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Our Romagna

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Our Romagna

Post by midori's crazy398 on Sat Dec 07, 2013 4:04 am

Hey everybody, here's a little something since I keep hoping they'll be more interaction between these two in the upcoming Strike Witches OVA. This is a one shot focusing on Francesca Lucchini x Duchess Maria of Romagna, whom Lucchini meets and spends a day with in season 2 ep 5, "My Romagna". I started to like this pairing after seeing Maria kiss a happy Lucchini on the cheek near the end of that episode. The time frame here is set in Humikane's "What If" AU, where he drew pictures of what the members of the 501st could look like and be doing in the year 1947. The "What If" pics drawn by the creator are considered officially to be AU, and as such do not affect the anime or manga branches of SW presently. (Though I'm really hoping they use the 1947 designs for the OVA, they look really badass)

Here is 1947 "What If" Lucchini:

I'm a little jealous, she became sexy enough to be a lady-killer  Razz 
In the "What If" canon, Lucchini has been made a Platoon Commander at the age of 15 and operates in Romagna by herself since the 501st is still disbanded here.


(The redhead)


This pic is perfect for this

                                                 Our Romagna

The rays of white sunshine beamed down onto the two figures, as one stood facing the other, her body providing a shield against any peeping passerby. This guardian-like figure cracked a wide grin that stood out against her tanned skin and unruly jet black hair, which flowed loose and wild around her averaged sized frame and small bust, a attribute that truly separated her current physical state from her previous one.

“Hey Maria, I’m back.”

The red haired beauty who had been addressed gasped in surprise and elation. She put up a fair skinned hand to cover her open mouth.

“Ms. Lucchini! You’ve...changed so much.”

A warm laugh escaped Platoon Commander Francesca Lucchini. Her signature canine teeth flashed briefly as she stopped grinning. Her playful expression replaced by one of tenderness and joy.

“I missed you Maria, it’s been forever since we last had fun here in Rome.”

Maria nodded slowly.

“Yes, two years. Our fight with these ugly alien beasts rages on however.”

Lucchini’s emerald green eyes lowered to the paved street and were solemn.

“Yeah, that’s one thing that hasn’t changed.”

The war with the Neuroi had only escalated in scale since 1945. Despite all of their best efforts, the Joint Fighter Wings were growing weary and desperate. After the second disbanding of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, Neuroi hives had sprung up even quicker and in greater numbers all across Europe. It seemed as if the alien nemesis had grown sick of trying to ease into conquering Earth, particularly after they had been pushed out of Venezia, and were now deciding to throw in all their chips on their bid for the life carrying planet. Maria stepped closer to Lucchini and gently took her right hand into both of her own. She gave the saddened Commander a soft smile, hoping to reassure her.

“It’ll be ok, Ms. Lucchini. You’ll see.”

Lucchini looked up into Maria’s striking blue eyes.

“You know, you can just call me Francesca. I had forgotten to tell you that last time. Ms.Lucchini sounds too formal for me.”

A small blush creeped onto Lucchini’s cheeks, while Maria was tickled pink herself.
“Ok, um, Francesca it is then.”

Lucchini gave Maria a small and nervous smile. She clasped her free left hand over Maria’s grip on her right one. Giving it a gentle squeeze, she cleared her throat, becoming lively once more.

“Well then, I’m back in Rome for two weeks, so, wanna go on an adventure again? It’ll be just like the old days!”

She exclaimed this in a sing song voice that was hardly as high pitched as it once was, but still carried a childish tone. Maria let out a soft giggle, once again impressed by her old friends ability to lighten any heavy mood.

“Alright, where should we go first?”

Lucchini’s face became drawn into a serious look of contemplation. She closed her eyes and let out a soft hum as Maria watched patiently, whose ears tipped a bright red. After half a minute of consideration, Lucchini opened her eyes once more, she shouted out a lively response,

“How about we go see the Coliseum?”

Maria let out another gasp, the Coliseum was the one important landmark that she had foolishly allowed to slip by her in the past. After assuming her role as Duchess, she had never had the free time to visit it. It was a stroke of luck that she had even been able to take a stroll presently. Maria’s lips twisted into a beaming smile.

“I’d love that, Francesca.”

Hearing Maria say her first name made Lucchini shiver slightly. Her face was once again dyed red. Tugging on Maria’s pale hands with her own, Lucchini ran north along the sparsely populated street, dragging an excited Maria behind her in a scene that mimicked their first meeting almost exactly.

Panting and gasping for air, Lucchini and Maria finally stopped running in front of the Coliseums towering stone walls. They lifted their eyes to gaze at it’s perfect arches and the charm that seemed to emanate from it’s crumbling, ancient blocks. Turning to face each other with playful grins, the two set out to enter the world’s oldest arena, their hands once more firmly locked in each others grasps. Reaching the ruin of the arena’s main viewing platform, where the Romans of yore once sat to watch spectacular duels, the close pair’s faces were graced with slack jaws and wide eyes. The building seemed to go on forever in a harmonic union with nature’s suffocating weeds, which strangled the bare bones of it’s trap and corridor ridden foundation below their position. The perfect arches continued to shine as they were spread all around the main walls. The rounded, complete curve of the circular wonder gave off a sense of separation and privacy from the busy outside world. The bright blue ceiling of the sky brought a sense of peace and directness with the heavens rolling, fluffy clouds.

“It’s absolutely wonderful. I can’t believe we didn’t come here last time.”

Maria’s quick comment made Lucchini lower her head with embarrassment.

‘Argh, I should have thought of this before.’

Sensing Lucchini’s gloom, Maria turned to look at her chaperone with her eyes full of worry and apology.

“Ah, I’m sorry Francesca, being able to spend time with you matters more to me than where we go.”

Lucchini turned to stare at Maria with awe and fascination.

“R-Really Maria?”

Maria gracefully bowed her head before raising it again. She gazed directly into Lucchini’s eyes.

“Yes, really.”

When she heard the refined Maria use the word “really”, Lucchini broke into a fit of laughter. Maria realized what she had done and joined in gladly. Pausing for a moment to recover, Lucchini glimpsed at Maria’s giggling and joyous expression, while also taking in the rest of her appearance. With the sun shining down on them, Maria seemed to glow and her sleek ginger hair appeared as if it were fiery, enhancing her fair skin and fluttering white summer dress.

‘She’s beautiful, even more so than before.’

Caught in the moment, Lucchini leaned forward and placed a hand on Maria’s cheek, pressing her lips against the those of the girl she thought to be the most beautiful in the world. Maria’s breath caught in her throat, her eyes were wide as she tried to register what had just happened. Once she came to her senses, she closed her eyes and kissed back the handsome Witch in front of her. They kissed for only a few more seconds before pulling away. Huffing and puffing softly, they closed in for another and a third until Lucchini gently pulled the slightly smaller Maria into a warm embrace. Whispering quietly into Maria’s ear, Lucchini suggested,

“Maybe we should go have some lunch now.”

Her body still flushed from the kisses they had shared, Maria nodded and Lucchini could feel her smile as she leaned against her neck.

“I love you, Francesca Lucchini.”

Lucchini tensed up as she heard those words. She grinned.

“I love you too Maria.”

‘I wonder if Shirley was this happy when Barkhorn told her the same thing.’


The rest of the week passed,sailing into the realm of memories, and soon it was the night before Lucchini would be called back to the front lines. The newly formed couple laid in Maria’s bed, dressed only in their nightgowns. Maria was resting her head on Lucchini’s chest, while her love stared at the beige ceiling. Neither had said anything since they knew what tomorrow meant. Finally, Lucchini broke the silence with a calm voice that failed to mask her worry.

“You’ll wait for me, right?”

Maria lifted her head to look straight at Lucchini.

“Of course I will, don’t say something foolish.”

Flashing her white canines once more, Lucchini had on a satisfied and childish grin.

“Hehehe, my girlfriend is the best!”

Maria turned beet red and laid her head in between the cheery Commander's small bosom.

“I’ my job as the ruler of Romagna too, that way, you won’t have so much to worry about out there.”

Lowering her eyes to face Maria, Lucchini replied in a caring but serious voice,

“I know, we’re both doing what we can for our Romagna after all.”


Maria watched as the small grey car with it’s lowered roof, came into view. Lucchini stood in front of her with her arms crossed. As the vehicle stopped, Flying Officer Fernandia Malvezzi
stared down her superior with anticipation stamped all over her expression.

“Are you ready to go Gattino?”

Lucchini nodded firmly.

“Yeah, Red Pants.”

Fernandia puffed up her cheeks and narrowed her eyebrows.

“Why you?!! Call me Officer Ferra dammit!”

Letting out a quick laugh, Lucchini paused and turned her head to look at Maria. Her expression softened, and she exchanged gazes with the other girl. They didn’t need to say anything. With their memories and promises, enough had already been spoken. Flashing a wide smile before returning to look at Fernandia, Lucchini hopped into the small transport and gave Maria a strong wave as they drove away. Left alone at last, Maria let the tears run from her and she hugged herself.

“She’ll come back, she always finds a way to make it. Not just for me now, but for Romagna too.”

Staring one last time at the road her love had left on, Maria left for the palace, once more, the waiting game had begun.
midori's crazy398
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