the island. These days nothing was more important to him to or be in than an empty home. A home where nothing awaited him, and where the silence would never be broken by the girls or their beasts.

5. Ignorance:

They say ignorance is bliss and that its better to not get involved in other people's affairs. Yuuichi often wished he had listened to those words so many months ago. Because now he has seen what the girls are capable of, and he has seen what their beasts are capable of. How does one remain ignorant and blissfully unaware when the nightmares of those things still remain in their mind?

6. Bridge:

When Yuuichi finally graduated and left, he never said goodbye to the girls, or tried to get in contact with any of the staff. He packed up, left and never spoke of his time at Fuuka with anyone. He just kept quiet on the whole ordeal. They say when make a crucial decision, it should be made with care and not with regret. Though as far as Yuuichi was concerned, this was one bridge he was glad to burn.

7. Night:

At times when he was walking back to his dorm room once classes were done for the day, he would notice the strange things moving about. It reminded him of that so called vampire incident and that one large, frog like creature he saw once when he was with Shiho. He would wonder what other strange things he'd encounter on his walks home from later classes in the dark. He also wondered if they would turn their attention to him and make that the last night he was alive on this island?

8. Cavalry:

He often wondered if it was possible to call in outside help or let the outside world know about the girls and what they could do. Then he thought back to the day when he ran out of the cave he left Shiho in, and he saw the many beaten and possibly killed off soldiers laying all across the lawn. If just a small handful of them could do that to trained and armed soldiers, then there was no hope from getting any outside help or any cavalry at all. He was alone and left with no one to help him.

9. Taste:

Mai once offered him a bite of a meal she had prepared for her friends at a party. It was fine enough, but then the next time it could be poisoned. She had once put him in the hospital by accident during the cake bake-off, but the real possibility that she could put him in the grave via intentional poisoning was always there. She could kill him without the aid of the dragon or her rings and her flames or her friends. Just with the aid of something colorless, odorless, and without taste.

10. Storm:

He remembered how much Mai hated the rain when they were alone together once. He had grown to fear more than just the rain. Particularly lightning and thunder as well. The constant rain and thunder blocked out any sounds he heard on the outside and keeping him from being warned in advance. The lightning often left odd shadows all over the place. In those shadows he often thought he saw the girls and their beasts. Waiting for him. Outside in the storm.

11. Vanish:

He had often heard stories about how men had dissapeared or had been found tied up in some strange substance with their money and possessions gone or taken from them. He often wondered if he'd ever suffer the same fate, only instead of being found the next day by the cops, he'd just vanish forever.

12. Hero:

When he was growing up, he often wanted to be the brave knight who would charge in and save the day and get the beautiful maiden's kiss, but after that one year he knew there was no longer any place for that kind of thinking. He never saved the day, he never got the kiss, and he never did get to be the person he always wanted to be. He knew the girls would no longer have any need for him. Just as he knew there was no longer any need for a hero

13. Myths:

He thought creatures like the girls' monsters and beasts were just legends and stories. But he found out the hard way that they were all too real, and all too dangerous. He had seen the damage they could cause and what they could do. That was no myth, and neither was the danger he found himself in.

14. Sharp:

He Remembered seeing the ferry split in half. Watching it fall apart and sink to the bottom of the ocean. He wondered just what could be that powerful, and whom would be powerful enough to be able to use it. He found his answer when he saw Mikoto use her sword to slice apart Shiho's crow familiar. An event that lead to his death. He wondered if Mikoto would ever use that sword again, to slice him apart with such ease like she did the Ferry, or Shiho's crow. She had been responsible for killing him before, she'd probably be even happier to do it again if Mai ordered her to do it. All by using her razor, sharp sword.

15. Blood:

The first time he died, all he could remember seeing was green lights fading up into the sky and then nothing. Once he knew what the girls were capable of, the next time he was sure that his next and final death would be much more brutal and much more painful. They would show no mercy, they would spare no quarter in making him the target of their fury, and they would make damn sure that the punishment that lead up to his death, would be in his blood.

16. Animals:

When you're young, old, or at any age range you're warned of where to go so as to not become a meal to or to just be in danger with the local wildlife in any area. Whether it be a poisonous snake, a giant hungry bear, or any other creature that feeds on flesh and blood. He however never received such a warning and he was now in an area filled with creatures that were alot more dangerous than anything found out in the woods or in a desert. He was on an island out in the middle of nowhere with no one to call for help, and the local wildlife to be aware of was the HiME, and they would always be far more dangerous than any wild animal.

17. Useless:

When the girls could summon up a giant fire breathing dragon, or a giant metal wolf or call upon laser pistols or control flames, it was all too apparent that they had no need of him. When there's no need for him to be around, its only necessary to get rid of him. Wasn't that they general idea of discarding something when its not needed? He often thought, wondering when they were going to get rid of him in their own ways when they were tired of him for being useless

18. Reflex:

After the event of the so called Carnival, Yuuichi had begun to develop a sort of nervous tic when he was by himself. It consisted of turning his head back quickly to see if he was truly alone. He had done it so much that it had become natural for him. Many years had gone by and he still finds himself doing this. In his mind, his safety was guaranteed all by following this strange reflex of his.

19. Lock:

One night he had purchased many locks and installed them onto his door frame in an attempt to keep them from getting in. As the nights wore on however he began to think of how pointless it all was. If they couldn't get in through the door, they'd just burn down or destroy the whole building. Something he was sure they'd take great pleasure in. A lock on the door or not.

20. Nightmare:

He once heard an American poet refer to sleep as those wonderful little slices of death. How true it was when every last one of his dreams consisted of him dying at the hands of Mai and the other HiME in various ways. Dissection,Vivisection, Hanging, burning at the stake, being fed to their pet beasts. All of them different, yet all of them part of the same, horrible, nightmare.

21. Sleep:

They say that the human body requires at least eight solid hours of rest each night so that it can work at peak efficiency the following day. To him that just meant eight solid hours that he was unable to defend himself or be able to get away from any or all of them should things get serious. All because he needed to let his body rest. The fear set in when he thought of how the next time he closed his eyes, he'd never wake up. All because he needed to get some sleep.

22. Bodies:

Every so often he found himself thinking back to those soldiers he saw defeated out on the front lawn shortly before he ran and saw Mikoto and Natsuki standing over them. The ones that had dealt with them. Sometimes he wondered when he'd be added to that pile one day. The newest addition to the beaten and possibly murdered pile of bodies the girls had made.

23. Beyond:

The dangers of the girls included their strange powers and the beasts that they all controlled. At times Yuuichi wondered just where they had come from, and how they managed to make it through to their world, and if they'd ever wind up coming back to wreak havoc on their world again. Back to from that world from far beyond his.

24. Hospital:

He thought back to Mai's brother being in the states for his operation. Going under the knife to get a new heart. He hoped he'd never be in such a position. Trapped in a sterile, white room, the fear of being cut open and with no escape, where they could get to him. They could either call upon their beasts to destroy the whole building with him in it, or sneak in and cut the wires keeping him alive, or inject him with a fatal poison. Not everyone who goes into a hospital is known for coming out alive afterall.

25. Week:

When the last days of school had finally arrived and he was due for graduation he counted them down and thanked the lord above that nothing had happened. However, even into his middle years he counts the days, grateful that hasn't encountered the girls again, even for another week.  

26. Prophecy:

Was all of this supposed to happen? Was it all written down long ago by some ancient beings that walked the earth long before the first human being even came into existence? If so, how far did it extend? How far did it go? This bothered him since some of these old legends may even ask for something like a sacrifice. Something he would fit into the category of. Something to offer up and discard, all because the prophecy called for it.

27. Gone:

At night when all of his classes were done, and all of his fellow students were back in their dorms and he was laying in bed his mind began to wonder. Wonder whether or not the fighting and the monsters were all truly done for, and if his life would be on the line again. Another fear that came to him in the small hours of the night, and at times during the day was whether or not any of the girls would come after him. Turn their anger towards him for whatever vendetta they had thought up in order to protect themselves and their loved ones. A vendetta they'd see through to the end until he was dead and gone.

28. Grave:

In coming to this island he wondered if he had arrived at the last place he'd ever inhabit. His final resting place. In a way he was right. He had died on this island once already, and through some unforseen circumstances he had been ressurected along with all of the others who had been killed during the carnival. He knew however that was the last time it'd happen and the next time he died, he wouldn't be coming back. He'd be gone forever and if it was here where he died, this place would now and forever be his grave.

29. Haunt:

He looked up the definition of the term haunt once back when he was younger. One of the meanings stuck with him and reminded him of his current situation more than anything else: A feeding place for animals. It was a true definition for that term alright. A feeding place for animals, just like this island. A place filled to the brim with anything the girls could choose from to satiate either their beasts' hunger or their own desire for slaughter. An entire island filled with unknowing candidates that they could kill or feed upon, all on this remote and hidden away haunt of theirs.

30. Home:

Many things on the island scared him: The girls, their monsters, and them coming after him. Another thought had found its way into his fears: The thought of going back to his parent's house and finding the girls there. Either lying and saying that they were all friends of his and were just getting to know his family, or be there waiting for him with the dead remains of his parents, patiently waiting to add him to the pile. Truly a dreadful thought it was, to leave Fuuka and to find them all waiting for him in his own home.

31. Destination:

Every so often after getting off of a bus or a train Yuuichi had heard the driver or conductor say that he had reached his last stop and that it would be time to disembark. This came back to him once again when he thought of his arrival on Fuuka. On a lifeboat after the ferry he arrived on had gotten sliced in half. Such an odd way to go to the island, along with the other types of chaos that had followed lead him to wonder if this place was his final destination

32. Numbers:

How many of them were there? How many of them had those beasts? How many of them had powers he had to be worried about? these questions all lead back to the same thing he kept on asking himself: The total amount of the girls and the total amount of monsters that had inhabited this island. Thirteen? Twenty? Fifty? A Hundred? All questions he had on those subjects, he never received an answer. He never knew the total amount of those monsters on the island, nor did he know if those numbers expanded beyond the island, and how many of them were out there.  

33. Witches:

While in college one day he was reading up on specific women who were known for supposedly practicing black magic or consorting with the devil. Some of them were wrongfully burnt for being accused of such activities. He wondered how those people would feel or think if they ever came to this island. Would they think it filled with such women? Would they think of all of them as witches?

34. Hours:

They say no one ever really knows when they're going to die. They never know the day, the month, or the year. Neither did Yuuichi. He didn't know how long the girls would allow him to walk amongst them and all of the other students before they decided to just get rid of him. It could be today, it could be tomorrow, or it could even be in a matter of hours

35. Gifts:

Mai could control flames and summon up a giant, firebreathing dragon. Mikoto could weild a giant sword and slice apart anything in her path. Natsuki could summon a metal wolf with built in cannons and was a crackshot with her summoned pistols. Shiho could seemingly vanish at will and summon a giant metal crow. Some would view these special abilities as a blessing. He just viewed them as a curse. How was he supposed to compete with such powers when he had no special gifts of his own?

36. Devil:

When it was over and it was time for him to go and move onto the next world, he wondered if he would be among those that would spend the rest of his days burning forever in the pit of eternal hellfire that Sister Yukariko always spoke of. Crazy nun turned out to be one of them just as well. Well she can keep her own images and ideas of what hell is supposed to look like. For him, Hell was an eternity spent on this island with those girls and their beasts. That would be a far worse fate for him than any amount of time spent burning in some pit of fire presided over by the devil.

37. Prison:

A limited number of days to be held on site, constantly being watched, and confined to small living quarters and only being able to go where you were allowed, and when you were allowed at all times, and the constant threat and fear of being killed when you'd least expect it. All of these were to be expected when you were staying on Fuuka island. When you sat down and thought about it. The whole thing didn't feel much at all like a schoolgoing experience. It felt more like a prison sentence.

38. Horror:

When the girls had returned to being just normal, regular students, they had celebrated and thrown a party with drinks and food and movies to watch on top of Mai's favorite past time of karoke. They had invited him over to enjoy the celebration but he had turned them down and feigned some fake illness to throw off suspicion. He knew they would be watching his favorite types of films: the scary ones, but he didn't need any of that at the moment. It would only serve to remind him of what he had already gone through. Something that was far more terrifying than any horror movie could ever be.

39. Sanity:

When he had graduated and left the island, he had kept the memories of his time there locked away in the back of his mind. He knew it wasn't that healthy and that it would be best if he told someone about what had happened to him in the past. He knew better than to tell anyone the truth, for any reason whatsoever. If he told anyone, anything at all, they'd just laugh at him or call him crazy. He couldn't blame them. When it came down to it he'd laugh at him if he looked at it from their point of view. It would only make sense that they'd question his sanity for saying something like that.

40. Luck:

He based his current survival situation soley on that of pure luck. He had been ressurected and brought back to life just as everyone else who had died during the carnival. But that was only a one time thing and he knew it. Just as he knew there would come a time, when his luck would run out and the reaper would come calling again. This time no amount of good luck would save him, not from the girls.

41. Shadows:

Years had gone by and through much rest and relaxation he had been able to forget about Fuuka and the girls and everything that had happened. Or so he thought. On his trek to work everyday or even on his days off he would see something that reminded him of the girls. Whether it was a dragon from some film or video game. A motorcycle parked out on the street, or the scent of green tea, or anything else that he also saw back on the island. The memories would flare up again. The terrors from his past were coming back to haunt him, coming back from out of the darkest corners of his mind, from out of the shadows.

42. Imagination:

When you're young they say when you see something really scary and its coming at you, it does so because you make it real in your mind. It gives it the power to make it hurt you or have power over you, and that all you have to do is not believe in it and it will go away. The only problem with that is, this wasn't in Yuuichi's head, it was right in front of him and the flames, the monsters, and the women that controlled them weren't a part of his dreams. They were all real, and not a part of his imagination

43. Sin:

He was well aware of how he had treated both Mai and Shiho and it was wrong in the eyes of many. He had played around with the hearts of two women and had unknowingly lead them both along without confiding in the both of them with how he truly felt. He had done his best to make amends to the both of them. He hoped that they wouldn't decide to take their anger out on him and punish him for committing such an unforgivable sin.

44. Red:

They say that when someone is angry enough, everything else fades away and all that they see is a bright, unending crimson vision that blocks out anything and everything. He wondered which one of them would see that color when they found him to be at the source of their anger? Would it be Shiho for spurning her? Would it be Reito for attacking him in his moment of triumph? Would it be Mikoto because Mai ordered her to? Or would Mai herself give into her anger and be the one to kill him? All the while seeing nothing but red.

45. Reincarnation:

He had once read about dying and coming back to life in another form and experiencing a whole new life. He wondered if he had died a long time ago and this was the life he was living as a result. One of fear, paranoia, and worry. If it was so then he wondered what he had done in a past life to have this type of punishment given to him in his current reincarnation.

46. Murder:

When they finally killed him. When they finally called upon either their powers or their beasts to end his life. They'd never look at it as it truly was. They'd look at it as getting rid of a pesky fly or someone that knew too much. Getting rid of loose ends or satiating their boredom. He knew thats how they'd look upon it as. But never as it should be: As cold blooded murder.

47. Breed:

They say the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, and that children are often known for doing what their parents tell them to do. He feared and dreaded the thought of what the children of the girls would go on to learn and do under the tutelage of their parents. How many bodies and lives would they try to take because they were ordered to by their parents? Other such worries he had in regards to them was: if they were to get beasts of their own. He learned that one of them, sister Yukariko had recently had a child. The nightmare would begin again, with this new breed.

48. Uncertainty:

His time on the island was filled with many unanswered questions and much he didn't know about. One such question he had was just how many people were in league with the girls? How many were working with the girls as agents or spies? How many of them would report back to the girls on whether or not he was growing suspicious of them? Or that he would tell others about what had happened on the island? To him, these questions were enough to produce new reasons to sweat. There was no greater uncertainty to him than wondering when there was going to be a knife in his back.  

49. Town:

All the destruction the girls caused and the number of wrecked buildings and the landscape ruined and not a single news report or a police investigation had looked into it. He wondered if everyone on the island was in on the girls and their monsters? If the whole island was truly on their side, then he was truly alone with no one to turn to if things got out of hand. It wasn't just the school that was a part of this. It was an entire town that kept quiet about everything that took place. Even the missing bodies and the destruction.

50. Fear:

It was funny how things changed. Funny how emotions could be altered. He had gone from arguing with Mai, to liking her, to now outright being afraid of her. She along with the other girls possessed powers that you'd only ever see in tales of fantasy or in some television show. The way they used them didn't excite him or make him admire them. It made him terrified of them. Nothing could stop the girls. Nothing could stand in their way. Not an army, not war machines, not even the latest in technologies. Every day he wondered when they would turn those powers onto the regular civilians like him and what would happen. Funny how things changed after all. These days he had no love or admiration for the girls. Only fear.
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