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Has anyone seen Legend of the Seeker?

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Has anyone seen Legend of the Seeker?

Post by Milla on Wed Aug 21, 2013 10:24 pm

Hello Hello! I rarely go on here, i know. So i don't think anyone knows me.
But i'm curious to know if anyone on here has seen Legend of the Seeker?

If not its okay. I highly recommend it, great tv series. It only lasts about two seasons though, because it got cancelled. But what an amazing show.

For anyone who has seen it, it would be nice to hear what you thought of the two seasons?
(hopefully if there is anyone that did)

Maybe talk a little bit about the characters?
What you were satisfied or dissatisfied with?
And if you think the show should have continued?

oh, who is also your favorite character?
My Favorite is Cara Mason.

Any thoughts anyone?Mai Tokiha 
I'm curious to know, i've been trying for a while to get my friends into it and unfortunately i only have one friend whose seen it. But me and her rarely talk about it. It would be nice if someone else has.

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Fuuka Academy Student

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Re: Has anyone seen Legend of the Seeker?

Post by CaptainVonCookie on Tue Oct 08, 2013 8:30 am

I've seen it. Jumped around the episodes a lot and it got dragged midway so I just saw the ones I had an interest in the summary. I heard the books were actually very superior to the show, and to be honest they relied way too much on the actors. It is better than your regular syfy show but it reminded me of Xena and Hercules.
Cara is also my fav character. Bad-ass!

Gotta say, for both seasons... the little blooper on season 2 is my fav scene X3

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